– Hello guys, what’s up? – Hi, what’s– – So we know that it’spractically prom season, although very few people areactually having prom season.

– It’s semi prom season.

– So we decided to do a prom themed video.

And you guys know in the past we have done Amazon try on videos or large hauls of prom dresses.

So today we are deciding tokind of do a little bit of a, – A mixed— Mixed video.

– So we have a few ofmy mom and her friends, old prom dresses from likewhen they went to prom.

And then we have a bunchof like Amazon dresses under $20 as well.

So basically the gist of this video is we’re gonna try them onand you guys can guess whether or not you think it’san Amazon under $20 dress or an old 80’s dress.

– So we’ll be posting pictureson Instagram with polls and you guys will be votingon which one you think it is.

And at the end we will reveal which ones are the Amazon’sdresses for under $20 and which ones are the old dresses from my mom and her friends.

– So stay tuned to figure it out.

– Let’s go! (upbeat music) This is our pile of dresses.

Tada! So many dresses! Some of them not so cute, sorry, but it’s true.

(upbeat music) Okay, I’m shocked! – Dress number one, lookat all the lace detailing, the velvet body.

– That’s dress number one.

Tada! – Is it 80’s or is it Amazon? – You know, this like I’m, (crickets chirping) I dig it, you look good! Like honestly, – Thanks, I can wear this to prom.

– Looking good lady.

– Okay, wow! Yeah.

– I am astounded by these feathers.

– I can’t tell like it’s, I mean if it would fit right, it actually would kind of be flattering, but the feathers, I feel like I’m suffocating.

Like I feel like I can’tbreathe with these on my neck.

– Give us a big turn.

That’s it.

Ladies and gents.

That’s the fashion right there.

Oh, – I should just be like, – Ooh, – I look like a Crow right now.

You know, kind of thing.

I am not entirely sure how I’m supposed to This looks bad.

This does not look good at all.

Why? Literally what is, and I don’t even know howto end the back in the I’m confused – I don’t know if y’all cansee the top of this dress, but it doesn’t have atop because the sleeve is just a string.

It’s just a string.

It’s not working very well.

So I’m confused on how anyonecan wear slash wore this.

– Hmm.


It’s a no from me.

Wait get on the floor! Do it! – Not in this top – Oh my gosh, that was so funny.

– Cleo! Cleo! – Cleo! So that’s how we feel about this dress.

It’s a no, it’s, I mean it’s just an absolute no from me.

– Yeah.

– I can’t believe the questionthat people like this.

– Is this a $20 Amazondress or is this something somebody’s wore? – To prom – Do you see my bun right now? – I’m about to go to mywedding it feels like in this dress Time to marry me.

– Beautiful.

As always.

– I didn’t notice the back but I feel like it should be like this, like in the Cinderellamovies where they’re like, they have the big poofy butts – Okay this one, a mood I think you could get awaywith this in real life.

Like now in like modern days – I had to do some makeshifttightening of the straps cause they were a little too – You could definitely wearthis like a cocktail party.

– I know I’m impressed – This is cute – Although it is like afabric where like you would not be able to wear anything underneath.

– It’s a little bit – Like having to hide my underlines – It’s a tight thin fabric.

Turn around, let’s see the back.

It’s got the dip, looks good.

Turn to the side, skinny queen – You look like a Barbie inthat dress for some reason Like I really am getting Barbie vibes.

Like here’s the detailing and the pearls Ooh, I wonder, – This is probably an easy one.

Is this an old 80s dressor is this a $20 dollar Amazon dress? – I don’t know, which was is it? – Ooh, this isn’t as uglyas I was expecting it to be.

Okay, pretty cute.

It’s actually kind ofa flattering shape too.

– It’s so long I like can’t walk – You do look like a prom queen This is so ugly – You look like you belong in oh, Princess Protection Program They wear stuff like thisin that show, I remember – It came with gloves, okay.

