Bradley asked this question in the comment if an app is completely has zero downloads what kind of advice do you have for an app that has zero downloads what can they do to try to get keyword rankings so as we first discussed they should start with the keyword

optimization also what we are offering to our clients is that they should be aware that which category they’re working one so what we have seen from over and over again first is for gaming apps search has like 50 percent of the downloads but for photo and video apps

to search the dollars coming from search is in total 85 percent of the organ dollar so this is really important if you are doing anything first you should be knowing what’s your market about and you should be focusing on that if that that is a game again –

they should try to run some ads and see whether they’re getting any downloads or not and but definitely every app should first do their keyword optimization then they can start tried different user acquisition channels – whether it clicks for the category on that so this is not like

like a single advice but they should be aware of the category and how they should approach to the problem now yeah something add you seem like get something add I know I personally have a lot because we work a lot with like indie developers as well and we

always advise them so when they do the keyword research at that point to start targeting actually quite lower volume and you know even more relevant but no longtail and so for instance imagine you want to you know you want to target the word poker game well we like

we stock we help them bring some like okay what are like relevant keywords around the whole poke a big game universe and make sure that you start to rank well on those longer tail keywords for that related to poker game and that actually gives a really nice signal

especially to the Google everything was actually quite smarter than Apple but it can also work on Apple but because then will rank you on those words and then gradually Google will associate you with the whole like poker game universe and that will bring you gradually like credibility to

actually start targeting the word poker game for instance from right side maybe also an additional opinion yes I have to say I think starting especially a completely new app or a completely new game with zero in sauce I would say just saying okay let’s do it so this

is the champion that want to focus on yes it might work but it may take endless amount of time until you will start seeing the first research because as Mel already said in the introduction the download velocity is one of the most important ranking factors that you have

no matter within the Google Play Store or within the Apple App Store and this means if you have zero downloads also the App Store cannot give you weights to rank on specific keywords and then often also it’s the issue that people start their app completely fresh fresh put

it into the App Store and think okay I’m gonna rank now for fitness as a keyboard or something like that so where we really have this complete mismatch and yeah as mentioned I think it’s somehow for sure doable but it will take really a lot of time until

you start drinking organically only but I think one channel then can help in the beginning is teaming up with influencers maybe also micro influencers that are working especially in a few like or let’s say in the target audience that you want to attract with your app or with

your game and when you can get them for launching your app or for your game I think this can really give you the the first initial kind of boost and from there you can take it organically but yeah as mentioned only organically it will take really really block

oh you got anything dad yeah mute brother you’re still um you unless I’m lagging you’re on mute [Music] yeah I guess guys told everything we can over here okay if you so the next thing I want to move on and I think this is a great question a

total ass is there a way to index more key words for iOS other than the title subtitle and keyword field Italy you wanna take this yeah I guess the only thing here is to use searches unfortunately because it’s you know if for example if you’re talking about like

a French key words they only think we have can do is like fill the French localization in app store connect or if we are targeting only friends we can use like in this UK localization but if you want to target more unfortunately the only thing here is to

use them is to use the search heads to to create campaigns for keywords you want to rank you want to target and that’s maybe you can set like 10 cents cost per click there but this is the only way unfortunately I guess I’m de Apple will move from

the like this keyword 3 field to something more you know more smart maybe like Google does when we don’t have the keyword field but right now this is the only way and I guess it’s really outdated and if someone from Apple is here please listen to us and

to give us more space to for for optimization to like we stuck with to this 100 Q symbols keyword field and we want more so right now it’s only search shells in my opinion but maybe you guys have some other things to offer no trick about you know

using the different like I mean I hold using the different languages to add keywords to your keyword field so for example in the US if you don’t want to target the Spanish you know market which I might not recommend because you know that is a large part of

the population but you can just add you know English keywords there and then your app will start ranking for those words obviously want to be careful that you can’t mix out the words from the Spanish keyword field on the US keyword field and that’s a trick that works

in like several countries there’s also the English Australia but I think that went out then it came back but elia can maybe comment on there it’s I did I don’t remember actually the car and stuff it’s like always enabling disabling and like messing the sink around but I

guess right now Australia is working I know but maybe 44 UK or something like this it’s I have to double check this because it’s it’s messy arabica lies Asians it’s really tired of it yeah yeah definitely so they used I mean you can you can try at least

as English Australia extra keyword field and let us give you like an extra keyword field in most countries which is you know always good to take as well but as you said like sometimes it goes off and then it comes back so typical Apple stuff where you kind

of get tired following where we are I know it’s still then my friend Sylvain in the audience he talked about IEP and I know that a lot it’s my friends have optimized their IEP names to get better ranking so that’s a little trick for you too if you

want to go with this hey guys the duh there was a question here that I wanted to kind of do the fire like up and down question let me look at this real quick yeah so maybe like I know Mel you kind of answer this but up or

down here our burst campaigns a good idea at app launch I said yes because definitely they they do give you like the initial initial traffic that you know might you know lift your app up in the ranking sorry but again it all depends on you know the budget

that you have and also in the long term what happens because what we see a lot especially very focusing games here but they do this huge campaign they act like spikes and get some tough charts for like two days and then actually nothing happens behind and that’s when

it just the rankings go down so you also wanna make sure that you know you don’t put all your focus on the on that specific campaign because that’s a very like short-term vision it definitely helps get the initial traffic but you need to have you know something that

also keeps like generating more regular traffic as well so don’t put like all your budget on just one day because then you really see that the rankings just go up and down for dad actually if you have a best practice from epic region some of our clients are

actually running prayer orders Apple Circus campaigns and even if Apple doesn’t give them the number of Prayer waters they keep running these ads during their prayer water time and when they launch they start with a really good boost about the number of downloads they are getting and that

this is a really good trick I think using this prayer order campaign team because when the app launch you get a huge number of downloads at one or two days and this is our I think it is a really good treat for gaming yeah great but remember that

pre-orders are not giving you like some benefits like higher rankings or anything else that was in the beginning of the Briones but now it doesn’t work so it’s good for like collecting the pre-orders during a couple of months then this would give you initial download boost and maybe

this help you rank higher for your keywords so it’s it’s all connected it’s working like this

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