Okay, so hello guys! I’m Jhazel de Vera and welcome back to y channel.

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So for today’s video guys, I’m going to share with you a tutorial on how to create your own mobile application in just 5 minutes.

You can even earn from it by monetizing and putting ads on it.

So all of those things are possible to make in just one website.

And it is www.


com, where you can build unlimited amount of native android apps.

Make money from ads directly on Andromo and Admob.

And also guys, on this website you don’t need to learn about coding, you don’t need to be a professional online mobile app developer which is a good thing, right? Because anyone can make a mobile app, like business owners, or if you just want to make one.

So just stay tuned until the end of this video because I’ll teach you how to sign up for a free account and how to make a mobile app here.

So now let’s proceed to our computer and let’s begin with our tutorial.

So guys, now, this is the website and it is called www.


com and this is how it looks like.

Create the app you want.

Build unlimited amount of native Android apps.

Make money from ads directly on Andromo and Admob.

This is where you can create your free account by clicking this button right here.

There you go.

And this is the information they ask us.

So you need to have your own username, your email– active email address because they have an email verification after registration and then you have to create your password and confirm your password.

Once everything’s okay you can register.

As I said a while ago, there’s an email verification, so make sure that you can or have access to that email.

It’s not like you’ll be using another person’s email, right? Alright, this time I’m going to show you what app I’ve made here on Andromo.

Alright, this time I’m going to show you my first ever made app here on Andromo and this is my very own mobile app If you look at my phone, if you can see Mobile Legends, that is not it.

Opportunist? I’m just joking.

If you look beside Mobile Legends, Abra, that is also not it.

The other one beside Mobile Legends, which is Royalty Free Music, this is the mobile app we’ve made.

And we’re going to open it now.

It’s fabulous right? It’s beautiful.

Would you believe that I’ve made this? Let’s go and see the about.

Version 1.

0, it is developed by jhazeldevera! It’s amazing! Also you guys can make your own mobile app.

Now, I’m going to tour you.

This is my very very very own first very own mobile app review for my very very very own mobile app.

Royalty free music is very helpful to content creators who want to look for different kinds of royalty free music for their videos like travel vlogs, food blogs, baby vlog, beauty vlog and explainer vlog.

So guys this not only for content creators but also for those who want to do a sound trip while travelling you can do sound trips.

The sound is really nice, it’s HD.

And not only this guys, but you can also multitask while listening to our very very very own mobile app.

Oh see, while you’re still choosing other songs you can– look.

So while you’re listening to a song, the music doesn’t stop.

Look even if you multitask on your phone, it is still ongoing.

That is a sound trip.

So it’s still not available on Google Play, I’ll inform you once it is.

And guys if you want to avail this mobile app, just comment down below, I’ll send it to you.

So guys, for sure you are excited to know how I created this mobile app.

And now, let’s proceed to our tutorial.

Alright, this how the website looks like once you’ve logged in.

Okay, so these are the projects I’ve done.

I have my own Jhazel de Vera app.

Now Hiring! These didn’t workout.

You know guys there are things that you won’t be able to work out.

Just like your relationship.

I’m just joking! This Royalty Free music app was the successful one for me.

So if you want to start or make a mobile app, just click on create new project.

If you click on it, it’ll ask you the name the mobile app name.

So guys be creative with the name.

What category you want, is it like vlogs, is it like this one that is sound trip, or maps whatever type of app it is, you can do it on Andromo.

Now, I’m going to show you the option or the dashboard on how to create this.

This is my full project.

They have different kinds of menus here.

There is activities, design, dashboard, setting, monetization, services and build.

So this is where the activities of your mobile app are.

And these are the available activities that you can install in your mobile app.


So now I’m going to share with you the step by step process, of part by part of me creating this mobile app.

So right now, as you can see you can add activities as what mobile app do you want to create.

So what I’ve chosen was the music app.

That’s why I selected as activity audio player, so we have different kinds of categories.

So these are the categories: travel vlogs, food vlogs, baby vlog, beauty vlog and explainer vlog.

So you can organize that in any order.

So what’s in the first place is what you’ll see here.

Okay? So there you go.

These are their available activities like about, audio player, contact, custom page, you can make your own format in your page like email, Facebook, Flickr, Google Play, HTML, map, PDF, phone, photo gallery, podcast, RSS, shoutcast radio, Twitter, website, and even your YouTube channel.

So your creativity will also be tested here, on what kind of mobile app you want to make.

Guys, let’s go the categories.

So let’s select travel vlogs.

When you add an activity, this option here will show up.

They’ll ask you the activity name, so it’ll show here.

