in this brief video I’m going to show you how to set up and use the one-click app first go to your App Store Android or Apple search for the one click trading system download the app for free and then install the app before you can set up the

app you’ll need to create an API key and a secret key on both Kraken and or hit BTC depending on which exchange or exchanges that you plan to use please note that you will have a completely separate and different API key and secret for your Kraken account and

a totally different and separate API key and secret for your hit BTC account so these are two actions that you need to do individually on each trading account that you plan to use please watch these videos log in to your one-click site go to dashboard and select the

page titled videos scroll to the very bottom and you will find these two videos they will walk you through step by step exactly how to get your API key and your secret key set up for either Kraken or hit BTC and they will show you how to paste

them in the required fields in order for your app to work correctly so after you’ve watched these videos you can now log into your app when logging in be sure to use your exact same username and password that you use to log in to your one click trading

system website the reason we do this is the system needs to recognize you as a paid subscriber once you log in you’ll come to a page like this to access the menu simply click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the app from the menu you’ll

be able to access your profile your trades and logout when you select profile you’ll notice that all of your profile information from your one-click website has automatically carried over to your app if you need to change any of this information if you change it on the app it

will automatically change it on your one-click website or if you make any of these changes on your one-click website they will also make those changes on your one-click app next you’ll need to select your trading exchange simply tap in the field where it says hit BTC and it

will give you the option to toggle back and forth between hit BTC and crack it so step one choose the exchange that you’re working on step two enter your API key and it’s always best to copy and paste it please be very careful when pasting in your API

key be sure not to pick up any blank spaces at the beginning or end of your API key next enter your secret key same thing copy and paste your secret key be very careful and make sure not to pick up any blank spaces at the beginning or the

end of your secret key next enter the amount that you would like to place per trade so in this example it’s $15 that means every time you click to take a trade you will be trading $15 per trade you can change this information as often as you wish

and at any time you wish next click update to save your information how to take trades when you hear the ping click to take the trade and yes that’s really all you need to do so when you hear the ping on your phone click the one click pointer

icon to take the trade if you receive an alert like this that says ordered successfully that means your trade went through and was successful if you receive an alert like this that says order failed signal has expired that means the trade conditions have changed so the signal expired

and the order was not placed this is done as a protection measure and it keeps you from placing a trade when the optimum time for placing that trade has past when you go to your my trades page you’ll notice that all of your pending orders are in light

blue and all of your completed orders are in dark blue thanks so much for being a one clicker and using the one-click app

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