♪ Hillbilly Matthias ♪ ♪ Hillbilly Mathias ♪ ♪ When he’s thirsty and he doesn’t have ♪ ♪ any water, he will drink his own ♪ ♪ water ♪ ♪ [Intro Music] ♪ What’s going on guys! Welcome to [Voiceover correction] nine strange items that Bryan found on Amazon That’s right Bryan went on Amazon and he went to find the strangest things he could find so that he could show me and you guys could get my real reaction looking at some of these strange items.

So, I’m super stoked because that means I’m gonna tell you guys whether you should buy it or d.


– pass (laugh)I was gonna say deny it.

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*struggling* Lots- Lost- Lobster claws (chuckles) Accouterments giant lobster claws.

Currently unavailable These 14 and a half long latex claws slip on over your hands like gloves and instantly make you more lobster-y.

Accouterments, this company right here.

This company right here they make, I see them pass by my desk all day every day and all these amazon videos.

How are they a business when they make products that are just like no one would want them, they’re all just gags.

[Bryan-Off screen] Currently unavailable, bro, they’re selling out Either that or like no one bought them so they just threw them all away.

Look at this 62 customer reviews.

Four and a half stars! That’s incredible.

I’m gonna have to look at some of these reviews.

‘The night breeze is cool on my boney armor.

‘ Ew what? ‘I prowl the neighborhood by night.



Lobster Man! Evil flees in the face of my mighty pincers the streets are safe.

The night breeze is cool on my boney armor.

I sleep in a tide pool by day protected by vigilant triggerfish.

‘ I don’t like this review I’m moving on.

‘Day 245 the lobsters still do not know that I’m human.

They’re beginning to accept me into their society entries are difficult to make with these giant lobster claws on my hand’ He’s trying to write diary entry with lobster claws on his hands, that’s what he’s doing.

What a weirdo.

‘ I always yearned for a way to be closer to my pet lobsters.

They would always scurry away from my freakish human hands.

‘ (chuckles)Freakish human hands? ‘I stumbled upon this product by accident and was a bit skeptical at first but purchased them anyways.

I cannot fully describe how amazing these lobster claws are.

‘ Man, these people are weird, dude.

I can’t wait to be one of them.

Add to .



? MMMagic! [twinkle] [Foot steps, package hitting door, door opening, package tape being pierced] Boom! I knew I had that magic, that sweet, sweet magic to make [Bleep] unavailable product anyways.

I said ship.

[Bryan] It didn’t sound like you said ship.

Really? Haha, I said ship people, ship.

The other word doesn’t work in that context.

[Bryan] In that sentence it would.

Actually it works.

(laughs) Don’t be pervs! [Joyous yelp] [music] [Singing] Pervert Lobster man! Giant Lobster claws.

Archie McPheeeeee That’s dope dude.

Nice name.

McPhee! Hello McPheeee.

*voice falls flat* I meant to squeak my voice but it didn’t work.

(chuckles) *item pops* aghh What am I supposed to get out of this? Ew, they’re all dusty and weird inside.

Okay Bryan come here, [Bryan] What? We have to see what kind of uses these have.


[Bryan] No, don’t pick my nose with it Stop, Bryan.

[Bryan] I can’t, Ican’t just sit here let you stick a claw in my nose! Okay, I’ll put it in your ear.

[Bryan, laughing] Stop it! Bryan, Bryan trust the claw.

[Bryan] I can’t trust the claw.

Trust the claw.

C’mon dude! I have to know if this is a good nose picker! [Bryan] See it works.

[Bryan] Stop! Ow.

What did? I didn’t do anything to your neck.

[Bryan] No, I jolted like Eww, dude my hands have stuff all over them Eugh! Gross! That is a trash it.

I don’t like creepy crawlies.

That’s not a creepy crawlies.

But you know what I mean ‘Hillbilly guy costume’, should’ve known dude.

I should’ve known there was a costume coming.

T-shirt, tee t-shirt, costume TT shirt what’s a tee t-shirt Bryan? [Bryan] Stop it! You inappropriate restricted youtuber.

Ew, gross do you think it’ll actually look like I’m wearing overalls.

I dont know.

I’m kind of curious they’ll pick your size from the drop-down menu “size extra large” No drop down menu literally cannot do that great gift ideas satisfaction guaranteed.

Oh sweet their guaranteed my satisfaction with the product or just with anything? What if i want my guaren- my satisfaction guaranteed with my new car can he do that too? *sound effect booing* That’s a boring joke [Bryan] Booo ‘I bought this to wear to the coca-cola 600.


‘ What? [Bryan] It’s a funny review.

He bought this to take to a NASCAR.



You just started laughing before it was funny.

