rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talkabout engine oil, specifically Amazon engine oil, now amazon has their ownengine oil they’re selling now that’s called Amazon basics, so I thought heyI’ll try it out, I’m gonna tell you the truth, this wasn’t sponsored by Amazon Ijust thought, hey let’s try

it out and tell people the truth about it, well thefirst thing I noticed is, it’s manufactured by Warren distributionincorporated, okay that’s a company that started as Warrenoil company in 1922, so it’s been around for quite some time,many companies sell oil that they don’t make, Toyota doesn’t make an

oil,harley-davidson doesn’t make their own oil, autozone doesn’t make their own oil,they buy them from an oil company, so Amazon is using the Warren oil company,now called Warren distribution incorporated, now I’ve been personallytrying this stuff out in customers cars and in my own Toyota Matrix, and personally Ifind that

the stuff works perfectly fine but then again hey a lot of oils aregonna work perfectly fine, how do you know if they’re really working, well I’mnot a scientist but I’ve been a mechanic for 51 years, I go by personal experience,comparing it to oils and I know are good

and then checking the rating of them all,now oils that are sold in the United States at least have this little round seal andit says American Petroleum Institute and it gives a rating, now this isn’t somefly-by-night company, the American Petroleum Institute has been around fora hundred years it was

started in 1919 and they rate all kinds of petroleumproducts, it’s not some scammy company that’s getting paid to say stuff, I havepersonally checked out oils over the year using them, and I’ve even found oilsthat I thought were kind of suspect and when I looked it up on their

website,they said that that particular oil did not meet the specifications that it saidit did on the label of the oil itself they scientifically test all the oils,and then say, here’s the ratings that it says on the bottle, it either meets thoseratings or it doesn’t, now when I see

the label on this amazonbasics oil,it says API service SN and SN plus, so the first thing Idid was, I went to the American Petroleum Institute and I looked up theamazon basics oil, and they gave it a passing grade, and said that it meets allthe specifications that it says

on the bottle, so they say it works asadvertised, now realize these are all backwards compatible, you can use themodern engine oil in older engines, but you don’t want to use the older oil andmodern engines, because this SN rating is for improved fuel economy, protectingturbochargers, protecting emissions control system,

and protecting enginesthat operate on ethanol fuels all the way up to e85, realized that mostgasoline’s you buy today, in the United States at least, contain at least 10%ethanol, look at the pump you’ll see a sign that says, may contain 10% ethanol, wellthat usually means it does, and the

e85 fuel of course is 85% ethanol,so this SN rating means that you can use it in those cars and the alcohol won’tinteract with the oil and break it down and the s n plus sign, means that it’sthe highest rated oil that you can buy in the United States

today, it has thebest protection, it’s the most resource conserving oil that you can buy, so if itsays SN plus then it’s top of the line, if it actually is SN plus,now this amazon basics says SN + and as I said the American Petroleum Institutesaid that this oil meets

all the specifications that it says on thisbottle, so it’s the highest quality oil now not being a scientist myself, I don’thave any way of really testing that but here’s some redline synthetic oilanybody that knows oil, mechanics, race car guys, know that this redline is oneof the top-of-the-line oils

out there now the redline cost twice as much asthis amazon basics does, but when I read the label, it’s rated as API s n, nowthis redline is an excellent oil there’s no arguing that I’ve known that fordecades, but the new amazon basics it’s actually rated higher, maybe they’ll

havethis tested and rated higher I don’t know, but this has the absolutehighest rating and it costs less than half of what this cost, so to me this ispretty good oil, now one thing that used to stop me from buying oil online was,oil is heavy, generally the shipping cost

are quite expensive, most peoplehave Amazon Prime, so you don’t have to worryabout the shipping cost, just forget that sometimes you don’t even have to pay tax,so you’re actually saving money there too, and well everybody was laughing atBezos with the Amazon originally saying, who’s gonna buy books online, welllook

what he’s created now, the richest man on earth, so maybe selling oil is asmart move for him, after trying to stuff out myself and researching it,hey it’s a greatoil there’s no arguing that, he didn’t use some poor quality company for making it, this is top quality stuff, youdon’t

have to search all over town for it, get out your phonepush your order, the next day it’s there, I mean oil changes aren’t an emergencyit’s not like something’s broke on your car and you can’t drive it, you plan youroil changes, so why not just buy the oil ahead

of time, and then you’re ready withquality oil and you don’t have to worry about it, because I personally have alwaysused quality oil in my engines, hey if you go to an oil change place and just getthe bulk oil, that oil is sitting in a 50 gallon drum and

they just pump some ofit in, I mean who knows what you’re getting, and sure a lot of those oilchange places, they’ll offer you different kinds of oils that are moreexpensive, but you’re gonna pay through the nose for that, you might as well asbuy the oil and do it

yourself like I do, so now you know the truth aboutamazon basics oil, you can make a wise decision the next time you change youroil, and not just guess, gee is it good stuff is it a real company, now you knowand since this is a mechanic Monday, I’m giving

away some of thisamazon basics oil, to have a chance to win, just place a clean non offensivecomment on the YouTube comments below, win, just place a clean non offensivecomment on the YouTube comments below, so if you never want to miss another oneof my new car repair videos, remember

toring that Bell!

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