Hey guys this is James White with Freakin’ Reviews bringing you my top 10 products for the best of 2019.

Now although I specialize in As Seen on TV products, the recent decline in As Seen on TV items on store shelves has led me to expand to Amazon and Wish andbeyond.

So the products in this video will encompass all those and not just AsSeen on TV, which means I had to sift through almost 200 products that Ireviewed this year to pick my best of the bunch.

If you want to see the fullreviews I’ve got links in description below and also links to purchase as well.

Without further delay let’s get right to my Top 10.

Number 10 on my list is Socket Shelfwhich is an As Seen on TV product.

You plug it into your wall.

You get extrasockets, you get USB ports, and you get a shelf.

Now there weren’t a lot of As Seenon TV products released in 2019 on a significant level, but this is one that Iactually thought exceeded my expectations, a little bit better than Ithought it would be.

I found it more useful than I expected.

In fact I’m chargingmy phone right here, and as you can see it’s on the Socket Shelf.

It’s a prettysimple design but it’s actually pretty useful.

Here’s some scenes from myoriginal Socket Shelf video.

This is Socket Shelf.

It’s an As-Seen-on-TVeight port surge protector.

Right here is the glorious shelf.

Two plugs on thisside, two in the front, two in the side, and you’ve got two USB ports.

But notonly do I have better space optimized but I still have four more outlets so I’mpretty happy with that.

Shaving gel, miscellaneous, Q-tips, beard oil, more.



I actually think I have more space.

I think the Socket Shelf with this wide designactually might be a little bit better.

I’m a little bit surprised.

As-Seen-on-TVSocket Shelf comes out on top.

This one has I think the best shelf of them all.

Itseems have the most shelf space and the USB ports are in a convenient location Number 9 on my list, and the first offive kitchen devices in my top ten, is the Power Airfryer Oven 360 which I didway back in February.

It’s actually more of a small oven than an actual air fryerbut it does a great job of cooking small meals, of warming up items.

It has alot of uses.

There’s really a lot you can do with it and it passed pretty muchevery test that I threw at it, including make a steak in there.

So I think thisdevice deserves a spot in my Top 10 and here’s some scenes from the original video.

How about some toast? And I’m going to select toast.

Oh it’s toasted.

Alright let’s up our game a little bit here with some steak.

It is preheating.

Oh it’s right at the top there isn’t it? Right there a steak number one cut open.

I think it’s pretty good.

It includes a pro grade dehydratorso I want to try that out.

Alright these are done now.

I got the banana chips.

Came out pretty nice.

And even my pineapple, not too bad.

What do you guys think?There it goes.

It fits in there.

That’s just over four pound chicken.


Look at that.

We have rotisserie chicken in the works.

There we go.

About 45 minutes.

Like I said, the old one wouldn’t have been able to handlesomething this big.

It looks pretty good.

Alright this is how it looks.

I think itcame out pretty nicely.

it seems well cooked.

See what we got here.

I would say that after 5 hours the pulled pork came out perfect.

Oh you’re here well.

Since you’re here, this is number 8 on my list which isthe Beautyrest pillow that I compared to a more expensive memory foam back in October.

This has actually become one of my favorite pillows that I use every day/So here’s some scenes from my original comparison of Beautyrest and a moreexpensive memory foam pillow.

I’m comparing a $50 memory foam pillow fromBeautyrest and a $155 memory foam from Tempur-Pedic.

Let’s open the Beautyrest now.

Alright feels maybe a little bit softer.

Ventilated memory foam which supposedly keeps the hot air away from you.

Beautyrest feels much softer.

This feels pretty firm.

This feels pretty soft.

Here this is one large memory foam piece but it does appear to have a coating onone side.

Wow that’s pretty soft.

I did really like the way it felt though.

It’s actually one of the nicer pillows I’ve slept on, especially after only one use.

I like the Beautyrest better even though it’s only $50 and this was $155.

But side sleepers, that’s exactly where you want to be right there.

I just felt.



itfelt nice from the very first use and it still feels that way.

Number 7 on my list is the NinjaFoodie (Grill).

Now this is the newest item on the list.

I only did it very recently andit might rank higher if I had more time to play with it but it’s a really good device.

It works as an air fryer, as an indoor grill that has very little smoke, can be a dehydrator.

It has a lot of uses.

It’s very versatile.

I think that Ninjaknocked one out of the park with the Ninja Foodie Grill.

It’s a great item.

Here’ssome scenes from my original Ninja Foodi review.

We have the ceramic coatedgrill grate, the ceramic coated crisper basket, a ceramic coated cooking potwhich must be used at all times.

As you can see these are quite frozen.

These arenine ounce fillets.

I think we might be good.

Alright I think that came out pretty good.

Alright let’s open this up.

