Finding the righttime to meet with someone else can be so frustrating, all of the back and forth communication, finding an opening, finding the ideal time for you and others to meet.

Well in today’s videoI wanna share with you five of my favorite meeting schedulers to help make booking yournext meeting so much easier.

Hello everyone, ScottFriesen here at Simpletivity, helping you to get moredone and enjoy less stress.

And today I’m handing out a few awards in the following fivecategories, we’re gonna look at everything from bestpublic meeting scheduler, to best Gmail plugin, all theway to something extra special that uses artificial intelligence.

But let’s get things kicked off right now, and we’re gonna start with Calendly, my pick for the bestpublic meeting scheduler.

So what exactly do I mean by that? Well I think the graphic that Calendly has on it’s homepage is very fitting.

This is exactly whatwe’re trying to avoid, all of this back and forth.

Can you meet at this time? No, how about this? No, that doesn’t work for me.

Well, I can’t meet on this date.

Back and forth and back and forth it goes.

So what does Calendly do? Well, it does a number of things but what I think Calendlydoes best is it allows you to set up a few simplerules, you tell Calendly when you are availableand it will allow you to share that time, either via link, via embedding it into your website.

And that probably where you’ve seen or even used Calendlybefore, is where you’ve gone to someone’s website and theysay, “yeah, I’d love to talk, “wanna set up a meeting withme, just click this link “and I’ll share with you my availability.

” And of course, the greatthing with this tool, and many of the othersthat we’re looking at today is that it will adjustthe time zone accordingly.

It doesn’t matter where theother person is in the world, they can view it in theirown local time zone.

So this is ideal forcoaches, this is ideal if you want to start a conversation.

Maybe this is the firstpart of your sales funnel, and you wanna allow peopleto book their own time.

Again, dependent on your own rules.

You tell it what hoursor what days of the week that you would like to be available and Calendly makes it so much easier.

But maybe you need somethingwith a few more features.

Let’s take a look nextat Doodle, and Doodle, I’m gonna give the award forbest group meeting scheduler.

You can see what I mean right here from this opening imageon the Doodle website.

Here you can see a variety of people have had the opportunity tovote for the days of the weeks or the times they would like to schedule a meeting together, andDoodle helps you find that out and then book the meeting for you.

So this is ideal for thoseof you who maybe are working with a small team, whetheryou wanna use this internally, or you can do it with othermembers externally, as well.

If you wanna give avariety of people an option to vote or select the ideal time.

So again, I think Doodleis best when you’re working with multiple people, right, these are meetings with more than just the two of you, more than just yourselfand one other person that you can allow them to schedule things and communicate that acrossmultiple individuals.

Alright, next on my list issomething I use personally, each and everyday, and in fact, I would say that Assistant.

to has become a pretty strategic, apretty central component of my own business.

And I’m gonna give Assistant.

to the award for best Gmail plugin.

Now it is only for Gmailat this point in time, but the great thing is that it’s free.

And I don’t just mean free totry, I mean absolutely free.

So how does Assistant.

to work? Well as you can see fromthis screenshot here, in each and everyone of your emails, once you install the Assistant plugin you’re gonna see this little icon in the bottom right-hand corner of every email that you compose.

And if you’ve like to givethe recipient some options as to when you can meet, you just simply select this little icon, and it’s gonna allow you to pick the days of the week, the times that you would possibly liketo meet with that individual.

And as you can see here, now this is just an example, there’s quite a few times herein this three day stretch, you can pick as manyor as few as you like, and then the user receivesthis in their email and all they have todo is select which one that works for them.

And that’s the finalstep, it immediately books a meeting on your calendarand also their calendar.

The only thing you have to do next is show up for the meeting.

You can include meeting detailsand just like we’ve seen before with Doodle andCalendly, you can view this in your own time zone, so it makes it very easy, very convenient for the user.

One last thing I’ll pointout here with Assistant.

to is that if none of these times work they can either say, show more times or say none of these times work, andoffer their own suggestions.

So they don’t even have tohave Assistant.

to installed or be a user it can provide youwith additional suggestions.

This has been again, verycrucial for my own business, it’s something that Iuse on a daily basis.

