hey guys so here’s another intro forthis new video with just about to watch I’m sorry I got several differentinterests or little things are coming it’s just because new ideas come to myhead anyway we buy and already people were criticizing us for that and once Iput it on social media they said oh nobody’s gonna sell you a hundredpallets for $2000 well guess what guys maybe not to you because you don’t knowwhat I know and how to do things if this video gets three thousand likesthat’s what palette we were shooting for to get back ten thousand dollars Ihaven’t even told Casey and how much we’re getting for that palette but letme tell you we shattered more than ten thousand dollars and you’ll see thatstuff sold on eBay so that’s know and ifs buts or maybe maybe it’s soldsomewhere you guys gotta go to our eBay listings and you’ll see everything forsale when this video comes up on Thursday I already have some of thestuff listed on eBay but now here’s the deal he made a spreadsheetI made a spreadsheet one that’s in a do we miss let’s go to the salami all theguys used to tell it tease of the thing might your spreadsheet look like becauseI have spreadsheets with everything that’s great I love it it’s not much itmakes these well that’s how you know stuff but remember this look this iswhat I’m trying to tell you guys later on the video I’m gonna show in aspreadsheet I’m gonna show you my best palette I’m gonna show this stuff on thebest palate towards the end of the video then I’m gonna show you the spreadsheetwas in there how much debt thing our goal was just off that one talent tenthousand dollars we shouted that number I haven’t told Casey what that number ishere but it’s more than ten thousand dollars if you want to know so here’sthe deal people I would say this stuff is not possible you an idiot Rene doesthis just show I go around fill up warehouses then I unload him again justto make a youtube video and make it yeah that’s what people say it is stupid youknow not all people most of yours are good but we always get those idiotscoming in there and then those people you know they get frustrated and theywant to call me fat because that’s the only thing they got left and I wasthinking about that cuz somebody called me fat F earlier and I’m like why wouldyou do that and I figure it must be so frustrating that is fat guy is outworking you out earning you out doing everything so instead of calling menames Arleen it’s okay it doesn’t believe meinstead of calling me names listen learn pay attention because you can do it doyou can in any city it’s not that hard as longas you open up your mind take off your visors and say it’spossible if you think stuff like that is impossible it’s all fakeclick off shut off don’t watch the video don’t waste your time go watch cardi Bdoing a rap of something that’s much more fun right anyway so here’s the dealif this video we had and we never had three thousand likes on a video I thinkat least not in a short term if this video gets three thousand likes withthree thousand comments saying how did you do it we want to know please sharethe knowledge that doesn’t cost you anything to leave a comment is literallytwo seconds and to click alike is literally a second if it gets threethousand of each I’m gonna share it a secret I’m gonna give you the breakdownwhy didn’t deal happened how it happened every stage of the deal I’m gonnaexplain to you how did I make this deal happen we bought 100 pallets for $2, 000we didn’t have to take him out we just took what we wanted it wasn’t a cleananswer situation we ended takin about 60 to 70 I lost count because we startedbreaking down pallets and combining him and we ran out of time the things theyonly had a day and a half man we never worked that’s a couple days so butanyway uh when we do work so our before yes I know if you’re tired so anyway gowatch the video enjoy it um later on the video one pallet we’re gonna do morethan ten thousand dollars out of it leave us in the comments let us knowwhat you think of this deal remember three thousand likes three thousandcomments saying we want to hear it and I’ll share the knowledge part of medoesn’t really want to share this knowledge because it actually works andit’s so simple and most people don’t think about it but you know what ifthree thousand people say we want it I’m gonna give it to you guys if not maybeI’ll share it one day in the future enjoy a video thank you for watchingwhat’s up guys hanging here with one of my guys Dustinhe’s the one that said that skateboarders dead and stunted stufflike flaming him every video go back to my videos we just got a last-minute callactually had to go rent two trucks our trucks are full we’re gonna go up bypallets and pallets of brand-new stuff lay down the videos I’m sure I’m gonnaget a lot of haters say fake fake fake cuz that’s just how to justify theirlife but later on I’m gonna tell you guys how I did it and we’re gonna unpackall the pallets and see how we do so let’s go head up to I think we’re goingto Vista yes we’re going to Vista so we’ll see you guys soonand I’ll show you guys stare warehouse with saying I’m dead tired cuz I justcame back from the Costa Rica trip keep lying all these pallets I’m showingbehind me and you guys all the haters all the time all these pallets not thesewhite pallets those the water pellets but everything over here 40 is prettyclose 100 pallets full of merchandise I just bought all these pallets for $2, 000boom I’m thinking I’m gonna make in a long-term $50 deal maybe more it’s a lotof eBay stuff I’m gonna show you stuff as we have it in the store we’re gonnashow you stuff that we impact I’m gonna show you some stuff right now but thenwhen we get back in the store but there’s so many naysayers thatthere’s so many haters tell you can’t make any money well guess what guysright now click that subscribe button connected like button because when yousubscribe to us you’re gonna get an education that makes you money get outof the video I’m gonna tell you how I got these lower ok guys so we got thesethis is one pallet Revere channel French scented candle oh no 28 so all thisstuff will be coming off how many bar just 18 in a box I think Oh 32 cartonsso fun they have 18 boxes quantity per carton18 by the 18 boxes 18 180 so it’s about 300 candles in there280 at 3 bucks apiece that’s 9 hugs do we shoot this video real quick so hereare some kind of kids toys in this palette I think these are all paddles umfor stand-up kayaking actually just says kayaks paddle paddle a kayak fellow thiswhole pallet full right here sweet smokes two packs the reason I’mtrying to go fast I’ll show you guys these right here refrigerator upgradefor water filters um they are probably nothing on my store but they’re probablyeBay items here standard paddles stand up water boarding pedal Pat’s seat saverI don’t know what that is I’m assuming a few kids yeah it’s for you if you kidspee if you have little ones you can put that in your car this is some kind ofcut that’s probably nonsense item unless it’s good online where you can cut withyour fingers do you sweat here marry me these are brand scarfs look how nicethese are and I have a whole pallet of it over hereyou know 360s palette that’s Kenzie’s gained a little bit dark in here theseare things right here that are gifted pets that’s it’s probably nothing for mystore but this will hopefully sell online I’m gonna look it up gifted betsmm-hmm here’s a whole pallet up to each leashes those will sell ok here is ohyeah I got a two or three pallets of these not much but a dollar ninety-ninethese will sell I don’t know what Sunday I’m not gonna look these announcer thegreat thing is I only have to take what I wantI think on this deal I invested 2000 Sparta gonna be another 2, 000 and truckrentals cuz my trucks are full and storage and stuff like this but I thinkI’m gonna be able to probably make fifty thousand dollars on this deal by thetime it’s done I probably have to put it in out of ten thousand maybe by the timeI’m done with all the overhead this is some kind of per week a bathwork something you know what is this I don’t know a lot of shoulders at thestore I don’t know what does this here’s a palette of friend the ceiling fansthese will bring in a store $29.

