I am so excited toshare these with you guys, because not only are they cheap but they’re also from Amazon, which is one of myfavorite places to shop.

So get ready.

What is up, guys? And welcome back to my channel.

And I’m back at you withanother legging video.

And not just leggings, but Amazon leggings, which are some of my favorite leggings, just because they’re so easy to order, they’re so cheap.

All these, I’m reviewing three today, they’re all in the rangeof, like, $18 to $25.

And they’re meant to be dupes of the Lululemon Align leggings.

Which, I’m sure you’ve seen them, but they’re those, like, high-waisted leggings with, like, no band at the top.

Basically, like super, super flattering.

So we’re gonna test all these out today and see how they compare.

So the first leggings arethese CRZ YOGA leggings.

And they’re described alike, a naked feeling.

And the first thing I wannasay is about the fabric.

So these are a slicker material, but they don’t feel like a compression, they very lightweight.

So I feel like these are gonna be the closest to the Lululemon ones.

Even though they don’t have that, like, you know, brushed feeling.

But they do have a very simple logo.

It just kinda honestly lookslike the Lululemon logo.

And if you can see thefabric is slightly shiny, but it’s also super thin.

So these are $24.

99 with Prime, of course.

And they come in a bunchof different colors, but they’re most, like, dark colors.

So color range is slightlyless than we would want.

And they’re 71% polyamide and 29% spandex.

I don’t know what polyamide is, but.

CRZ YOGA, they havesize extra extra small, which is like a 00, to extra large, so that’s the largest range I’ve seen on these cheaper leggings.

So shout out to CRZ YOGA for being inclusive onthe sizing, honestly.

I also got size smallin all these leggings, just because that’s what I normally am and whenever someonetells me they run small and I get a medium, theyend up, like, being too big, so I come for small.

All of the leggings todaydon’t have that top band, so they’re very stretchy at the top and aren’t gonna like, cut into your waist which can sometimes be unflattering.

These also have a double band, so it’s not the same, quitethe same as Lululemon.

They also have the extended gusset crotch.

So let’s try these on see what we think.

So these are the CRZ YOGA leggings and I just have to say, just putting these on felt so nice.

They’re like, very thin and like, conform to your body.

I think I like these even more than the Colorfulkoala leggings, which you guys know I love.

But as you can see, the material, it’s not gathering in any unusual spaces, cameltoe, I mean, I don’treally think there is any.

They’re just so smooth.

It’s very thin so you can kind of seethe outline of the pocket, but you can with the Lululemon as well.

And I just think these are such a nice, like, slick materialwithout the compression.

You know, squat-proof, that looks pretty squat-proof to me, so we can say squat-proof.

So very thin material, but not sheer.

And also they’re about a 7/8ths length on me, I am tall.

And you can see theextended gusset crotch, the logo falls on a nice place, the seams fall about right above the butt.

And again, it is that double seam.

So I would give these, like, let’s see, I would give these, like, an eight out of 10.

I’m really liking them.

Actually, you know, maybe even more.

I really don’t have anycomplaints about these.

I just, I love when leggingsjust conform to your body and just feel like you’renot wearing anything and these literally feel like that.

So I would say these are almost a perfect dupe for the Aligns, except for the material is slick instead of that like, brushed feeling, but they’re conforming to my body in just the same ways and the waist falls justright above my belly button.

Again, no seam.

So, yeah, I am really loving these.

The next pair are the Lohas.

Yoga leggings.

They are described as tummycontrol, high-waisted, they also have the same littlepocket that the Aligns have, so it’s like an inner waistband pocket.

Again, no top seam, and these have a very similar single seam, like the Lululemon Aligns, and again, the gusset crotch.

But this material kindafeels like the classic, like, Lululemon Wunder Under material.

So, and it’s definitely a lot, like, thicker and sturdier, so these are definitely aheavier pair of leggings than the, like, C, what arethey called, the CRZ YOGAs.

The material I feel like isnot quite what you’d want if you are looking foran exact Align dupe, just because these dofeel a little thicker.

But yeah, anyway, theseare $22.

99 with Prime and they come in this color, they come in a little reddish pink, a midnight blue and a, kind of like a dark lilac.

So good color range and theseare nylon spandex material.

The Lohas.

Yoga have sizeextra small to extra large.

These are also 7/8ths length, so, you know, good for short people, or I’m tall and I kind oflike the 7/8ths length, so a totally personal preference.

One drawback of all these leggings videos is that I just get reallyhot when trying them all on.

But anyways, I’m wearingthe Lohas.

Yoga right now and I’m liking them alot more than I thought.

The material is definitelythicker than the last one and it’s that, like, cottony no-shine material.

There’s no cotton in it, but it just feels more cottony to me.

Cameltoe, let’s see, not really.

I don’t really find an issue.

Since these aren’t seamless we don’t usually get a lot of cameltoe.

Squat proof? These are almost a full length on me.

So if you’re a little shorter these will be full length.

But if you are taller they’reprobably more of, like, a basically a 7/8ths.

They have the same innerdouble gusset crotch, or extended gusset crotch.

These have no seam.

So if you don’t like, sorry, these have no logo.

So if you don’t like logos then these are great.

But I actually, these, they felt, they felt a little more stiffwhen I was holding them up.