(laughs) what? ‘I bought this to wear to the coca-cola 600 race last weekend it was a hot day but I was pretty comfortable the t-shirt, it is made of polyester but not a problem.

I wore jeans that were very close in color to the overalls and got a lot of stares and a lot of compliments.

It was only when people realized it was a t-shirt it’s hard to tell unless you’re close up, they were really impressed.

‘ It’s really easy to impress people that are going to those NASCAR events evidently.

[Bryan] Ooo, that a huge community you’re about to shake up right now.

Guys give this video like if I ever get you shook.

If you’re ever like *grunt* ‘Matthias got me angry!’ *Sassy accent* ‘Cute designer and idea, love the laughs! Material is a little different, not your regular t-shirt cotton.

Time to find out in reality.

Magic! Oh! Oh.

Oh? It- oh I was feeling the tag I was like ‘feels like paper!’ it’s does feel weird.

It’s one of those t-shirts that’s been printed on.

So it’s like all, all over prints the thing that I don’t like is the stains in the back.

That’s just gross [Bryan] you can see the tattoos Oh gosh there’s tattoos? Oh yeah there are tattoos.

[Rockabilly music] Howdy y’all.

I’m Hillbilly Matthias.

I’m Matthias-billy The hill Matthias.


[Bryan] Matthillbilly? Matthillbilly! Matthillbilly! Matthillbilly dude! I’m Matthillbilly.

Okay guys, well.

I guess I’d have to rate this product a cash it! ‘Look our way air dancer tube man fly guy puppet complete set 20 feet.

‘ 20 feet oh my gosh dude.

That’s just like the difference between these two he’s like ‘hey what’s up guys what’s sup.

heeeey I’m ready to party Heeeeey Oh what sup whats sup.

heeeey! [Bryan] First time it was funny.

Second time it was- hey hey! okay that’s cool that’s cool so it comes with this comes with one air dancer attached wow dude wow that’s cool 269 dollars! [Bryan] 20 feet tall.

20 feet, dang you’re right.

That’s like as tall as our building oh dang 20 feet oh wow no [Bryan] The team in space is about a 25 ft ceiling? Tripping, no it’s not it cannot be.

‘I like this thing got is as a gift today it is very noisy and the fan has three speeds but when you change the speed you cannot hear the difference the motor is really noisy I mean you’d think.

[Bryan] Why would it have to be really noisy? (imitates fan) for air.

What did you just do? [Bryan] Blower.

Bry-bryan (cut off by laughing) [Bryan] I knew that was going to come back and bite me in the butt as soon a- Bryan was literally like why does it have to be noisy? *imitates sound* ughhhhh for air.

That’s literally what he just did to me.

‘ooohhuh for air’ What the heck are you talking about dude are you out of it? [Bryan] I’m into it right now.

This coffe got me hyper focused.

Nah you out of it.


coffee’s like messing with your brain waves dude.

All right guys do you guys want to see this in a future video? ‘because we didn’t buy it for the fact that it’s 269 dollars.

For the more expensive products we want to know that you guys are interested we want to know that you guys are interested in the way we gauge that is by clicking that like button, right? And that will let us know that you’re interested in seeing us goof around with this thing.

Let’s see if it actually is as big as the Team Edge space.

we’ll let’s see if it fits in the Team Edge space *imitates fan sound* so this products on layaway.

Island dog belt buckle flask, five ounce in size attached screw top great gift item knobs and flat I don’t want to even give people the wrong impression when I try to drink out of this thing.

‘bought it as a gag gift for ‘end of year stay up all night and ship’ for work people loved it actually fill it up to and it didn’t leak little awkward to actually wear and if you have a belly don’t try it I would be hard for us to find someone that has a belt buckle flash that doesn’t have a belly visceral fat people alcohol gives you visceral fat just the way it is it makes you have a belly I feel cooler owning this it was super cheap and works really well also helps cut down the on the bar tab just guys just going to the bar but like drinking out of his belt buckle fun product but the lid could have a plastic washer around the cap to keep the bar across the top from rattling other than sounding like I’m wearing a Spurs every time I take a step this flask lives up to expectations you know I can understand it if you’re taking a camping trip you want a little sip sip it you know saying with your friends right but like a belt buckle flask eughh *sounds of disgust* [Bryan] It’s a novel- It’s a gag gift.

is it a gag gift though some people are like legit asking how many ounces does it hold 3 ounces okay good that’s what I need to know that’s what it takes to make my my Chookey mama, it’s a sweet drink that’s a sweet drink *alarm sounds* it’s time for my chookey mama.

[Bryan] Wow, that’s impressive.

*crushes bottle* Erughhh! *exhale* Ah Chookey Mama.

