this week I’ll show you the five apps Ialways use when I go out and shoot the stars now we’re firmly into the milky wayseason and last night I was out shooting the stars with a group of friends andthis got me thinking about the apps that I use from the planning stages rightthrough to when I’m underneath those stars taking photographs so I thoughtI’d show you the five apps that I use all the time on a side note these appsare actually really good for just general photography so if you don’tshoot the stars these still can come in handy I think one of them is a paid appand all the other ones are free but if you use all of these you can veryquickly work out where you’re gonna be able to shoot the night skies and whereyou’re gonna get some really good shots on another side note I’ve only had aboutan hour’s worth of sleep so if I look tired that’s the reason why we’ve got alittle bit carried away last night and we ended up shooting until the Sun roseand this is one of the things with Astro photography you will get carried awayand because of the long exposures you’ll end up shooting all night so make sureyou plan properly and make sure you give yourself enough time to take all thephotographs that you want so once you’ve found a really good dark location nearyou on websites like light pollution map info there are other things that youneed to take into consideration before heading out so first of all to see thestars you need clear skies you could watch theweather forecast or use other online tools but for where I’ve lived so farAccuWeather seems to be a really good app to give you a really good detailedforecast you get an in-depth three day forecast and then a more generalizedseven-day forecast you can put in any location and it’ll give you a forecastfor that location this is the first app that I go to when I want to see what theweather is doing in the location that I’m going to be at when I’m planning aphoto shoot there are quite a few adverts in the app but I don’t worry toomuch about those so just ignore those and then you come down to the bottom andthen you have a daily forecast if you click on any of these it’ll show youwhat it’s going to be in the day and what it thinks it’s going to be atnight there’s a lot more to this app but I generally just use what’s on the frontpage all I need to know is whether the Knights are going to be clear or notclear outside is another weather forecasting app but it has tons moredetail in the actual forecast the one thing I really like about this app is itbreaks up the different cloud levels so you know whether it’s gonna be low cloudor high cloud you also have the lunar cycle the bortles scale when it’sactually gonna be nighttime so you can see along the top here you’ve gotsunlight as it goes into the golden hour the blue hour Twilight and actual darkalso if the International Space Station is transiting through your sky it’llshow you on this app as well where it says ISS so in this app I tend to lookat the cloud and where it’s going to be in the sky whether it’s going to be highcloud low cloud and also it has a percentage so you can work out whetherit’s gonna be a completely overcast sky or whether it’s gonna be patchy orwhether it’s going to clear up the other thing that I look at is visibility andthis comes down to air quality I do have an app that I use for airquality but I also check it on here to cross-reference it but there’s loads ofinformation in clear outside and it’s a really good app and well worthdownloading one other thing that I’ve just realized about it is that you canput actual coordinates into the location and then it will give you the forecastfor that actual location sometimes you can look in forecasts online and it willgive you a generalized forecast but this gives you a much more localized forecastnow this is a paid app but I think it’s really well worth the investment you getso much information in the app that it really helps your photography along theway photo pills can do so much and it’s one of those apps you just have to startusing to actually get your head around for astrophotography in the planningstage I will check the moon cycle so I don’t have the moon bleaching out myshots then when I know the days I can go out and shoot around the time of the newmoon is usually the best then I’ll plan the shoot around these days so thiscorrelates really well with clear outside you can see I’ve got the sunrisethis sunset and I’ve got about 7.

1 percent ofthe moon’s showing at this moment in time you also have the time at which themilky way core becomes visible in the sky at that location and when it dropsback below the horizon the other great thing with photo pills is that it’s gotaugmented reality so this means if you click on this little AR button at thebottom it’ll show you where the moon is in its cycle so you can see at themoment it’s directly above us when you’re using this AR function people maylook at you a little bit strange and it might look like you’re taking weirdangled selfies but it’s a really good tool and don’t worry about that it’swell worth using and it’s well worth looking like a bit of an idiot the nextbit I’ll use for astrophotography is the night AR so if you scroll to the bottomyou’ll have night AR and what this will do is they’ll actually show you wherethe Milky Way is in the sky so when you’re planning a location you can usethis to see exactly where the Milky Way is going to be in the sky and itsorientation one other thing with this night ARfunction is that if you click on settings on the top corner you canchange your position and you can change the date so say if you’re planning ashoot when there’s a new moon you can plug the information in here and you canput in the position that you’re going to be at and then it’ll show you where themilky way is going to be in the sky at that time so this is a really greatfunction and a really great tool for you to plan your shots properly if you wantto learn more about photo pills click on the I in the corner or the link in thedescription this will take you to another of my videos now one thing Idon’t hear people talk about too much in astrophotography tutorials is the airquality this really affects what you can see in the night sky I’ve been out insome places where there’s a lot of haze and dust in the air and it really doesbleach out the stars and any light pollution from any towns nearby reallydoes bounce off this haze and causes the stars to be less visible in the nightsky the app that I use to check out the air quality is called plume so if Iclick on that it’ll give you an air report like with all of the other appsyou can choose your location so I’m in Dubai at the momentand it shows me the air quality it’s a little bit hazy and dusty I think thewinds blowing off the desert at the moment I think the humidity is a littlebit higher as well and sometimes this causes there to be a lot more haze inthe air so if I type in one occur into this plume map you can see it says freshand this is great air quality to have to take photos of the night sky the onlydownside to New Zealand is that you get lots of storms coming over so you’ve gotto bide your time and wait for a clear sky in this app as long as you havemoderate to fresh air conditions it’s really good for taking photos of thestars once you’ve planned your shoot and you’re actually out underneath the StarsSky View is a really good app to work out what stars you’re actually lookingat there are so many different stars constellations and planets thatsometimes it’s hard to work out what is what now with Sky View this shows youexactly what is what now I have the light version and there is also a paidoption this is a really good learning tool and it teaches you so much aboutthe Stars so if you hold it up you can see lots of different constellations andstars and planets with exposures between 15 30 seconds and then if you’re using atracker up to about four minutes you do have a lot of time where you’re waitingaround so the sky view app is really good for learning what’s in the nightsky above you and that’s about it as you can see there’s so much to think aboutwhen planning an Astra photography shoot from when it’s going to be a new moon towhen the weather is going to be clear there’s gonna be good and also what’sgoing to be in the sky above you with these five apps it can make the processa lot easier and a lot more simple as always if you like what you see you giveme a thumbs up if you didn’t give me a thumbs down and for weekly tutorialshints and tips in photography and videography subscribe and turn onnotifications I’ll see you in the next one you.

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