99 each you know there’s like ten of them thereoh it actually this looks like there’s more surfboard Cesar returns but they’rebrand new surfboards already loaded some in a truck so you won’t get to see thisuntil we get to the store and see this goes for deep I’ll show you guys somemore stuff but I tell you guys all the time subscribe to the channel I mean youknow people always everybody pretends as they do what we do but they don’t andthey fake it there’s a few channels out there that are genuine and actually doit and you can tell by what they do you’re smart you pay attention and theykeep on not showing good stuff is a pallor right here over time bepenetrated action this expired so we won’t take this that is a bunch of this stuff we won’ttake this well these are card poker sets looks like a palace get the one withokay guys so we continue sorry attacking my god instruction I don’t know whatthis is right here dork or race of place pay six six plates which from um if youguys know anything about razor plates a super expensive and I got a whole palletof it right here I probably have two or three thousand cops in it so I’massuming the rest of it it’s the same thing you see us make sure Oh historicalpace cartridges oh that’s this whole company’shistorical hey Destin come here don’t go so you guys look good after tell me ifI’m sorry Dustin but you can see razor blades are usually expensive I meanthat’s like 2000 packs in it this palette is super important I want thisvery next okay like as soon as we can make sure get offthe track like this and here’s some other shipping back from Kent I don’tknow this is all razor plates I don’t know his name but yeah it’s differentthings so as I want to tell you guys I really don’t know what I bought yet Ijust buy smarter buy quantities these are some kind of duffel bags where wehave two or three pallets of backpacks that are brand new these are lightstring lightbulbs I’ve never even look what’s in here so you guys will be partof the first yeah okay looks like a second oh let me take it backlook how cool these are these at least five bucks apiece on ebay six in a box310 across so it’s total of two rows that’s 20 10 times 6 is 60 120 per boxor quantity 96 how did I get that maybe it’s only eight across there umso let’s say 100 per box we got 1 2 3 4 so dozen 24 we got 2400 these lightbulbseven if I sell them wholesale with shipping at 2 bucks apiece that’s I’vegot an all pallet right here that’s how you guys have to think car trunkorganizers half a pallet these are life savers we don’t get to take these thislooks like more paddles so what I do tonight I always want to make a deal Itake the best stuff first this looks like more you so much bulbs these aremore these light bulbs actually uh San Diego visitors guy does it crap it’slike the worst thing so far right here oh these are brand lights lighting setsthose okay so now what me and Destin will do willgo through this stuff oh these are the backpack so we have like probably a fewhundred of these I’ll put these on my sword to 9.

