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Hey, at any point during the video, I’m gonna list out a lot of websites and all of my resources and things.

I’ll put those in theYouTube description below so you can check those out at any time.

Let’s get into the video.

Lately I’ve been getting a ton of free and heavily discountedproducts from Amazon.

I’ve gotten a few tech things, some iPhone lenses, some things like that.

I’ve gotten a ton of supplements, and hang on for a second.

I’ve gotten literally a ton of supplements from Amazon.

I’ve kind of beenobsessed with them lately.

I’m working out, so it’srelevant for what I’m into.

I’ve also been gettingsome household items and some other things.

The way I got this free stuff on Amazon or discounted, and when I say discounted, maybe it was $40 and you pay $1 or you get 75% off, the way I’ve been able to do that is actually a websitecalled AMZ Review Trader.

I’ll link that up in the description, but there’s also a tonof websites like it.

I’ll also link up a blog post that lists out about 20 different websites that basically what they dois they connect companies who are looking to getreviews on their Amazon page, text reviews.

They’re looking for someone to review it, post some pictures, test out their product, and they’ll send youthe product either free or at a discounted rate.

Maybe you’ve read beforein Amazon comments where it says, “I received this product “either for free or for a discount.

” That’s why that disclaimer is there.

Now recently, there’s kind of been achange in the industry where Amazon doesn’treally allow that anymore, and so you always gotta do your due diligence and your research.

What it is now is these sites still exist, but you get the free stuffand you’re not required to review it, right, but you can.

They still send you the stuff, and then it’s optional.

If you’re building yourbrand as a reviewer, of course, you know, youare going to review it.

I’ve heard lately that you actually don’t evenneed the disclaimers anymore.

Anyway, do your due diligence, of course.

I’m not a lawyer.

I’ll link up the latest resources in the description below, but I want to share withyou my five-step process for how I actually apply this to YouTube and earning income.

Step number one is to justsign up for an account at AMZ Review Trader, right? What’s kind of cool is theyhave an auto-responder email that helps you start learning the process so you can get approved for free stuff.

Number two, you want tooptimize your Amazon profile.

Think about it.

You’re actually kinda makingan impression on brands, so if you have a theme.

On my profile, I saythat I’m all about doing tech stuff as well as lifestyle stuff, which is really my two YouTube channels, seanTHiNKs and THiNKmediaTV.

I kinda put that in my bio.

I try to have a goodpicture and a description.

You know, you just wantto make an impression.

If someone’s gonna sendyou something, you know, what kind of impressionare you giving off? Optimize your profile 100% on Amazon.

Number three is before youeven request any products, start reviewing things that you’ve already purchased on Amazon.

That kind of builds up your library.

Maybe you’ve neverwritten a review before, and make sure that it’s quality.

They actually score you so they’ll say based on your word count.

They’ll say you have a D- on your review scores.

Try to put quality reviews out.

It helps if you get up votes, you know, on your reviews.

Also, pictures and evenvideo clips help even more.

Again, that’s gonna show brands, you know, that they want to send you free stuff because you built a reputation and you have a historyof doing quality reviews.

Then number four is gointo the shopping area and apply to review free products.

You can pick, you know, allthese different categories.

Literally there’s everything.

Now of course they’re not, as far as I’ve noticed, giving away 4K HD TV’s, right? There is a lot of different cool stuff and sometimes you gotta dig around, but you just go shoppingand then just apply for anything that youwould be interested in.

Then once approved, they’ll send it to you and then what you do is you do a text review, right, on Amazon.

Here’s where it gets really cool and where I take it another step so then you can actually earn money off of the stuff that you got for free.

What then I recommend is thatyou create a YouTube video.

Now at this point, you’re done with yourresponsibility, you know, for AMZ Review Trader and those companies.

Now you have some free product and you’ve tested it out, right? What I recommend isyou make a review video on your YouTube channel, and then you do what’scalled affiliate marketing.

That’s where you can signup for Amazon Associates, and then what happens isif you put a link to that product that you just reviewed and someone clicks on it and purchases it, you get a commission.

To recap, right, super cool.

You’re already applying for things that you’re passionate about and maybe that your YouTubechannel is based on.

Maybe you haven’t evenstarted a YouTube channel.

It’s a great time to do it because product reviews canreally help you build some side and even part-time.

It’s actually how Ibuilt a full-time income.

Go through the whole process of the text review on Amazon, but then take it onto YouTube and then actually monetizethose product reviews.

If you do this in a very strategic way, it can actually be something that really builds your income over time.

Those are my five best tips.

Hey, if you’re actuallyinterested in learning more about how to profit from doing simple product review videos on YouTube, I put together a free training with some case studies, some tips, showing you how to set this up.

That’s actually availableat createawesomereviews.


If you want to get access to that, I’ll put it on the YouTube card in the description below or you can just go to that URL.

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