Hello Guys, I will show you this KBOX Android SmartHome automation application.

We have update for new functions We have add the new function for “TOUCH” mode Before we have only “Click” mode Now we have add the “TOUCH” mode So we can use control box for many electronic application such as control motors and also we can control the lamp and other electronic device with different mode This KBOX just need the router, not need internet, no cloud server we just connect this router by WiFi and also our relay box is connect with the router all these device in the same network so now, we will show you the new function of the KBOX This is a router and this is relay box this is lamp this is android phone we have installed the KBOX home automation application Now we use the network cable connect with the device router’s WAN not need to use, because we not need internet we just connect with LAN we power on of the router, network cable connect with controller by LAN port power on of the relay box and removes the socket We connect with six lamps We have already connected the wires.

we plug the sockets Now let’s look at how these six lamps work and how lamps connect with controller this is our controller’s output total output is 32 channels the lamps one side we connect with “N” line another line is “L”, we connect with output 1–6 ports every relay output we connect with one lamp we can search the IP address and port by PC software We already know IP and port, we will fill in android phone app Now we power on of relay box we open android phone app input ip address and port we chose 32 channel model now we can press the “SORT” button we can change the sequence now we can change the first light name as “Lamp1” And also you can the ico set the control mode there are 2 mode, one is “CLICK”, another is “TOUCH” the “TOUCH” mode is added new function And also change the second lamp as “Lamp2″ we chose control mode =”Click” , then “save” we change the name as “Lamp3” we change control mode = “TOUCH” we can see how this new function to use the ico is different with “CLICK”’s LAMP4 work mode = “TOUCH” now we use click and touch way to control lamps What’s the distinguish between two mode when we pressed the “TOUCH” button we pressed, relay ON, we remove , relay OFF we use “CLICK” button, it’s not this situation we can create the sense mode The scenes mode is added new function also have two work mode 1:Click 2:Touch you can input scene name, such as ALL ON, chose device IP “ALL ON” can define as some relay ON 6 relays turn ON, other is all OFF also we can create another scene “ALL OFF” for all relay OFF changed the ico There are many icos for you chose Back to home we can see two ico for scene when we press ALL ON, all relay will be ON, when we press OFF, all relay will be OFF this is “CLICK” work mode now we can create “TOUCH”, we can see what is different we rename for Button we also turn ON 6 relays you can see the “TOUCH” mode is “BUTTON” when we press the scene ON, remove is OFF how to control this motor the motor have 5 lines The Green and Blue is connect with “L” and “N” line Black is reverse, Red is forward just different directions line So when we need motor for forward running G & R circuit short G=Grees R=Red if we need the motor reverse running G & B circuit short G=Grees B=Black we can see relay output and how to connect every one motor need two relay to control directions now we will let two motor running for demo show you We will make scene on the phone and changes two motors direction at the same time let’s look at how to connect to wire for these two motors this green line just a switch we will show you the motor running now we create the scene scene name is “UP” work model is “TOUCH” when motor UP , relay1 ON, relay3 ON another scene is DOWN when motor DOWN , relay2 ON, relay4 ON let’s see two scene for UP and DOWN control motor the hand not removed and hand remove the motor will be stop we press DOWN, the motor is running, remove the hand , the motor stop This is a track if we need install electric curtain or shutter, just install the motor to track we install the motor on the track and lock it so we can use phone app to control track sport for electric curtain you can install track on the top of wall, this is electric curtain how to works now we have used new function work mode of KBOX smart home app we have control motor and lights by different control ways we will update KBOX smart home andorid phone app regularly if you have any idea and any questions, you can leave us message we will give you quickly feedback Thanks for watching!.

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