Alright, well, let’s do it dude.

Add to cart to [Bryan] Chookie Mama! Chookie Mama! Belt buckle flask.

Wow, that’s tiny.

A lo- Oh look.

So here’s what’s up, people are gonna get the wrong impression for real.

You see what I’m saying, oh no you /can/ take it out.

oh thank goodness so you can take it out but still leave your belt on whoo thank goodness dude *struggles* ughh I mean its a flask guys okay so for this, I don’t know dude.

I’m gonna say *fart noise x2* Squeeze Slime Pig.

What? Sold individually Oh good to know, in case I want to buy more than one.

Why would anyone want to buy even one in the first place ? Ah, ohh, uhhh just cringed I just cringed You saw it, everyone saw it, Bryan you saw it.

You’ve seen me cringe dude.

You’ve seen me cringe.

*autotune* ♫ You saw it, everyone saw it, Bryan you saw it.

You’ve seen me cringe dude.

♫ This is really gross this is just like why though I just I need to know why oh so gross and so much fun this funny little squeeze slime pig has slime inside so that when you squeeze this slime oozes out of his nose squeeze again and the slime is sucked back up the nose slime comes in a separate little bag so your squeeze slime pig wont arrive messy I hate it.

‘Read the description closer it is small.

I thought it would be bigger for the $6 price tag.

It’s the size of 25 cent happy meal toy’ Happy meal toy? You remember that? You guys remember happy meals? Maybe you guys are still eating Happy meals.

I don’t judge.

‘They type of thing you get for 10 tickets at Chuck E Cheese.

Oh well it would probably cost me more to return’ who’s writing this review it’s surprisingly in depth yet, they’re talking about all these kids things ‘ *angrily* I would rather go to Chuck E.


It sucks just like it’s supposed to it’s gross but I love it I mean who wouldn’t love a pig that sucks off its own snotty goop life is happy with this pig around Slime is so watery that it just runs out of the pig leaving a sticky mess.

Pig cannot suck it back in it was a good idea but lacking in execution Alright we’re going to have to see how much this pig does suck.

Add to cart.

[Bryan] Oink Oink! Oink Oink! Look at this, okay.

This is definitely weird.

Ugh just why though.

I just don’t understand like, wha- what.


who are you? What is your life like, what is your life like? When you wake up and you’re like ‘Y’know today I’ll make a pig.

A whole squishy pig.

That sucks up its own snot that’s what i’ma do.

That’s what I’m gonna do with my life.

I’m gonna get famous doing it too!’ *in disgust* Oh dude what the heck is this? Oh ew, it feels wet outside of the bag.

Here’s what it says to do, it says to get this little puppy squeeze him out.

Oh this is going- to wait this is going to stain you guys can’t even see the vibrance of this pink right now it’s like way even more vibrant in real life than it is.

Ugh some stayed in there.

Here we go.

I’m afraid to touch it I don’t want to touch it.

*sounds of digust* Uhh can I just show you what this looks like up close oh ohhhh why dude? [Bryan] Ugh the sounds it makes! [Bryan] Hey you’re the hillbilly with the pig! Oink Oink *Toy makes various squeaks squak and fart like noises* Heh heh heh! Hillbilly, hill.


billi, Matthilli bill- What was it? Matthill billy? [Bryan] Matthill billy Matthill billy.

I don’t like this dude.

It’s a no no dude.

Yuck Yuck Yuck.

Y’all on Twitter? Go follow HillThias.


And vote which one do you think I should be called as a hillbilly Matthias.

Is it Matthia-billy.

Or Hillthias.

I’ll tweet out a poll and you go vote on my Twitter okay here’s my handle goooo check it out! Who am I? I need to know.

I need to know.

LED hat ultra bright lights unisex baseball caps Do they really need to put unisex? maybe because people men and women have different headsizes and not necessarily a fashion only for men Angling? The heck is angling? [Amazon Alexa] Angling: the sport or pastime of fishing with a rod and line.

Just say fishing, you pervs.

I-I-I actually don’t mind that it’s kind of cool unless it has like big bulky things somewhere in the hat.

y’know what I mean and that’s where I’m kind of apprehensive about buying it.

‘Light up brim lighting methods blah blah blah easy on-off switch concealed in the brim.

‘ I’m just afraid there’s going to be this big bulky bulky-like battery pack You know what I’m saying.

What fun this hat is, use it for Halloween at a trunk or treat What is a trunk or treat- oh that’s where you do trick or treats and trunks in the parking lot.

That a hillbilly style right there I’ll tell you right there I ain’t walking around everyone’s house.