It came with gloves.

This is the whole lookI feel like a paper bag.

– It’s just because itdoesn’t fit, if it fit It wouldn’t be so bad.

– Maybe, if it fit it would be like this – That’s not so bad, that’snot the worst it could be – The gloves are just aninteresting choice of accessory – It makes you look elegant – I feel like Audrey Hepburn Okay, now that we finishedtrying them all on and you guys have seen, I’m going to post the picturesthat we took of the dresses on Instagram on anInstagram poll and you guys are going to have to vote.

So, we’re posting thesebefore the video goes live, so they’re not going tobe on Instagram anymore.

But I will tune you guys inat the end when we find out if you guys picked correctly or not.

Also don’t forget we’rerevealing which ones are actually the 80s prom dresses versusthe Amazon $20 dresses.

So it’s gonna look basically like this If you can see that, and youguys are gonna get to vote.

So I’ll post all thepolls when they go up.

Hello? Oh, it’s working.

I don’t know why I didn’tthink I was working.

The results are in, they’vebeen up for 15 minutes.

A lot of the times the numbers will change over the course of days, but I want to film it, right now.

This is the first dresswe posted on the polls.

You guys voted 71% Amazon, 29% 80s.

The correct answer is – Amazon! $20? That’s kind of a steal – I was shocked by thequality of the Amazon dresses, to be honest.

– It was pretty good.

– This one, was really boxy, you guys have voted heavilyfor 80s, which is correct.

– Correct.

– I felt like that one was pretty obvious.

– This was my mom’s bestfriend’s prom dress, – So it was broken on the back, we were trying not to show the back.

Did you really even haveto guess for this one? – Yeah this one was themost obvious in my opinon – It was almost like 90, almost 90% 80s on the votes.

– This was also my mom’sbest friend’s prom dress, but she kissed her husband forthe first time in this dress.

– So Brooklyn was like, I’m gonna steal this one.

– I was like, ooh, I’mgonna find myself a husband – Alright, on the polls, you guys guessed that it was an Amazon dress and that is true.

– This one is a steal for $20 – I would wear that – You could look really sleek in this.

– I would wear it, soimpressed, really impressed.

This bad boy, not so cute, not so hot.

– Not really a question.

– Not really a question.

This one’s from Amazon and that’s what you guys voted for too, youguys said it was Amazon.

– This is what I figured wewould get for $20 on Amazon.

– This is the quality I was expecting – Something without any back – Yeah, something withliteral strings as the top.

The wedding dress, JK, this is a prom dress, but you guys know I’m talking about, – This was my mom’s prom dress.

– You guys voted 80s andit was, it was our mom’s – I think it’s cute, butit didn’t fit quite right.

– It didn’t fit right, but that’s okay.

So this is the only one thatyou guys struggled with, It’s almost a 50/50 spliton whether or not it’s Amazon or 80s – This is 80s! It was my mom’s prom dress, this was my favorite one.

– I loved it! – That it was so cute.

– I was shocked that itwas so cute and that it fits so nicely – It’s in such good condition too.

– Yes – Like it’s crazy.

– And last but very not least, the feather dress – I thought for sure y’allwould guess wrong on this one.

– It was like two thirdsguessed 80s and one third guessed Amazon Sure enough it is 80s – I thought y’all wouldguess Amazon on this one.

This one kind of feelslike a $20 Amazon dress – It does.

It feels like that too.

But maybe because feathersmight be more expensive.

– I don’t know.

– I don’t know.

But those are the results.

– Hopefully you allenjoyed watching us try on those prom dressesI know it was super fun for me to try on some of my old ones.

Y’all, I’m reallyinterested if you guys try on any prom dresses, tag us in y’alls photos if you post that, because I want to see it.

Any of your mom’s old prom dresses.

Anyway, that’s all wehave for you guys today.

So we’ll see you next week.


Cleo! Cleo! So that’s how we feel about this dress.

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