And there you go.

What do you guys think? I’ve got these which I just prepared.

Potato wedges.

Air Crisp, 390.

Here we go.

All right it has been 20 minutes.

Let’s check these out.

They’re pretty good.

And there it is.

What do you think? I think it’s pretty good.

Probably should letthese sit before tasting them.

There we go.

I think they came out pretty nice.

I’ve got one layer banana chips, lightly coated with lemon juice.

Alright see you in the morning Here we go.

Well I think it’s a dehydrated banana.

I think it cameout pretty much like I would expect.

I want to try a couple of small steaks.

These are a 4.

5 ounce and a 6.

5 ounce tenderloin.


Ooh look at this.

What do you guys think? I think it looks pretty good.

That was onlyseven minutes.

But I think that all their advertising claims about what thisdevice can do are accurate.

I’m actually quite happy with it and I’m gonnacontinue to use it Number six on my list is the RotatoExpress which is a hands-free potato peeler.

When I compared potato peelersback in August, this is the one that stood out to me.

Even though I’ve seen alittle bit gimmicky to me at first, I’ve actually found this to be faster andless messy than the regular way of peeling potatoes.

So the Rotato Expressdefinitely belongs on this list.

Here are some scenes from my original potatopeeler comparison.

All right we put the potato on the base.

And then we bring this down to hold it in place.

So far so good.

Yes, yes.

Gonna raise theblade up to its highest possible location.

And let’s just try it.

Whoa!Whoa! That’s what I’m talking about.

Now that was pretty cool, and effective.

Check this out.


Not only that but you get this cool peel.

Look at this.

The kids would have fun with this.

I bet you can have your kids enjoy peelingpotatoes with this thing.


Rotato Express.

No competition.

This was faster but look how smooth and uniform this one is.

Spiralizer byhand, not so much.

Number five on my list is the Power Smokeless Grill, which Ireviewed in January of 2019.

Now a couple months earlier I did one called the GothamSmokeless Grill which I was not very impressed with.

So I compared the two ofthose and I found the Power Smokeless Grill pretty much solved all theproblems that I found with the Gotham.

So to me, this one is an easy choice for mytop ten.

Here’s some scenes from that review.

Oh that’s a lot of stuff here, soI need to familiarize myself with these instructions.

We have got hamburgersizzle.

This one only has the drip tray.

This one’s got the secret weapon.


Got the fan.

Alright as these continue to cook, you’ll notice the smokeless grilldoes have a little bit of smoke coming off of it as the hamburgers get hotter.

This one with a lid on you can’t really tell.

Let’s lift it up and see what we got.

Looks like the fan is pulling most of the smoke in.

Let’s see the fan without the lid on.

See what happens Oh yeah.

The smoke disappeared.

Oh that sounds good.

Let’s see if I put this fan on.


Put the lid on, even more gone so no smoke.

Hey I got a little bit of brown.

But if I hadto choose one of these, I would definitely go with the Power SmokelessGrill because grilling inside, the smoke is significantly less and to me that’sthe reason people are buying this.

Number four on my list is the Shark Apex with Zero-M technology.

It’s been kind of a running joke in my family that my dogs havekilled every vacuum that I’ve used, but this year they met their match.

This is avery good pet hair vacuum that has withstood the onslaught of pet hair thatmy pets have thrown at it so I think it certainly deserves a place in the Top 10.

Check out some scenes from that review.

This is the Shark Apex Vacuumwith lift-away Zero-m technology.

Supposed to be a great pet hair vac.

This is a 30foot cord by the way, so ample cord space.

Again just to compare, there was a littlebit on the bristles here.

Significantly more on the IonFlex so it is definitelysomething that’s working for this vacuum.

This one I barely have to clean it.

This one I have to clean after every use.

And she’s gonna contribute a bunch of pethair for me.

Good girl.

Here we go with the Shark IonFlex.

Now the apex.



There’s a difference.

And I did clean these out.

These were completely clean.

I cleaned them out byhand before I started that test so that’s just that pile of hair picked up.

This is the motorized pet tool.

I can feel that grabbing on to the couch.

Look I’m mobile now.

So overall I think this is a very good product.

This is the Vantrue dash cam which Ireviewed in a comparison video comparing to three other dash cams earlier thisyear and I picked this one as my best one for that comparison and also one of my top products for the year.

It’s got two cameras front and back, only uses one SDcard.

Quality of both cameras is pretty good.

The quality of the audio is pretty good.

The audio you hear right now is from the dashcam itself.

I just think it’s asolid dash cam and one of my picks for the top three of 2019.

Here’s some clipsfor my original dash cam comparison.

Alright for mounting, the Vantrue isprobably the easiest.

It uses a suction cup which has held up quite well sinceI’ve been using it for over a week now.

