Turn your goals and ideasinto actionable tasks, manage all your things by using a task management appcalled Things, or Things 3.

It’s really interesting.

Things 3 has been one ofthe go-to task managers on Apple platforms sinceits initial release in 2008 and for a good reason.

The team at Cultured Codeis known for the thought and care they put into their apps.

Things has been a shiningexample of quality iOS and Mac OS development.

Its biggest USP is the way it looks, an apps with visual design, in many ways a matter of preference, but as far as I’m concerned, you would be hard-pressed to find a better-lookingto-do app than Things.

The first time I openedit on my Mac and iPhone, I could not resist but to pause for a few moments to admire it.

Things 3 has ruined other apps for me and even more modern task managers, like todoist and To Do appearoutdated after using Things 3.

The only task manager I have come across that feels like it’sfrom the same design era is Microsoft’s successor to Wunderlist, called Microsoft To Do.

But today we are goingto talk about Things 3.

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So without further delay, let’s get to see Things3 application on my Mac.

Things 3 is available onMac, iPhone, Apple watch, as well as iPad.

The Cultured Code, whichis the name of the company, they are working on comingup with a web version.

The timelines are not known but I will keep you posted asany developments take place.

What you’re looking at, itis a very clean interface and the application of Things 3.

On the left-hand side are all the menus.

What you are seeing on the left-hand side is Inbox, Today, Upcoming, Anytime, Someday.

Now, this methodology has been taken, their entire menu itemson the left-hand side is based on the GettingThings Done methodology, which is commonly knownas the GTD methodology.

GTD, “Getting Things Done” isa very popular and famous book by David Allen who talksabout how every person should be getting their stuff done.

Anytime you have an idea, anytime you have a taskor something to do, just capture it anywherelike on a piece of paper, you just jot it down.

So anything, just put it in Inbox.

I’ll add a to-do.

There are three different ways.

I can go up, I say afile and say New To-Do, or use the hotkey, come on there, and I can start adding it out here.

Or on my Mac I can just hit spacebar.

So I’ve captured thesethree items quickly.

You see how quickly all theseitems could be captured.

Now, coming back to the GTD methodology, you can capture all theseitems all through the day.

You need to assign these tasksto various different dates, days, priority items, orto any specific person, or tag them for different priority levels.

Let’s say buy coffee.

I just open it, on thenotes I can say from Amazon.

You don’t have to select itagain, you just start typing.

I can say tomorrow, select, I can set up a deadline.

Now I have personally set up priorities as Priority one, two, three.

Priority one is the topmost priority.

So this, buying coffee, is notthe topmost priority to me, but I need to get it so I’ll say P2.

Press enter and you are all done.

One to-do was moved out of the inbox.

Why did it move from inbox? Because I’ve already set up a date.

So if I go to my upcoming, I’ll see buy coffee out here.

This was an earlier task what I created so I’m just going to delete it.

And this is the upcoming menu, just to give you a quickoverview for all the days and dates that’s what happens.

Now, let’s go back to Inbox.

So we just learned how tocreate a task in Things 3.

So easy, so simple, withsuch a great clean interface.

Now, let’s go back tothe menu within the inbox and see all these items here.

So these are my projectand so I have a personal, I have Nextgen Digital, whichis the name of the company where I create YouTube videos, and these are anothercompany I have, WishList.

It’s very simple, youjust hit this plus icon all the way down and click New Project and start adding tasks.

You see all my calendardetails are being mentioned out here for today’s date, which is really cool.

Things 3 has a great featurewhere this can be integrated with your Apple calendar, with your Google calendar, or whatever calendar you are using.

The best way to do this isto go all the way on the top, go to Things, Preferences, go to Calendar Events.

You need to also go to Things cloud and activate this Things cloud so that your entire personalaccount is getting activated.

Remember, we put somepriorities out here, P1, P2.

A quick feature over hereis you see my today’s list of things what I am planning to do.

And this is selected with All.

If you hit on P1, I see all the P1s, which is my top priorities, and I would like to focusjust on these things.

I could go over here and create a project, I did talk about that, and start creating tasks.

But you can also create an area.

You can have one area, Create YouTube Videos, and the reason why this is important is it is more of like aproject management tool, and it has differentphases within the area or within the project.

If I go here, so if you go on the left-handside, you can toggle it.

Once you open it I have aproject video on Things 3, and what you see out here is a heading.

You can say prep, plan, and then the third you can say execute.

I’ll do the spacebarand start adding tasks.

This is my prep thing, I can bring it out here.

This becomes the prep thing.

So you see how organized it is, so within Create YouTube Videos area, you can have multiple projects out here.

Next one is my favoritefeature on Things 3.

Please make a note of this, you will love this feature if you start using Things 3.

When I’m working on my laptop, I’m going to differentwebsites and different emails, and doing some research work, and while I’m over there, Isay, hey, let me save this link on Things 3 and put a deadline over there, put a date out there and prioritize it.

Now one option is to swapaway from this website and go to Things 3 using mykeyboard Control + Space.

I can say check out thisapp called Things 3.

Just hit Save withoutany dates and everything, and I’ll process it later.

The second option is much neater, Control + Optional + Space.

Things 3 picked up thelink and put it over here, and now you can hit Save.

This way, when you go toThings 3, go to Inbox, you have the link out hereand you can just click on it and start working on it.

There are various usecases regarding this.

Some of the importantemails, whether it is Gmail or if you are using the Sparkemail client or Outlook, every time you open it, justControl + Option + Space and then Save that in your to-do.

So easy, so simple, sucha neat thing to work on.

If you go all the way on the right and you see this file kind of thing, open this and you willhave another one open.

But if you go on the top-right corner, you can open another window, go on the top and say Upcoming.

Two different windows open for you of Things 3, side by side.

You can always keep moving and keep scheduling yourdifferent items out there.

And let’s say check outthis app called things 3, I want to do on Thursday.

I can just go and bring it all out here, so it’s as easy as that.

So the last thing I wantedto talk about is the pricing.

They are expensive and that makes sense because the kind of app theyhave created, no one has this.

The iOS app on your iPhone cost $9.


The app on Mac is 49.


Most of the apps whichare geared in this space or in this in the productivity industry, they have a recurring pricing.

Someone will be asking for $4 a month.

They are not expensiveat the outset of it, but this one is expensive.

I’m not sponsored by Things 3or Cultured Code organization, I just use this because I’mreally passionate about it and I love it.

So thank you so much.

I hope you enjoyed the content out here, and feel free to ask me any questions or put your comments in the below section if you are stuck anywhere, if you are planning to use Things 3.

Thank you so much.

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