Travel vlogs is on the top as you can see and that will also appear on your main dashboard.

The subtitle here is “Enjoy relaxing background music while you’re on your way to your destination” Wow amazing! You also have to be creative on how to spice up your subtitle.

So that people are attracted to click on it.

It’s just like clickbait.

On the description, I’ve put for example “download these tracks on this link”.

So you can direct them to the destination page that you want them to go.

And if you want to build this activity, or also hide this activity if don’t want it to show on your dashboard.

Okay for the theme we have parent, global and custom.

I selected parent.

and I really don’t know the difference between global and parent.

You can experiment on it.

Here on images, for the background image I do no have it.

Like the white part at the bottom you can customize that.

You can put your face or your dog’s face is fine.

The featured image is custom, that’s why I uploaded it.

That’s what will be seen on your dashboard.

Okay? I put the same image on the wide image.

You can change that, they can be different but they also can be the same.

But in my case, I don’t want them to be different.

I just want it loyal.

Stick to one.

Here on the toolbar is also parent, parenting.

In the details you’ll see the content of your activity, okay? So my player mode is music player.

Sound board is also available.

I really don’t know the difference but music player is the one I chose because you can use it as sound trip.

You can also enable “set as ringtone” menu options.

And then also enable sharing if you want to share.

If you look at the top, the three dots you can share it on your social media accounts.

And here there are options like stop, shuffle songs, repeat mode, about.

All these are in the music player mode.

And here you can add a track.

Like you can provide the title, the description and the track type.

You can upload a stream from a URL, like YouTube.

You paste the URL and it’ll be uploaded here.

And if you have saved audio files, like what I did on my mobile app, I just uploaded it.

Okay that is what they require.

Once everything’s okay, you can click on create.

This is what I’ve done for my tracks.

And you can even add more songs to your mobile app.

Alright, same thing goes for the other activities: food vlogs, baby vlog, beauty vlog, explainer vlog.

For all of these activities, I did the same thing.

By the way, you sometimes may have difficulties, since the preview feature is coming soon.

Hoping that they’ll update this website right away.

Where we can preview while we’re editing.

That’s why I made this tutorial for you to see the distinction of the options.

Now, let’s proceed with the designs, on the second menu.

You’ll see the primary and accent color.

You’ll see in the about, the greens and blues.

the accent color is for the links.

Also for the activities if you want to adapt them.

But what I made is that the color depends on the colors of the picture that I’ve uploaded.

For the baby is yellow.

I want to have a monochrome experience, not too colorful.

For the body style, we have maternal light and material dark.

Let’s go to image settings.

All of it is none because I want a minimalist mobile app.

It depends upon you if you want a live mobile app, well it’s your own choice.

Let’s go to toolbar settings.

I didn’t change anything.

Automatic As I said it is based on the featured color of the photo.

Those are the colors of the activities.

Guys, let’s go to the dashboard.

This is the dashboard, the one you see on the cellphone.


The startup mode can be directly direct to the activity.

But I’d like my dashboard to be seen first.

So that people will see the options of the different activities.

Let’s now go to the navigation.

The navigation is the three lines on the upper left corner.

This is it, the menu on the left.

Okay, here you can see the title Royalty free music and playlist.

Because these are selections of playlist guys.

And then this is the header image.

And these are the different icons of the different categories or activities of our mobile app.

Under that, you can choose icons, like for the travel vlogs I chose the mountains, for the food vlogs a mug, baby and beauty vlog and explainer vlog and everything, they have numerous icon categories.

And you’ll find these on your activity page.

On the toolbar– oh I meant in the activities.

Select activity, travel vlogs, for the image it is the drawer icon.

There are different icons that you can use.

and you’ll see all of these in the navigation.

So let’s go back to our navigation.

Where are we? Here, we have to go here.

You can upload a picture and also use theme colors if you want it to be plain.

But I want this one.

It really reminds me of music, it obvious isn’t it? Let’s go to settings and name our dashboard.

Dashboard name is dashboard.

That simple.

You can show banner ads and show social sharing button.

The social sharing button is this one with the three dots on the top.

And the banner ads, the most important thing to make some money, right? And then let’s go to look.

We have different kinds of looks here.

I selected card as you can tell.

This is how the card’s style is.

There are the activities’ categories and then the title and the subtitle.

You can also select it as grid, list– I like card the best because it looks modern to me.

It’s the most common look of apps nowadays.

And for the theme is global, not parent as before.

We’re global now.

And I really don’t know the difference between parent and global.

Let’s go to images.

Here is our royalty free music banner that you can find on the dashboard.


