hi my name is Jules Howard I’m one of frog life’s patrons and really excited to tell you all about a brand new app the wildlife pond visualizer in this video we’re going to tell you about the app how you can use it in your garden or local

green space and what you can do to help neighborhood wildlife for a life as a national wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles and their habitats through our conservation and education teams we want to see a world in which amphibian and reptile populations flourish as

part of healthy ecosystems whilst we involve people from all walks of life in wildlife conservation the wildlife pond visualizer has been developed as part of the control for wildlife project funded by the National Lottery heritage fund and a range of co-founders come for for wildlife operates throughout the

Forth Valley and Scotland running a range of activities to create interconnected habitats for amphibians and reptiles while enabling local communities to develop connections to the natural heritage of the region we will now show you how you can use the wildlife pond visualizer app to visualize your new pond

be inspired with our pond tips and then get busy digging to create a fantastic new resource for wildlife in your family alike hi my name is Frank for a project and today I’m going to show you how to use our fantastic oil based on specialized area frog lights

white lights pole visualizer app is currently supported on Android devices to download the app just go to the Google Play Store and search for frog legs all you need to do is choose a pond and click the information logo here we’ve chosen the large white life pond and

as you can see it takes you through all the features of the pond as well as the amazing wildlife that might live there by clicking the name tab of the pond you can then film using the augmented reality feature you can place a pond and your garden or

a piece of land resize the pond and reposition it palms can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and need not be big to be great for wildlife the shallow parts the pond are the best for many kinds of aquatic wildlife and frogs in particular will lay

their eggs in small O’Connor’s frogs toads or newts might not be the only visitors a new pond has you can expect to see many aquatic invertebrates and species such as dragonflies and damselflies as your pond establishes after your pond is completed you could think about some simple additions

nearby to further benefit wildlife for example a log pile hi i’m chris the field worker for a frog life to come for a project after using the wildlife pond visualizer to imagine our perfect pond and using the top tips on offer we can now start digging [Music] small

wildlife pond is ideal in smaller urban gardens but you can use the app to find the best one for your space let our app guide you in finding the best pond for your garden and the wildlife that visits ones really do matter they’re such important resources for amphibians

have frogs toads and newts unbelievably important for invertebrates things like water beetles dragonflies damselflies but a whole swathe of other garden wildlife depend on ponds but Italy in the summertime as a place to stop off have a wash and have a drink of fresh water if your time

is short then frog life ecological services offers competitive prices on fantastic wildlife ponds see the link on screen now for more we really want to see what you create using the world like pond visualizer send your images or experiences to info at frog live org so that’s it

we really hope you enjoy using our brand-new you can download it on the Google Play Store just search for frog life and you’ll find it if you haven’t got an Android device and no worries at all the frog life website has got a really good wildlife pond info

zone with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about ponds it’s all there it’s absolutely fantastic so good luck enjoy yourselves endure your ponds

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