– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel.

In today’s video I’mgoing to be showing you my best buys that I have found on Amazon.

Now this isn’t a sponsored video.

I just turn to Amazon for everything and the other day on Instagram I asked you guys whatyou would like to see and someone sent me a message requesting a video of my best buys and things I found on Amazon and I was like, “What a good idea.

” ‘Cause some of the stuff thatI’m going to show you today I had never seen in shopsbefore I’d seen them on Amazon so I think I’ve got some reallygood bits here to show you.

I’m gonna show you 20 items in total and I really hope you like this video.

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So the first item that I’m gonna show you is a silly item that makes me so happy.

I first saw this item on myfriend Kate Murnane’s channel.

She showed this in a storagevideo and I loved it.

It is a stair basket.

So it is cut like thisbecause it sits on your stairs and then when you have thingsthat need to go up the stairs like kids toys, shampoo, clothes, anything, you can just put them into this basket.

It holds quite a lot as well ’cause it has all of this storage and then once it’s full, youcan take it upstairs with you and put it all away.

This is a game changer.

You can get it in loadsof different colors.

I went for this antique look.

But I just love it and every time I putsomething in the stair basket it makes me so happy because it doesn’t makeour stairs look messy.

It still looks really tidy but all the stuff thatneeds to go upstairs is in this basket.

The next best buy thatI wanted to show you is one that I saw at my friendLouise Pentland’s house.

She had these cereal containers in black.

I have ended up getting them in white to match our kitchenbut I really liked them.

They remind me of, youknow you go on holiday to an all-inclusive andat the breakfast buffet they have the cereal lined up like this.

It reminded me of that and they were actually really reasonable.

I think they were about8.

99, something like that and the best thing aboutthem is that my boys really enjoy using them.

So Fraser can veryeasily get his own cereal in the morning now.

He can get a bowl out of the cupboard, go and get his Cheerios and off he goes.

The next product I had to include because you guys go crazy for it.

And I did my first evermeet and greet last week and so many of the womenthat I met with said, “I bought the spray mop.

” So basically there’s this mop that I have that I include in all ofmy speed cleaning videos and it’s really clever ’causeit has a container on it where you put the cleaningsolution and water and it just sprays out frompressing something on the handle and then you can just mopyour floor really easily.

So many of you guys havegone on to get this.

I wish I had actuallyinvented this mop myself.

But I’ll link down belowif you want to see it.

But yeah, I love using it and I use it pretty much every day.

The next product that Iwanted to tell you about is this world map wall sticker.

Now I saw this at myfriend Johanna’s house.

She bought this for her son and I really like the way it looks.

It’s very colorful.

It looks really cool.

It also has the animals fromeach place on the world map so my kids really seem tolike looking at the animals.

And yeah, it was really reasonably priced.

I saw other world map wall stickers that were a lot moreexpensive on other websites.

Next up is our bubble machine.

I bought this just this spring and so many of you haveasked me where it’s from.

It was about 24.

99 but it is like aprofessional bubble machine.

I basically got sick of buyingthe cheaper plastic versions and them clogging up and not working.

This one works really, really well.

I buy all of my bubble solution for it from the Pound Shopand we just fill it up.

My children love it.

Especially my one year old.

He really loves running aroundand popping the bubbles.

But even my seven year old.

They all love it when I turn it on.

So I’ll link it down below but I do feel like it’s a veryprofessional bubble machine.

I said to my husband, I was like, “I reckon I could do kidsparties with this thing.

” The next product is a reallysimple but effective one.

It is these pens on a string.

So I bought these Stabilo pens and they came with this plastic cord to string them all up soyou never lose the caps of your pens.

This is just perfect to have in my handbag for when we go torestaurants or on the plane.

I just love it andwhenever I pull this out in front of other mums they’re like, “Where is that from?” Because we just alwayslose the caps to our pens and it kind of likekeeps them all together.

So yeah, I really, really love this.

The next product Ireally wanted to show you because it’s literallyhalf the price on Amazon that it is anywhere else.

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