But when I’m trying them on they’re actually really stretchy and, I don’t know, theyfeel like the old-school Lululemon Wunder Under fabric, but in the Align shape and almost a little softer.

Not softer than Aligns, but softer than the original Lulu ones.

So I think that’s allI have to say on these.

They’re slightly lower rise, it goes about to my belly button, but I’m okay with that.

But, I don’t know, I really love these, also love the color.

Okay, the last ones areprobably like, a nine out of 10, so these would be like, an eight.

The final pair are theseRaoRanDang women’s yoga pants with pocket power flextummy control capris.

Okay, you know, didn’t look like a capri.

I think these are alsolike, a 7/8ths length even though it says capri.

You can’t trust, like, some of these companies, what they say.

These are the cheapest, they’re $18.

99 and they have this color, which is like, a wine color, they have black, the samekind of blue as the last pair, army green, whatever, a lilac gray, purple, royalblue, and regular gray.

So these are the, definitelyhave the biggest color range.

They almost look andfeel exactly like the, the Lohas.

Yoga ones, but they also have this, it’s the same inner pocket.

The only difference isthey do have a little logo, says the RaoRanDang, or whatever it is.

Again, very similar back seams, no top seam, extended gusset crotch.

These just feel very, very similar, like, Lohas.

Yoga are a little softer, almost a little more likethe actual Lululemon ones, but they’re about the same weight, so I feel like they’re bothgoing to be pretty thick.

Again, these are a nylon spandex.

These are, they’re almost exactly the, okay, what? Our leggings are made with 87% nylon and 29% spandex.

If you ask me that justdoesn’t add up to 100, so that’s interesting.

But yeah, I don’t really know how to, what to trust with that.

But okay.

Size range is also extrasmall to extra large, so that’s pretty good.

So lets see how these are on.

So already these are my least favorite.

I just really kindastruggled to get them on.

I don’t know if they’re like, they run too small.

But I did mention that, oh my god, I’m literally outof breath from trying these on.

I did mention that theyfelt a little stiffer and they definitely are, they just, they don’t feel quite as, like, they’re not huggingme in all the right places.

They’re not, they’re just not sliding onto my body effortlessly.

And they don’t feel lightweight, like, I feel constricted if anything.

Like, it just feels tight.

And when I have a pair of leggings, I’m also a dancer, so I likethem to be very flexible so I can like, stretch withthem and not feel constrained, and I’m feeling kindaconstrained in these.

Um, yeah, also these arethe only ones with the logo.

I don’t love this logo.

I don’t know, it justkinda says their name.

Again, it goes aboutup to the belly button, has the same little inner pocket, same gusset crotch.

It’s the cottony material, but it’s almost got the shininess because I just feel like they’re so stiff.

Um, I don’t know, in terms of cameltoe, we don’t really have any there.

Squat proof? These are about the same length, just above the ankle onme, like, a tall person.

Um, yeah, I just, these are just not, not, I’m gonna, I thinkthese are gonna be returned, they’re just.

Yeah, unfortunatelythese are the cheapest, but the other ones aren’tvery much more expensive so I don’t feel as bad.

A recap of the CRZ YOGAs, they have a very full size range, color range is a little meh, but if you just like, youknow, dark, neutral colors, then it’s perfect for you.

They feel, they form toyour body incredibly well, they feel so smooth.

And they fit, they hit me ina perfect point on my waist and the waistband is super flattering.

And I just, these just feellike you’re wearing nothing and they stretch any wayyour body wants to stretch.

So I, I think I changed this to like, well, these are my firstfavorite in this video, except for the color range, I do like colorful leggings.

But these are so nice.

Now for the Lohas.

Yoga leggings, I actually didn’t thinkthese would be that great ’cause I don’t think theygot incredible reviews.

Actually, they got pretty good reviews.

But these are just, they feel, they almost feel like the Lulu fabric.

Maybe a little, definitelya little thicker, but they’re not thicker ina way that constrains you.

I feel they feel almost asformfitting as the CRZ YOGAs, but just a little bitof a thicker material, perhaps better for, you know, winter, AKA, like, almost now.

And I felt like these really let me stretch any way I wanted.

I got them on very easily and didn’t feel like I wasstruggling to pull them up.

I really liked these.

These are definitely my second favorite, if not tied for favorite.

Finally, the RaoRanDang, these actually got like, 4 1/2 stars on Amazon.

I, they just felt alittle constricting on me.

I really struggled to get them on and when I did I just felt like I didn’t have my full range of motion which is something I lookfor in a workout pant.

I like to be able tomove as much as I want to ’cause you know, you are trying to move when you’re working out, hopefully.

They have the same waistband, so the waistband is flattering.

But basically they’re exactlythe same as the Lohas.

Yoga, but the Lohas.

Yoga are a lot more formfitting and flexible.

So you can move a lot more in these and these just feel more constricting.

Perhaps these might bea size too small for me.

I might feel different things if I tried on a medium instead of a small.

So you might be ableto get away with these being a little more flexible if you went with a size up.

So I’d say the first twoare definitely true to size and this one does run a little small.

But I feel like these are just, even if you got a bigger size, they’re just not quite as stretchy.

They just feel a little more constricting.

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