happy Covid everyone yeah right, no, this sucks.

well if there was a silver lining inthis covid excitement it’s that we had time to sit down and make an Amazonschool.

You may or may not know that our Amazon FBA business, Tripped Travel Gear, where we sell travel products exclusively on Amazon is how we are ableto fund our travels around the world.

We certainly did not start out this way.

Thebeginning of the travels that you have seen on our channel is when we made abudget we quit our jobs and did a ten month trip around the world but then weran out of money we had to come home and we got typical nine-to-five jobs againmoonlighting in this Amazon FBA business which we then started and grew while wewere living in the RV in 2018.

Our Amazon business now has grown so much and wehave talked a little bit about that previously in our “how to make money andtravel” series which I know a lot of you have seen if you haven’t I’ll link thatdown below where you can go check it out.

So we’ve shared that our Amazon businessis successful but what we really haven’t shared is how successful.

We’ve beenmanaging understanding all of it ourselves and deciding what or what notto share but we think it’s important to share that now, here in June of 2020, we’ve done over 2.

5 million in sales in our Amazon business and that seems soincredible that we want to share with you since we know that you’ve seen ourentire journey to get here and figuring out how to create this full-time life oftravel.

We were completely happy and had reached our goal of just being able towork and travel but now it is a little bit more of that that now we havepurchased a home in Florida that I am standing in right now that you will getto see on an upcoming series after India here of “Homecation”: our entireprocess of buying and purchasing this home.

But anyways, it’s all due to thesuccess of Amazon why I’m sharing that with you now and here it’s because sincewe’ve had all this extra free-time sitting around waiting because we can’t travelwe have completely created an entire Amazon school to teach you how to do it.

I wanted to release this video so that you guys know right now as our YouTubesubscribers that this school is available for presale right now I’mgonna take down this video from our Channel a week from today when theschool launches.

So right now what it is is we offer a series of four courses.

Thefirst one is free! Its Amazon “FBA 101” and you can go in you can explore and youcan just really learn what Amazon FBA is even if you don’t know hardly anythingabout it.

The title of the course is “is Amazon right for me?” so if you’ve beenthinking about how to create a location independent business or work online it’sall about teaching you how you can do that with Amazon! So that’s completelyfree and that would take about 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

Then our paid courses Amazon FBA 201 301 and 401 I’ll walk you through step bystep building an Amazon FBA business.

For the next week, when it’s in presale wehave not launched the courses yet so we are offering all of this to everyone onInstagram you know exactly who I’m talking about have you been following uson Instagram because we’ve been pushing so much content out there but I didn’tfeel like it was fair for just the instagramers since all of you are areyou know subscribers as well that you can get the courses right now for 50%off.

So you preorder it you can have excess to 201 starting on July 24thwhich is a week from today Wednesday okay so there it is there’s the big salethe big deal starting next Wednesday then on the 24th no one can get it for50% off then so that’s why you’re hearing about this now I’ve been postingsome things on our community tab so you can stay tuned there for moreinformation you can also click a link below in the video to get subscribed toour emails to hear more information there if you would like to and if youjust want to continue enjoying our free videos here on youtube we invite you todo so we’re excited that you’re here and hanging out with us if you’re notalready you should certainly be subscribed to our channel so you canclick on the link below and we will see you in future travel videos in our homekeishon renovate renovation series or in our amazon FBA school we’ll see you nexttime thanks.

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