I’m gonna show you the list that I put together for the best app to create YouTube thumbnails with and it’s gonna work on both Android and iPhone for all the apps but Before we jump into that I want to hear from you go down leave a comment below let me know what app you’re currently using to make your thumbnails with and if you’re new to the channel drop a hashtag new followed by your question or comment I read every single question and comment and I replied to as many of them as I can and when this video is over I’m gonna go down there and carry on the conversation and of course if you’re not yet a subscriber hit that subscribe button followed by the notification bell so you don’t miss anything including future videos that are gonna help you master your mobile now let’s dive headfirst into the first app PicMonkey PicMonkey is a really easy app to use it’s probably the simplest apps use on this entire list you basically open it up you pick your canvas size you drop a background color on it and you add your text and you add your pictures and away you go it’s super easy to use so download it see if it works for you see how you feel about it I think it’s a great app but I don’t like it as much as the number two AB which is Snapseed and that is my all-time favorite app and if you’ve been on my channel for any length of time you know that Snapseed is the champion when it comes to photo manipulation and photos in general and I highly highly highly recommend Snapseed and I’m gonna put a link to a video that I did right there while I walk you through making a simple YouTube thumbnail out using snap see and by the way Snapseed is free no ads and in my opinion it shouldn’t be free but it is so when this video is over download snap see see how that works for you my hunch is you’re probably gonna love it and don’t forget to watch the video that I just linked next up is canva canva is a template-based system it’s a free app it does have some paid templates but you have tons of free ones to choose from they also have a website you can go on canva.

com how canva works is after you download the app you browse through their free templates and you choose one that you like and you can change the text you can change the background pictures you can adjust it in any way shape or form that you want or you can just start with a blank canvas now canva in my opinion it’s the perfect a for somebody who’s just getting started and they’re kind of intimidated by a blank canvas so check out canva or canva com if you want to start with a premade template and by the way though this is not a thumbnail if you’re interested in YouTube header art I made a video that I’m going to link to right here where I take canva and walk you through how to make a youtube header or channel art now I need to mention that it’s important when you’re using any of these apps a proper aspect ratio for a thumbnail on YouTube is sixteen by nine and that’s what gives you the ratio that you see right here when you’re watching an HD video sixteen by nine not nine by sixteen that’s something that you’re gonna use for IG TV which is gonna put it in a vertical format so sixteen by nine that’s the ratio that you always want to use from creating a youtube video next up is an app called photo and you might not have heard of fotor and to be totally honest with you this is an app that I’m gonna make a standalone video on I’m gonna show you how to do thumbnails and YouTube channel art but for this video I just want to mention it so you can download it check it out and get comfortable with it so in my video comes a long write teach you how to do a thumbnail or a channel or you know exactly how to use the app it is a super powerful app it’s one of my personal favorites check it out next up is what I believe is the most powerful all-around app that you can possibly have in your phone if you’re on YouTube and Instagram and IG TV it is a free video editor it is a free photo editor you can make your thumbnails you can edit vertical video for IG TV this app is a powerhouse it’s called inch shot you want this on your phone if you’re working on multiple platforms trust me on this amazing app that text options inside of inch shot are incredibly powerful too you have lots of options there lots of control it’s a fantastic app this is an app that you’re gonna want to put on your phone for sure if you’re on YouTube Instagram and IG TV it is kind of a catch-all app that does everything and it’s free how cool is that all of these apps are free of course some of them have paid versions if you want to remove the ads but you can use the apps for free so that’s what we focused on today and of course there are other honorable mentions that maybe should have made this list but I’m sticking with five and that’s pixel lab and pics art both are awesome awesome apps maybe I’ll cover them in a future video and if your app didn’t get on this list today leave a comment down below let me know which app it is but keep in mind today’s apps were free apps so I didn’t want to list Photoshop and Lightroom some of the Adobe products and some of those so free apps only if I miss down with some good ones I’ll leave a comment down below thank you so much for watching I do appreciate it if this is your first time here be sure to hit that subscribe button followed by the notification bells so you don’t miss anything and you can continue to learn how to master your mobile and I will see you in the next video.

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