hey guys Archie luxury Archie luxury channel today guys I want to talk about downloading the covert safe app the Australian government is trying to encourage all Australians to don’t download to their smartphones the covert safe app now this is an app that uses GPS technology where it basically

knows if you it knows your location it knows if you’ve been in contact with somebody for more than 10 minutes who then subsequently turns positive to coronavirus now I gotta tell you you would have to have fucking rocks in your fucking head to download this app because I

gotta tell you scam Oh Scott Morrison he gives the good speech he gives the good talk and he does pets us on the back and we we feel like he’s a brother we never had big brother we never had and this is the problem you download the covert

and safe app and Big Brother knows where you are so guess what fuckers if you happen to go into an area which is more than 50 kilometres from home they can find you fine fine fine like Singapore find you it’s a fine idea when they start finding you

for going out so I tell you now tell the government to stick covert safe app up their fucking ass and thanks for joining us Pauline come on just download the app hey ah Chris you’re such a good boy that you’ve actually downloaded the app and that’s your choice

to do it my choice is I’m not going to do it so anyway do I trust the government no I don’t the horses bolted Chris right so now we’re on the yeah downhill slide for the cove in nineteen three cases in Queensland how many across the country about

thirteen so if it was weeks ago when they’ve started fair enough but now do I trust the government no I don’t hang on you say the Senate with the gun deals with them day in and day out on all sorts of things yeah no sorry Chris I don’t

do deals with them whatsoever I put forward my views on their legislation which they listen to what I have to say I am NOT the government I’m on the cross bench and I voice what a lot of people of Australia want their representatives to say on the floor

of Parliament so I’m not the government we’re not saying you to govern I’m saying you deal with the government to daily it’s your job but the problem here is you’re saying you don’t what are you worried that government find out about time but what are you know what

are you worried what account is that that’s that’s nothing to do with this it’s about if they want to trace you you can actually there’s a there’s a tracing on your phone as it is at the moment the thing is I am not prepared to download that I

don’t want to and you talk about the older generation I am the older generation I’m 66 next month so the fact is I know that I’m one of those vulnerable not in the serious category and I kept rather good health and I kept away from other people’s so

so my questions later but it’s so microlight choice if you want to know of course it’s your choice Pauline Hanson but my question is what are you worried about when you say you don’t trust the government what possible information are they going to gather from this app that

worries you well they passed legislation in 2015 that was the telcos Telstra and Optus to actually hold your information data retention for two years now that was supposed to be there so the police could access it to use it if they need it now what I’ve understand is

87 organisations are using that data and also local governments have downloaded at 8,000 times in a year now why is that that legislation was passed purely for the police to use but that data has been used by other age and local governments I don’t know what for so

therefore if they tell you one thing and they’re doing nothing I’m sorry I don’t trust them and it’s your choice I’m not going to you’ve made it downloading yep you’ve made it clear you don’t trust them but what is it you fear from this Apple look in Queensland

now Anastasia Peltier is saying okay you can’t travel any more than 50 kilometers what a load of bloody hogwash that I’ve heard in all my life is that what about people in rural and regional areas they it takes them a lot longer further than 50 kilometres to go

and do their shopping so it’s ridiculous well if they start tracking is down before travelling yeah if they start if they start hassling you about travelling too far because of this app which i think is highly unlikely then you just download the app or come on here and

we’ll talk about what an outrage it is but everything in life is about costs and benefits isn’t it now we will we’ll know we don’t like to give up any privacy and there’s got it all right there’s a small risk here of some infringement on our privacy because

it’s a government app but the benefit here is a benefit for the whole country as well as the person with the app that is being able to trace people so you can get the country back moving again knowing that if there is an outbreak we can trace people

quickly isn’t a benefit here worth in a little risk Chris this app is not going to get the country moving again until the rest of the world is over the cove at 19 that we open up the the international flights until that time you will not have people

traveling to this country I’m talking about behind our boys I’m talking about 18 yeah we can read the covert 19 we’ve got three cases that have been detected in Queen sans you’ve got you’re only got in your teens that are deflected detected nationwide so basically we are pretty

much over the cove at 19 well I think is the only problem it can get here if people coming in from overseas into Australia that you could have that you could have it blow up again let’s just unpack this a little bit because there’s a lot there firstly

I’m assuming we keep our international borders secure for now I’m talking about opening up the country behind secure international borders secondly it’s irresponsible to say we’ve got that this problem is dealt with now because we’ve got these numbers of infections down with some pretty decree that draconian measures

across the country now the point is if you want to open up workplaces again if you want to start sporting competitions up again if you want to get people to be able to go back to restaurants and bars you need to be able to track down the infections

that inevitably will occur and this app gives us that added weapon to track infections when they occur there if therefore it helps us open up businesses save people’s jobs and employment and businesses surely that may be the case and if people people you said a million people have

actually downloaded the app that’s fair enough but even the numbers in Singapore the people in Singapore what it’s at only 14 maybe twenty-seven twenty percent max have actually got the app on their phone so a lot of people are Juby us about putting this downloading this app exactly

people know that me Joyce is another one Barnaby’s setting second Sam he doesn’t treat he doesn’t trust the government and he’s been deputy but he’s part of the government yeah but here’s the this is the reason I’m talking to you about it right we know it’s an individual

my point is that this will work best for the country not for the government but work best for individuals in this country if a lot of people do sign up and you’re a person with a long strong profile a lot of following and I’m trying to have this

exchange with you to find out why you wouldn’t do this why I think there’s small the benefit rested not interested I won’t be downloading it i download it you know and I gave my information for health records I’ve got no problems with that but I’m not going to

download the app and I don’t you know if people want to do it’s your choice everyone has to choice in life you make that choice that best suits you that you think it’s right I just feel very sure do all this I think it’s fine I like I

said I think the horse is bolted why don’t you download the app and see how you go for three weeks and you know if anything nasty happens you can come on air and tell us you’ve had to delete it tell me God you better go for a while

to download it use it for money yeah you’re on the app so if they come after you and you’re not responsible you tell me so I’ll come on the show and you can tell me what what it’s a horrible you know you what things you’ve gone through because

you download yeah isn’t this just like the anti-vaxxers though I mean everybody pays a price for those people who decide not is the app Chris don’t head down that bloody path with me where please you know it’s choice whether you want to have yeah you can say that

about it that’s access and all the rest of it you can say that about people who don’t vaccinate their kids their choice right in life yes Pauline but Pauline but everybody could say that they have the choice not to vaccinate their kids but everybody in their community then

pays up now you don’t have the choice there so anyway they don’t have the choice so anyway that’s people’s responsibilities how they want to deal with those responsibilities in life and my responsibility to myself as a person is I don’t intend to download the app so you haven’t

mean haven’t talked me into it so it’s not happening I have no intentions I won’t even look at it what about your responsibility to the community I have a big responsibility to the community you better believe it because I worked extremely hard for the people of Queensland and

Australia for that matter and my responsibilities being senator for this nation but that stops there because what I do personally and downloading this app which I’ve spoken to a lot of Australians it will not be downloading yet so if you’ve got a million people on the first day

fair enough let’s see how many really do like download the app okay well I’d like to go to the pub I’d like to I dream of getting to the pub so I hope everybody downloads it then we can all get back to life as usual but thanks for

joining us Pauline I appreciate it once again thanks Chris yes Pauline Hanson ever leader of one nation she ain’t downloading that app well what happens if somebody who’s infected stands next to her at the fish-and-chip shop or something I’ll never be able to let her know will they

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