In this video I will show you how to make Komoot available on your Garmin device.

We connect your smartphone to the device together, I use Edge Explore, for example, then we install the Komoot IQ app on your device and activate it subsequently.

Maybe you don’t have a device to connect yet, then check out let’s see how easy it is.

Hello I am Thomas and my channel, Harzer Bergwald, is very busy Navigation and tracking with electronic tools.

Komoot is an outdoor navigation system and offers a variety of options for searching tours, to plan, export or import or to edit and publish later.

My tutorial series should help you To understand Komoot and to be able to use it extensively.

I regularly publish new instructions about outdoor navigation.

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You will certainly be using Komoot on your smartphone.

But you can also use Komoot on compatible devices from the manufacturer Install Garmin.

In this tutorial we want to work together Bring Komoot to your Garmin Edge bike computer and activate it.

Then you have direct access to your planned tours, yours recommended highlights and your saved collections.

If you do not if you are sure whether your device is suitable for the Komoot app, see below following the link I put in the video description for you.

Here you can find the list of everyone with Komoot directly in the Garmin Connect IQ Store view compatible Garmin devices.

After opening the link, just click on the “Compatible devices” tab and search for your device.

If you don’t find it in the list, you will most likely not be able to Komoot on this Install the device.

In this case, I provide you directly below the video a link ready to take you to Amazon where I have a list have put together compatible devices for you.

To with this Tutorial, you should have Bluetooth on your smartphone activate.

Also install and start the app Garmin Connect Mobile on your smartphone.

If you need help my tutorial at the top right will help you set up Garmin Connect Mobile.

Some players don’t show anything there now, so I’ll pack you up the video link in the description below the video.

This applies to all other video recommendations in this video.

Then install the Garmin Connect IQ app, which you can use for extensions Find and install Garmin devices.

Then have to your Komoot profile and your Garmin Connect profile are linked together.

Of course you will also get help from me.

Check out the video in the top right corner.

If nothing is shown there, please see as described below the video.

Do you have everything ready? Then let’s do it getting started! First you need to connect your Garmin Edge to your smartphone via Garmin Connect.

Open Garmin Connect Mobile, go to the menu and select Garmin Devices.

Turn on your Garmin Edge and open the menu at the bottom left, choose Online functions and then pair your smartphone.

Press “Add device” on the smartphone below.

When Garmin Connect Mobile has recognized your Edge, press Connect.

Confirm that you want to link.

Then give that on the edge displayed code and click on done.

Confirm after successful completion the app and your Edge the pairing.

Click next in the app.

We skip here the basic settings of the Edge, as they are not the subject of this tutorial.

Tap Sync Now.

Garmin Connect has now synced your Edge.

Tap Finish, then tap Setup.

Now you have your Garmin Edge successfully with your smartphone and connected to the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Let’s grasp the connection with that Smartphone together again briefly.

Start the Connect Mobile app and go on Garmin devices, go to the left menu in the Edge, then to online functions and Pair your smartphone.

Select Add device in the app and follow the others Instructions.

Let’s now install the Komoot app on your Edge.

Everything about You will learn Komoot and its functions in the videos on the top right of the playlist.

I also put the link in the description.

Open the menu of the Connect app and go back to Garmin devices.

Choose your Edge and then Activities, Apps and more.

Then you choose activities and applications.

Ignore it the ad in my app.

Go to Download more apps below.

At the bottom right you can see the active device for the IQ Store.

Do you have multiple devices from Garmin and another one is shown now, tap on it then go Select at the top, tap your Edge and go to the top left back.

Your activated device is now in the store your edge.

Tap IQ Store in the lower left.

This works for users with only one device Tutorial continues here.

Komoot may already be in one of the categories suggested.

Tap Komoot and then tap Install.

If the download does not start automatically, go back to Garmin Connect Mobile App in the device overview.

Tap next to your edge the sync button.

The synchronization may take a moment.

If the synchronization is complete, select the device.

Go to Activities, Apps, and more, then Activities and Applications.

Komoot should now be installed on the Edge.

Let’s summarize the installation again.

In the Connect Mobile App you go to your Edge and then to Activities, then again Activities.

Select Download more apps.

In the IQ Store you have to If necessary, select your device again, open the Komoot page and click on install.

You may need to sync your Edge again.

You cannot use Komoot yet.

Another step is required.

But before that I want to give you a quick tip.

You can find my channel in the Community tab in the app or in the browser News about published videos, plans, surveys and information.

You can also join my help group on Facebook, in which I packed all topics into lessons so that you can find them thematically organized and can learn.

I’ll put the link in the description below.

Now go back to your edge.

Tap IQ at the bottom right where your installed Apps from the IQ store can be found.

Then tap Komoot.

The device now prompts a code.

Tap the link that appears.

You will receive a Connect message on your smartphone that you select and which leads you to your browser.

Should not be in the smartphone now Open your default browser, so open it manually.

On the page that appears you have to log into your Komoot account first.

Then give that to the edge displayed code.

If the code is accepted, tap Allow access.

Now you have to log in to your Connect account.

Next, you can choose whether your activities on the Edge start Komoot may be sent.

After selecting, go to save.

Then agree the privacy policy.

The message done! shows you that you are Komoot successfully activated on your Edge.

Let’s take that one more time Activation of Komoot on the Edge together.

Select Komoot in the Edge under IQ, tap the link, tap the message on the smartphone, open the standard browser if necessary, manually.

Log in to Komoot, then enter the code and follow the instructions.

In the Edge you will have already noticed that Komoot has already given you your planned ones Tours shows, tap Profiles at the top.

You can now do scheduled tours, yours Use highlights and collections to navigate.

The full use of the I’ll show you the Komoot Connect IQ app in another video.

If you want to get a taste of how to use Garmin BaseCamp, that’s it Playlist at the top left for you.

The whole world from Google Maps and I explain MyMaps to you in the playlist at the bottom left.

I look forward to your Questions and reviews as well as a thumbs up for this video.

I’m Thomas, see you next time.

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