10 Apps Built Purely to Encourage Human Laziness 10.

[email protected] From the creators of SixBillionSecrets, anapp that lets you anonymously share your hopes, dreams, and even fears to a community of supportivepeople, and Mutant Turtles Vs Killer Seaweed, an endless game that promises to bring outthe frustration in you, app developer SilentLogic Studios gives you [email protected]

It’s an app that allows you, literally, to nap at work.

It mimics sounds like your mouse clicking, keyboard typing, and even a casual clearing of the throat, so you can nap without worryingso much about unimportant things.

Like, you know, work.

This app was either genius or silly, and wasreviewed by popular tech sites like VentureBeat and cNet.

To give the developers some credit, they [email protected] to increase productivity by letting you restore creative juices through what expertscall a “power nap, ” or as we call it, “a casual, long blink.

” It’s been almost a decade since this appwas released, but you can still download for your own perusal.


Cry Translator Parents have often wished there was a magicalapp that could translate frustrating, and often vexing, baby cries into simple statementslike ‘hungry’, ‘needs diaper change’, or ‘just plain bored’.

That would really save parents a lot of sleeplessnights.

If only there was such thing.

Oh wait, there actually is an app like that.

Biloop Technologic, S.


created an awardwinning app (as per their iTunes description) they called Cry Translator.

The app is currently downloadable for $6.

99and a certain mom, Patty said, “It makes parenting easier” and “Peace has returnedto our home.

” If that didn’t convince you, we don’tknow what will.

Who are you to argue with Patty? Clinical research and testing were done ina pediatric hospital somewhere in Spain, and results show a staggering 96% of babies stoppedcrying with the help of the Cry Translator.


Clicker Counter Counting — that thing you learned as a toddler.

We all know how to do it (and if you don’t, bless your soul, child) but what makes counting annoying is keeping track.

With a human’s average attention span ofeight seconds, we can’t seem to finish counting our fingers without getting distracted.

Fear not! Clicker counter does exactly what you can’t— stay undistracted.

Since it’s built from bunch of codes andcommands, it keeps track of whatever you’re counting, be it the number of selfies youtook or number of beers you chugged.

We wonder if you can also use this to countsheep at bedtime.

We’re very curious, so please let us know.

This free version of Clicker Counter providesyou with only one tally counter.

But the plus version that sells for $0.

99gives you the ability to create several tally counters, so you can keep track of how manyselfies you took while chugging all of those beers.

Remarkable! 7.

Blower In Australia, kids are banned from blowingout their own birthday candles, on their birthday cakes, on their friggin’ birthdays.

This is part of their rules on hygiene forchild care.

Of course children can still blow out theircandles, but it should be on their own cupcake to avoid spreading germs via the communalcake.

A total bummer, we know.

And if things ultimately go full Mad Max downthere, we’re assuming this’ll be one of the reasons.

Fortunately, we have Blower to solve thatvery dilemma.

It unlocks a secret feature on your deviceso powerful, Apple hid it from us.

Ellen DeGeneres even tested it on her show.

This app uses your iDevice’s speaker frequencyto create sound waves and produce air out of it.

And the crazy part is, it actually works! For your amusement: there’s an Android appthat does the same thing.

It’s called Phone Speaker Blower, but there’sanother similar app that’s called Yet another Air BLOwer: YABLO.

These are real apps in the Google Play Store— no kidding.


Decider Yes, or no? Should I quit school? Should I buy a car? Should I ask her to marry me? Should I get fries with that? So.



Do you ever get exhausted answering life’sendless questions to you? You just want focus your energy elsewhere, but you have to think about these things.

That’s where Decider enters the picture.

It doesn’t decide for you blindly, of course.

This is not the Magic 8-Ball, folks.

You have to elaborate more on your dilemmaso Decider can do its “calculations.

” Input pros and cons for every decision withtheir corresponding importance and Decider will sort of give you the bigger picture foreach.

However, there’s a friendly caution fromthe creators on the description.

“Please do keep a life besides it.

” It’s not free, unfortunately.

You have to buy it for $4.


A fair price for an app that will decide thecourse of your life.


Push For Pizza When you thought ordering pizza over the phonewas easy, online ordering made it easier.

But the easiest of all is what couch potatoescall Push For Pizza.

Who has time to pick up the phone, dial thenumber, order, receive, and pay? Who has time to open up the pizzeria’s site, click, pay, and receive? And on top of that you have to deal with thetip.


The struggle is indeed real.

Push For Pizza is a free app that bypassesall that for you.

You get your pizza with just a single clickof a button.

How? It uses a state-of-the-art (as per the description)technology – as well as your address and credit card information – to make orderingpizza as easy as liking a cat photo.


Water Your Body We sometimes forget things like keys, wallets, birthdays, and deadlines.

But there’s this one thing that is so importantyou’ll die without it in three days, and no, we’re not talking about Facebook.

You won’t last a day without that, anyway.

We’re actually talking about drinking water.

Apparently, thirst is not a good indicatorof how much our water intake should be.

A reminder from Water Your Body, on the otherhand, is.

Voted as the #1 water app on iTunes (because…there’smore than one, apparently?), Water Your Body is designed to help you drink more agua everyday.

The apps costs $1.

39 and if you don’t wantto spend that money for an app that reminds you to drink water, just call your mom.

She’ll be happy to remind you for free.


Yo Sometimes you just want to know what yourfriends are up to, but you’re also too lazy to spend any time finding out.

Don’t jeopardize your social life – getYo! It’s free on iTunes and the Play Store, and the app is pretty straightforward.

You select people from your contacts and Yosends the word “Yo” to this list in one click.

It saves you time and your friends will stopthinking you’re a heartless, cold person who doesn’t care.

Now, they’ll think you’re a good friendwith a limited vocabulary.

Just be careful not to send it to your boss.


BroApp The best wingman you could possibly have.

A smart and loyal companion that lets youspend more time with your bros.

Gentlemen, listen up.

Ladies, listen closely.

The BroApp has one purpose, and that is tokeep bros in and girlfriends out happy.

Men’s Health described it as “outsourcingyour relationship.

” This clever app schedules automated messagesto your girlfriend.

It’s so loyal that if you’re girlfriendtries to access the app, it will hide your dirty little secret by showing up a fake listof gifts you plan to buy her instead.

It was released originally with a price, butit’s free to download now, so the only cost is your dignity and any semblance of classyou may have previously had.


Instacart A task commoners have to endure is maneuveringa cart and staring at hundreds of products, also known as ‘taking a trip to the supermarket.

’ But not anymore.

With Instacart, someone will do that drudgeryfor you.

With a price tag, of course.

It’s a grocery delivery app that connectslazy busy customers to on-call Instacart shoppers.

You’ll get your groceries in as little asone hour.

Plus, you don’t have to find parking, standin lines, carry bags, or interact with – ugh – people.

Your first delivery is free, then succeedingdeliveries start at $5.


It’s also available for Android users.

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