99they’ll sell like hotcakes this is free bath bomb set I don’t knowwhat that is so this isn’t kind of give away something for you back but we got apallet of it that’s 50 in a box probably few so it’s 15 a box 100 200 300 privatethousand of those and then I don’t know what’s these boxes back there we’ll getto them as we go I will show a lot of this stuff when we get back to the storehome comfort that’s quite a lifes see sometimes people say why don’t you buystorages you’re fake you know cuz I don’t buy all the storages I’m amoney-making piece person I will sell horse shit he’s our money to string youlike bubs I will work on horse shit if it makes a lot of money and then thisright here so this is DNA Geno Tech this is either $10, 000 pallet or completelyworthless I’m gonna research it in a minute or agene DX for collection of human DNA so if I can’t sell these I don’t know thismight be just for hospitals but if I can sell this this will be worth a lot ofmoney sometimes if I can’t sell that stuff you need to find third worldcountries and they’ll buy it so this stuff has more to stuff I’m not takingany of this nitro crib weekend so I mean I could sell everyone to bizarre thingsworth maybe I might take a couple pallets if they give us an extra day Iwill Perry’s ami Casa Brendan stuff here this is supplies for 3d printers justplastic those are probably at least 10 to 20 bucks apiece on eBay and I got apallet of it check these I just will be great in mystore kitchen utensil set $9.

99 all day long at $9.

99 I’ll sell like hotcakes hope you guys enjoying this to it butthis is how we roll that’s why I tell you you really want to learn you know wedo entertaining dumb stuff too sometimes this is some kind of baby bath Neelaactually I saw you online these are 20 bucks apiece I don’t know how well theywill sell like save our lives so when I got to take those need to Chris okay sodid this whole palette here is marijuana which is mirrors like a back on Mary’sapply 10 20 bucks apiece these are all water we’re not gonna take those okay sohere I know these are great online pest control ultrasonic a bunch of stuff herelook better TSA compliant tap travel toilet reset that’s probably good ohhere eat this espresso ol box perfect winter’s coming these are banks lifesaver we’re nottaking there’s no more fizz mirapanis bags will take the full will take themat the end soon calm these are kitchen tools five plates barrel set we greatfor online I mean for the store cargo roof back those will be greatand these a little roost I don’t know what that is OOP this is what I get Oh you know whatI think want to shave us these all the mirror ones so that’s how we do it at morgan lentesnow we’re gonna go look at something elseoh we start waving up to this section has some interesting stuff here too using some kind of Amazon messagecatalogs that they were giving out we’re not gonna take dose mattress protect us17 so I spy three four hundred Oh stills will sell show you what these are mattress protect us twin XL I’ll putthese in my store for $4.

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