What I’m doing is looking in their trunk and being like ‘what is that? dead body in there? Can I take that in my bucket?’ ‘Stayed on all night with no headaches or any other issues it’s actually comfortable not sure what else I would use it for maybe I’ll used to read in bed.

‘ Why not just turn the lights on.

‘I wouldn’t even give this this one star if it was possible purchased for a dance fitness event and got the blue the light was choppy and you could barely even see it in my bathrooms that is no windows in the door was shut so beyond disappointed that.

‘ What? That what? So beyond disappointed that.



‘Great hat LED light points forward but minimal glare didn’t want to lose kid at night.

‘ That makes me feel uncomfortable.

Add to cart Oh that is flat what happened to this hat dude just got flattened in shipping ‘New made in China’ I don’t know when they put new in there it makes me hesitant that it’s actually new.

[Bryan] It’s new.

It should be assumed that products are new it’s like already threads coming loose and stuff like that, although I do like the fact that there’s no battery- oh wait it is it is there’s like a little chunky thing right here Oh what that’s pretty light [Music] [Bryan, laughing] You look like such a doofus! [Bryan] What is the definition of a doofus? It’s actually derogatory.

[Bryan] is it really? Yeah, so you probably shouldn’t say that.

[Bryan] oh okay.


Got him! [Bryan] Ohh.

[Amazon Alexa] Doofus: A stupid person.

Doofus: A stupid person.

This hat ain’t all bad.

[Bryan] the fit, its good.

There it’s just solid.


See I can do it like this dude and be like ‘hey what’s sup what’s sup How you doin’ how you doing? Oh.

I’m techie oh that’s right you need to know that uh kind of wanna be like be a little flashy but still be cool be like ‘hey I’m flashy but who cares about it’ uh I say this is a buy it.


Green LED light up musical flashing Tambourine.

Double A battery, oh okay.

Great for all ages, that is wrong.

I don’t want my kid having a tambourine until they live in their own house.

Too loud dude.

Too loud! but on a spectacular music shoe.

What? that’s this fun and exciting green flashing tambourine [Bryan] oh really it really does say shoe.

Yeah it says show, you thought I was just misreading it.

I mean to be fair, I misread a lot.

Light up any occasion and keep it musical.

‘Somewhat interesting for about five minutes flashes on and off several set patterns gets boring easily.

‘ It’s a tambourine.

‘I bought three of these for my cousin’s children they were sufficient in annoying their parents.

‘ Oh! told you mission accomplished.

‘It works good but it’s very fragile for kids it broke on the third day of use.

‘ Oh, should we see how fragile it actually is ? Magic! Oh oh stop.

That is so loud.

Oh I thought it was was going to go on beat.

It just flashes.

What a wasted opportunity.

[singing] Hillbilly Matthias hillbilly Matthias when he’s thirsty and he doesn’t have any water he will drink his own water *clapping* that he finds.

It stopped halfway through dude And I didn’t even know I didn’t know it stopped I was just playing up here like a fool in front of thousands and thousands of people everyone was waiting to see this thing light up and no, no, it didn’t light up oh no it didn’t oh my gosh dude I’m a have a seizure it’s flashing like 10 times faster than you guys can see because that cameras only 30 frames per second and this is flashing like 90 frames per second That’s pretty durable I’ll say that’s a good one.

I say that’s a buy it.

Sleepwell Pro adjustable stop snoring chin strap.

What? A chin strap?! Come on bro.

Stop, this is not real.

People snore because they don’t have proper pass through of air.

[Bryan] Septums? Yeah, they don’t have good septum they’ve deviated septum septums and all that stuff so opening the mouth allows them to breathe if you shut the mouth you’ll suffocate them and by the way it’s the nose that makes the snoring sound the mouth just amplifies it.

‘Engineered to provide instant relief while you sleep can you imagine sleeping with that thing in your face Finally after trying several different straps I found the one and it’s funny because it’s the one that got the lowest reviews after trying the strap for a couple weeks it appears to be working for me it does not completely stop my snoring told you but quiet sit down to something less than a roaring lawnmower.

I told you that’s how it works.

Add to cart.

Oo, Sleep well.

So how does this work now? Here we go there’s a strap.

There’s another strap.

[Bryan] Ew, get it out your mouth.

Okay fine I have to take off the hat.

[Both struggling to hold in laughter] I can still talk, if I want to.

This is really stupid.

[Bryan] it just look so weird, because you chin is so far down here but your lips are way up there.

How come she has this so low.

It doesn’t make any sense.

[Bryan] Or do you have it the wrong way? I look like my face is just being squished I hate this product.


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hmm Giant Vomit.

Oh gross out your friends in a really big way.

Oh that is disgusting, that is absolutely disgusting oh my gosh that is so gross This thing is giving me a headache dude.

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