so I spent a lot of time looking at the high-profile expensive smartphones that are out there you know you get the iPhone pen you got the galaxy stuff in my pocket right now is the pixel to excel a significant investment to purchase any one of those in reality not everyone has the capability at least not immediately go out and buy one of those in many cases when I end up looking at affordable phones here oftentimes the radio is built into those international devices might not work so well here domestically in North America I wanted to seek out the most inexpensive smartphone on all of Amazon now I had a couple of rules it couldn’t be used it couldn’t be from a third-party seller pick up all and that was available via Amazon Prime it had to have LTE which this one does here it had to be a smart phone and presumably it would be running Android as this one is I paid $49.

99 for this one it’s the Alcatel OneTouch ideal judging from the appearance here on the box it’s got some old-school Android on their functional I’m sure but some old-school Android flipping it over to the side 4.

5 inch 854 by 480 resolution 4g LTE capable as I said five megapixel rear camera 2 megapixel front camera 1.

1 gigahertz quad-core processor Android version is 5.

1 we’re taking a few steps back in time there this is the important part the various bands which are supported for both WCDMA and GSM 850 900 1800 1900 most people in North America can pop any SIM card into this thing and it’s gonna work and it’s 49 jump inside and see what we’re working with at this price point stop thinking about all those pretty phones that cost 10 times more than this one we get the device first no battery removable battery they have so if it’ll mock up on the front so you can see what it is going to look like a micro SD card slot a little bit of versatility also a headphone jack a couple of features that your flagship might not have how about that micro USB on the bottom no need for symmetry at all they just where do we need to put it we’ll put it off to the side nope no quick charge I’m guessing battery is here and it is a 1780 milliamp hour is this even on Amazon here’s the backplate so it is AT&T branded what’s the rating on Amazon is like three and a half stars yeah three and a half stars I think some people need to adjust their expectations at the price point that’s my feeling let’s be realistic it’s all very straightforward and there we go to boot it up no one was cool dip bezel city big bezel on there once upon a time this was no big deal kind of reminds me of the new pixel non Excel I might have been below the belt and write very large capacitive buttons popular amongst the older generation consider me Miles Davis no glass back no wireless charging battery out of the box oh my goodness this screen is so dim not the quickest so far on the keyboard look at the difference here also I’m trying to connect to Wi-Fi and they’re telling me you can take up to two minutes well wait what I can tell them tip at the exact same angle the $50 phone has completely vanished please tell me we have some more brightness to what we have lots of brightness to work with that got better guys same comparison I mean it’s not OLED 49 I got to keep reminding you 49 I paid 49 for this let me defend this a little bit we’ve got some bloatware my AT&T Direct TV is on their drive mode it’s not quick all right time to check out the camera little nerve this year some shutter lag there as well the photo is terrible I mean there’s like no dynamic range either lit or it’s completely gone the selfie situation equally horrendous I’m guessing there’s like no skin tone there it’s just a zombie mode loo but a couple of beard hairs there’s a zoom but there’s no tap to focus by default I mean that’s just that’s not a good picture let’s test the speaker could be good could be a disaster the latest unbox therapy this is a Facebook ad just come use Facebook like have you heard of it yet have you heard of Facebook yet guys that’s full brightness 480p baby volume this is the situation where it’s it’s firing for the back and you can cover it by accident what do you think Jack can you see the speaker doesn’t sound terrible it’s not loud he’s not the best experience you could watch YouTube you could live sheesh um what can I say what was the model name the OneTouch ideal I mean I know why this phone exists for people who just need a smartphone they just need to get in the game and for those people this might be fine I mean it does the things you need a smartphone to do Lou where is the sweet spot we don’t want to have a $49 phone if we don’t have to but maybe we’re also not in the market for seven eight nine hundred or even 500 at the low-end I think what you start to see you do find a point at which major improvements take place on Amazon in North America it’s definitely not 49 it’s probably somewhere closer to a hundred and there are some phones that make drastic improvements on this one I’m gonna say avoid this one maybe as a burner phone a backup phone no hate on this device though man to deliver something like that for 49 Jack can barely buy lunch for 49 she would this guy’s lunch looks like disgusting today’s episode of unbox the 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