In the world of IPTV, Mirra Cellular Broadband has made a strategic move by integrating its services with the leading IPTV service provider iPTViable. IPTV is the upcoming convergence point for all IPTV operators worldwide. IPTV Namibia works on the basis of a digital network that is accessed by compatible devices via IPTV subscriptions or downloads. The term “IPTV” is an acronym for IP-over-TDM, a type of digital video protocol that can be decoded by compatible IPTV receivers and transmitters. The technology behind IPTV has been developed by various companies to offer high-quality IPTV services that incorporate a digital subscriber line (DVR) and an analog broadcast receiver.


iPTViable has teamed up with Mirra Cellular Broadband to provide mobile IPTV services to its mobile users. Through the IPTV gateway, a mobile user with an IPTV-enabled device can access limitless IPTV channels through the Mirra software application. This is an exciting addition as it will enable mobile IPTV services in hundreds of countries across the world. With this service, users get IPTV services with a powerful and scalable hardware device – the IPTV player.

Mirra’s goal is to deliver the most complete line-up of premium IPTV channels and services to its customers. Through its four IPTV gateway gateways – IPTV Vanilla, IPTV Silver, IPTV Gold, and Platinum, any IPTV consumer will get access to more than 10000 international television channels, pay-per-view channels, broadband channels, home entertainment options, and on-demand movies and events. Through its bundled bundle of features, consumers can now get the most out of their subscription. The best premium IPTV service provider in the world today is IPTV.

The company is now providing the most complete IPTV service portfolio. At the current time, they offer three different kinds of bundled IPTV services. They are IPTV NAMIBIA, the standard into service and the ultimate in digital video technology – the platinum into service. Both the standard IPTV and the platinum it is feature-packed and offer the best value for money. When you subscribe to the standard into service, you get access to sixty channels and features like record live TV, play videos and music, filter, schedule and save shows, connect to the internet, favorite shows, and other functions.

For the ultimate in high definition digital television, the company offers the IPTV NAMIBIA premium IPTV service. With this package, you will get access to nearly ten thousand channels. These channels are exclusively available through its subscription service. You will also get to enjoy on-demand movies and television shows, pay-per-view movies and TV shows, special IPTV network events, and a lot more. If you want to expand your viewing limit, you can get additional channels through the so-called add-on packs.

As Amazon fires or has a very strong marketing strategy in place, it is quite hard to find the company’s IPTV Amazon box in the market. It is still quite popular though, as people are still looking for ways to watch full movie collections via IPTV. You should be able to find an affordable Amazon fire tv subscription from the Amazon marketplace if you search for it.

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