hi I might win it entrepreneur investor self-made millionaire and now Amazon best-selling author in my new book how to come an Amazon best-selling author I’ll share with you my four simple step process to becoming an Amazon best seller if you’re a contramar that’s trying to establish Authority in your chosen field this is the perfect book for you but don’t just take my word for it check out some of my testimonials I’ve read the Bible this is better oh whoops have spines this is the only one with balls I can guarantee that the methods in this book work 100% of the time four steps 24 hours if you want to be an Amazon best-selling author click the link click the link and all do order yours today how to be a number one best-selling author the new best-selling book by Mike Wynn it everyone’s an Amazon bestseller these days and contra knows use it to establish your authority get speaking gigs and upsell you other products off the back of it so I wanted to see how easy it is to become one here’s what I did it needed a name so I picked a scummy sounding clickbait title the Contra nose guide how to get a number one Amazon bestseller I couldn’t be asked writing a proper book so it took the minimal Viable Product to the extreme and reduced it just four simple steps I made a cover for the book adding fake testimonials of a juice price sticker and the outlandish claim make millions as a best-selling author next I uploaded the book to Amazon direct publishing that meant at no upfront cost and would only have to pay Amazon a royalty when they printed and shipped someone’s order the trick here is to place your book in a really neat subcategory so you’re competing against pouring low selling shite books in the charts I went for business quality management i formatted the pages and hit the publish button amazeen told me I’d have to wait 7 to 2 hours while the book was manually checked and it met they’re very strict publishing guidelines surely they weren’t in our allowable book that contained 144 blank pages be uploaded to Amazon would they yep they did the book was live the very same day to get the best selling title you just need to be top of your sub category for one hour so I dropped the price of the Kindle version $2.

99 P and pushed it on social media I did this by creating a six-second advert and updating my LinkedIn header so what we do now is do the social media posts and update after headers on our emails and also on our social media so we can drive people to Kindle where you can now get a shite book basically for 19 MP I posted this advert to my 62, 000 loyal followers on LinkedIn this was going to be a piece of piss surely I needed some social proof so those who bought the book were asked to leave a five-star review and post a picture of themselves holding a copy on their social media in the time it took me to drive home from the office my blank book was trended at number one on the Amazon hot new releases page the front cover was being used as the icon for the entire business section a blank book on the front page of the Amazon business section what the you playing at Jeff over the next few hours it started to rocket of the proper business chart I was rubbing shoulders with entrepreneurs like Uncle grunts Richard Branson and JC Fox or with a book that took me less than one hour to write design and upload oh you didn’t think I’d forgotten you did you rob mr.

positivity himself Rob Moore gets a special shout out for hijacking my LinkedIn post so he could remind everyone that he’s got 12 screenshots of his own bestsellers all at the number one spot whoo twelve books well done Rob mister 12x what I’ve ever done to him anyway then it happens all my hard work had paid off we’d hit the number one spot in quality management I can now claim to be an Amazon best seller on all social media and start getting myself some paid for speaking gigs so what did it take to hit the number one spot did 62, 000 LinkedIn connections all rush out to buy a copy no tight bastards 49 copies sold that was it 49 copies of a 99p book that took less than one hour to write and publish was now an Amazon best-selling book that was it so there’s the four steps to becoming an Amazon best seller easy it’s even easier still if you actually buy the copies yourself like many contra preneur do so remember the next time you’ve got an expert trying to sell you something and boasting that they’re an Amazon best seller just remember if I can do it with a blank book within 24 hours it’s not really as impressive as it sounds

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