And I can actually do it with one-hand.

Youjust press it against the window, slide the lever over, and that’s it.

And itstays pretty solid.

Let’s take a look at the daytime shots now.

First uplet’s look at the Vantrue.

Vantrue right now.

We’re gonna do the Vantrueaudio and video.

Right so this is the Vantrue audio.

How does my greenstriped shirt look on the rear camera? How does that look? All four of them together.

Which picture looks best? Which picture looks best to you guys? In the daytime.

Iknow the night time I had my favorites but the daytime let’s see how they look.

Now I’m gonna just compare the two rear cameras from the Vantrue and the M-16.

How do I look on these two? Put them side-by-side.

How do those two look together? See how it looks on a regular residential neighborhood.

Alright so in the end my pick for the best oneobviously is the Vantrue.

Now even though there is a slight blue tint tothe Vantrue, I don’t think it affects the clarity which is as good or betterthan the Garmin.

It’s the easiest to move once has been mounted.

It has the highestcapacity SD card.

I just think that this is the top pick.

Number two is not asingle item but a collection of them from Dreamfarm.

I first ran across themwhen I was doing pizza cutters and the Scizza was my pick for the best pizza cutter.

And then later on I did a collection of Dreamfarm items such asthe Clongs right here, and they’re really just utensils that the company has kindof slightly improved.

And their improvements all makes sense.

So I thinkDreamfarm definitely deserves a place high on the list for the best of thisyear.

Here’s some clips from my original pizza cutter comparison and myDreamfarm collection review.

Oh wow.

Whoa wait a second.

That cuts really good.

Whoa whoa! I’m shocked at how well that did.

Now you’re supposed to be able to serveslices as well so after you cut it.



Oh wow look at this.

I’m actually kind of a fan of this.

Press the garlic and then when you are done, you push it and thisis supposed to scrape off the excess and then this button allows you to eject the peel .

Oh it worked! And.




Next up we’re gonna look at theClongs which are the click lock sit-up tongs.

If you’ve got food that’s dripping, youcan place it like that and the food will drip back in there and your food willnot get on the counter and the germs on your counter will not get on your food.

Let’s try the Supoon.

The handle does keep it off there.

These are Levoons, whichstands for scrape level measuring spoons.

Each one of these has this littlelever that allows you to scrape it off and level it off perfectly.

That’s beautiful.

Look at that.

Perfectly level.

This is the BedJet, and my pick for thebest product that I reviewed in 2019.

This is the Version 3.

I reviewed theVersion 2.

There isn’t a huge difference between the two of them.

This one justseems to fit under the bed a little bit better.

What the BedJet is, it’s aclimate control for your bed.

It pulls air in, it pumps it up through this tubeinto your sheets.

Could be cool air in the summer, warm air in the winter.

The more I’ve used, it the more I like it.

I wasn’t going to do an item thisexpensive for my top pick of the year, but when I was going over the items I didthis year, I kept going back to which one do I use the most, which one do I enjoythe most.

This is the one.

So for me, the BedJet is the best of the year.

I thinkit will be hard for me to give up the BedJet at this point because I use itso much.

But here are some clips from my original BedJet review.

So far it’s looking pretty easy.

Let’s see what happens.


Oh, I feel it.

I feel it.

I am feelingair on my legs.

But I want to show you what happens when you don’t have ablanket on there, how the BedJet actually works.

And here it goes.

Again, you’re supposed to put a blanket on topto hold it against you but that’s exactly how the process works.

Now BedJet gives you this remote here which is certainly functional.

They giveyou an app which is even better.

You can see the fan is certainly working wellbecause it’s actually blowing this up like a balloon.

And I want to see how itcompares to when I’m using the cloud sheet from before versus a regular sheetnow.

Let’s try it.

I’ve gotten settled in.

I do feel thiskind of cool breeze coming up from the bottom.

It actually feels pretty good.

TheBedJet gets its air from the coolest part of the room which is gonna be onthe floor.

And you can actually set the temperature you want.

One side of the bedis 77.


It’s literally only been 15 or 20 seconds since I turned this on.

If cost is not a factor for you, it’s certainly something you might want to consider.

It is the ultimate luxury in sleeping accessories.

So there’s my Top 10.

But there’s a few extra items I really wanted to include in this videothat didn’t make the top 10 that should be mentioned, so let’s take a look at afew honorable mentions.

Now over the summer I did a few weird gadget videos, and in one of those videos there was this stapler, which is actually notreally a stapler because it doesn’t use staples.

It’s a staple-free stapler.

Eventhough it seemed a bit gimmicky at first, it’s actually something I use often.

I actually reach for this over a regular stapler now.

But here are somescenes from my original video.

The Plus Staple-Free Stapler.


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