For the background image, I don’t have any because I want it minimalist.

I don’t want my eyes to hurt.

Let’s go to the toolbar and it’s global again.


Here we go to settings which is what really shapes your application.

This is where you can see the title and I named it royalty free music.

It’s very general, isn’t it? For the app version, you can make it 2.

0 or anything.

But this our first mobile app so it’s 1.

0 Our target market is, of course, Google Play, this is the most popular store for mobile apps.

Android phones and tablets.

So you can choose Samsung apps, Amazon appstore, hoping that they’ll have access to iOS.

iOS is very strict, it needs to be only on the AppStore.

But I think they’re working on it.

I think.

For the category it’s entertainment.

There are different categories.

Guys, you can develop games! You can make your own game.

There are different categories to choose from but to me this is entertainment.

I didn’t put a description because I got lazy.

And package name is standard.

Actually, this is the default version, I didn’t change it.

Let’s go to the app icon and this is what you’ll see on our home.

This is how my icon looks like.

It needs to be unique.

For the license agreement, you can put a license agreement on your mobile app.

Like if you want some regulations.

You’ll be writing your license agreement.

This the super long text where you just accept it without reading it.

That’s why I didn’t put it.

Let’s got to launch notice.

And for the professional features, you can input a custom package name.

Just read this if you want to know about the other options.

And if you want to put in a rate us option.

You know when the rate us now panel shows up, that’s that.

After several days you can ask them if they’ve enjoyed the app.

And if you want to activate the monetization you can enable the Andromo ads.

But you won’t be able to click on it, you’ll first have to message these Daria and Olga.

Godmother Daria and Godmother Olga.

Contact them and ask for money, I’m just messing! Contact them that you want to avail these options here.

For the monetization guys.

Andromo ads and we also have AdMob.

And you need an AdMob ID.

Hoping to make another video about the monetization because this is one the complicated part about Andromo.

You can also activate Amazon mobile ads if you’re an affiliate with Amazon.

AppBrain and AppLovin Facebook Audience Network and StartApp.

Once you’re connected, you can activate the monetization for your mobile app.

Now let’s go to services.

We have Firebase analytics, OneSignal and Intercome.

These are support, so I believe.

Once everything’s okay, make sure to save the different parts.

But they do remind you.

Actually, this is the very new version of Andromo builder.

They had a builder before but I like this better because of the modern design.

And they also have warnings, reminders to save your changes.

So you always have to click on save changes every time you change something.

Once everything’s okay and you’ve saved everything, you can build your project.

If you have unsaved changes it won’t let you build a project.

You first need to save it.

I actually haven’t changed anything.

I probably just touched something unintentionally.

This mobile app Royalty Free music was built only 2 days ago.

And then you can build the project.

When you click on it it’ll say It is being built.



we’ll email you when it’s ready.

You’ll also be able to see it on this page but it would be better to download it from your email.

In my case, in 5-10 minutes the mobile app was ready since they are the ones programming it and arranging it.

They do all the setup up.

You’ve basically given Andromo an order.

And he does all the hard work.

And then guys this is how it looks like once everything’s done and your mobile app is ready to download.

Once everything’s okay you’ll receive an email: build successful.

You’ll see that this link will expire in 24 hours.

You have to download it right away to see the preview of your application, how it looks like.

This how you download it, just click on download app.

Click on download.

Wait for a few minutes.

It depends on your Wifi speed.

You’ll find it in your file manager.

Here on the file manager go to APK.

Here you’ll see your application in APK file.

Because that is what a mobile app file is, an APK.

This is what I’ve downloaded, as you can see I have lots of trials and errors because that was when they didn’t have a preview.

And when I was hoping for them to have a preview because it takes time to build, it takes time to download.

It takes time to download.

But that’s how things are you need time for it.

He doesn’t have time for you.

I made so many jokes.

I’ll show you how to install it.

Click on this, there’ll be some loading and what is this? For your security, you’ll have to activate a setting that allows you to install it from this source, the file manager.

here they’ll ask you something, just click on install.


So just wait for a few hours– no it’s only a matter of time.

So open the mobile app and there it is.

And you’ll see what you’ve worked hard for.

No, I’m just joking it’s really easy.

This how easy it is to make a mobile app here on Andromo.

Hopefully, the knowledge I shared was useful and will be applied on your own creativity.

If you have your own way to create an app here on Andromo, different kinds of categories you’re thinking you can start one right now by clicking the link in the description box below, don’t worry there’s no referral bonus.

Because some are bashers.

They’ll say: “Ooh! Jhazel de Vera only refers.

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