Ideal for one-on-one meetings, although it can be used with multiple users, as well.

Now, maybe you need somethinga little more full-featured than what we’ve seen sofar, so the next award I’m gonna hand out hereis for the best scheduler that also has a varietyof payment options.

And for that title I have togive it to a Acuity Scheduling.

Now Acuity has many of the same features that we’ve seen alreadywith Calendly and Doodle.

A lot of these features, interms of one touch scheduling, and appointment, andreducing “the drudgery, ” as Acuity says here, of going back and forth between individuals, but Ithink where Acuity stands out a little bit more than its competitors is the variety of additionalfeatures that it has.

And one of them has to do with payments.

In fact, you can seehere that you can sell gift certificates, subscriptions, setup packages, and even membershipswithin the Acuity system.

Now you can accept paymentswith some of the other tools that we’ve already seenincluding Calendly and Doodle, but Acuity just givesyou so many more options.

So if you need a fewmore advice two options.

It also gives you a littlemore customization as well, within the interface, so ifyou need to match your website, match your branding, etc.

, Acuity does a very goodjob for that as well.

So if you’re needing somethinga little more full-featured you might be looking at Acuity.

Now last but not least, I’ve maybe saved something very special for the end here, and that is making the useof artificial intelligence.

And you’re going to remember this one because it’s right inthe domain name, X.


It might be one of the shortest domains you’ve ever come across, X.


And I’d have to agree withthem, that scheduling does suck.

But they’ve done something pretty unique to help you avoid meetingsbeing such a distraction, and such a time suck asyou go back and forth with your prospective attendees.

So X.

ai is artificial intelligence, and one of the bonuses ofX.

ai is that you can use it across multiple areas, so not just in email but you can use it within Slack.

You can use it on your web page, we’ve seen that before as well, and of course it syncswith your calendar as well.

But I know a number ofyou are Slack users, and that’s the nice thingis that this does integrate directly with Slack, as well.

So how does it work? I’m gonna click on this little link here because there’s a really good example that I think explains how it works.

So here’s a trial, or sorry, a hypothetical email here, and you’ve got sort of aback and forth going on that yes I’d like to set up a meeting.

Well what X.

ai does is thatit has two AI assistants here and the default one is Amy.

You can see that it’s bolded here.

So Anita, in this example, is a real person right.

I’m chatting or this personis chatting with Anita.

I’d like to set up a meeting, and at the end of the email he CCs [email protected]

ai and says, “Amy, please schedule “a 20-minute phone call withAnita sometime next week, “and title it this, I’ll call her.

” Now again, this is just boldedso you can see the key points you do not have to boldthis in your email, you can just write it naturally, right.

You can say schedule a meetingnext Monday with Anita, you don’t have to say what the title is, that’s not necessary but they’ve decided to include it here as well.

And again, Anita, this is the real person has no idea that Amy is actually just artificial intelligence, it’s not this person’s assistant or secretary, but it might make you looklike you’ve got a secretary or an assistant even ifyou don’t have so as well.

So let’s go onto step two here.

So on step two, theperson replies and says, or this is sorry, this is Amynow, this is the AI saying, “hi, Anita, happy to find atime for you, will this work? “But you know, Tyrik isalso available at this time, “what’s the best numberfor him to call you at?” And in step three the real person, remember this is Anita, says, “oh, Tuesday at 2:00 “works for me and my number is this.

” The very next step, Amy the AI agent, creates the calendar for both of you.

So from this first emailnothing else was done from the originator, right, from Tyrik in this example.

Nothing else was done, he let Amy, his artificial intelligence assistant, take care of everything else.

So this is maybe you couldsay, a little more advanced but something worth trying out, something that might pique your interest if you want an assistant to help you out schedule your meetings.

Well with that I wouldlove to hear from you, number one do you use a meeting scheduler, and if so did I leavesomething off of this list? Is there something elseI should have included? Maybe there’s a whole nother category that I should have included in this roundup of my top five.

Thank you so much forwatching today’s video.

I hope you give thisvideo a big thumbs up.

Be sure to subscriberight here to Simpletivity and be sure to leave mea comment down below.

Remember, being productivedoes not need to be difficult, in fact, it’s very simple.


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