so dating apps have been a little bizarre then there are men on there who like don’t get the point and are like oh I’m looking for a quarantine Bay to come over like that’s not what this is for that this is not the time for that hi I’m

Francesca I’m Mike it’s destiny I am in quarantine and I am single and I am single currently quarantined and I’m also single there’s my dog in the back he’s my current boyfriend so today I’m going to be trying this new app called quarantine together it’s not an app

like tinder tinder texts you directly go to this website and you fill out your information they like pair you with someone you don’t get to see pictures of them you don’t know their name kind of felt like love is blind which I love just to get a little

more information about how this whole app works we reached out to one of the creators of the app just to hear from him how this whole thing is supposed to go I’m Daniel Ahmadi zadeh I’m one of the founders of quarantine together quarantines together is an app that

text you every single day to see if you’ve washed your hands or if your snake indoors and if you reply back yes then you get rewarded with a match then you have 20 minutes to exchange in a text conversation with them it’s completely anonymous so you don’t know

their number they don’t know your number and if all goes well if you want to continue learning more about this person we send you a link to a private video call the underlying problem that we’re solving because loneliness problem is a lack of human connection problem even if

you have a handful of people and create your own little quarantine together you just catch up with one another every day at 6 o’clock it just will help us all get through this I like that they are trying to raise awareness to stay inside which is like what

we should be doing to like help flatten the curve the idea of just having a nice conversation with somebody without necessarily worrying about what they look like and I’m not worrying about what I look like sounds kind of nice if we don’t make it romantically maybe we can

be friends on LinkedIn like I don’t know we can be professional buddies I don’t say this without sounding terrible I don’t really need more friends like I have a good amount of friends let’s see how this goes okay so I just got a text that says hi destiny

this is quarantined together did you wash your hands or stay indoors today are you available to chat with your match in the next few minutes reply yes if so I wonder how they’re matching me like what how is this my match like based off what criteria area code

like I don’t know as I’m sitting here minding my own business eating my quarantine ice-cream I get a text message from an unknown number replied yes to connect well match you in five minutes smiley face yes I should reply yes the meantime I’ll just keep enjoying my ice

cream so it was around 6 when I got the text saying that I was matched with this guy named guys I have my first connection as Michael to this message to connect introduce yourselves I just got matched it says destiny meet so I said hello someone I know

I’ll put it there this is both of our first times every was in quarantine together it’s not shaved his face normally he’s clean-shaven I wrote I mean I don’t think anyone is shaving their face these days I have started let it slide I’m trying to this guy from

New York um conversations a little dry he’s like what have you watched on Netflix and I was like why I’ve been watching all the shows Tiger king for example and he was like oh I can’t really get into that and I was like oh ok so I don’t

think we have much in common so he asked me where I was from and I said I was born here in LA when I said that he replied oh I’m from New York and I was like oh ok this is weird so I asked him how his quarantine

was going and he actually said that he is an essential worker and I was just like immediately just like concerned for him and his like well-being during this time but he seemed it to be like taking it in stride I haven’t really learned that much about him in

the 30 minutes we’ve been chatting they just sent the link for an audio call and I asked him like hey did you want to do that like and no response so I’m just like ok okay now we’re gonna money involved I think I don’t know if cameras the

situation that we want right now but audio sounds good so I’m just gonna click allow yes I do see you know Allah I’m glad this by this work this is I really didn’t know this technology was gonna do what it needed to do so yeah house how’s your

quarantine bin have you just been inside can you see me you’re handsome I think this quarantine is scary it’s like I’m like extra paranoid now you’re married you’re my first time and maybe my only time so it’s been like 10 minutes since I asked if he wanted to

use the chat thing he has not responded so I’m gonna take that doesn’t know I will give him the benefit of the doubt he may be jaded by a dating app sometimes when you’re on dating app so long you can just be like tired of the small talk

in the mundane um but I’m brand new to this I’m like hi what are you doing are you from what’s your name yeah it was a lot more fun than I expected I was definitely worried that they were no gay men on it everyone he is not my

like typical type but he was like very nice and just very chill and I think that’s just all anyone can really ask or it gets really cool but you can be matched with someone anywhere and specifically that you can match with someone without ever seeing what they look

like I don’t know if I could say I enjoyed talking to it was nice meeting someone new so once he found out I was in LA the conversation kind of like really dried out so I feel like if the app matched people that were close sir then maybe

people would be more interested because it seems more realistic that you’ll actually meet them I have been lonely and this was so it’s a really helpful distraction I think this app definitely helps alleviate some loneliness that people might be having I just feel a lot more energized just

like talking to someone else will I ever find my mate is he out there are you out there if you’re out there man call me fine you know where to find me please stay safe wash your hands


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