what’s going on guys welcome to thevideo so today I’m actually running through another scan Unlimited tutorialnow we’re gonna source liquidation pallets to resell on Amazon and youmight be sitting there asking yourself you know why would you want to resellliquidation back on Amazon at a time like right now where you can’t actuallyship it into FBA okay so we’ll cover some of them on the home page where youcan actually source for eBay Poshmark and Macariand good opportunities that obviously you can go after I would actually goafter them personally but I just placed the bulk order myselfso I do not want to receive any more units for the current time period untilI actually have them all listed okay there’s some good opportunities on thehome page I’ll show you them before we jump into the scan unlimited tutorialokay now what I’m basically gonna teach youhere is using scan unlimited to identify profitable liquidation pallets that youcan buy and resell back on Amazon for a profit okay the scan unlimited softwareis gonna shoot out all the numbers and you’re gonna be able to put the data youknow into kind of order so you can see if it’s a good buy or it’s a bad buyright because you don’t want to guess on these things when you’re spending acouple hundred bucks you want to be sure okay now to answer the question on whyyou’d want to source it now is because there’s actually still a greatopportunity to source to sell on Amazon okay you can still fulfill by merchantsand the what you’re gonna actually make fulfilling by merchants your margins aregonna be higher okay because they’re not taking amazon’s not taking as much of afee on your merchant fulfilled you know items that you’re selling asopposed to FBA now obviously that’s a benefit one of the drawbacks is you dohave to spend your time to fulfill the orders okay but this is only in myexperience and you know the way that I’m looking at it this is only reallytemporary for the next couple months I almost said next couple weeks to maybe amonth or two max I would assume maybe it’s gonna be a couple weeks to a monthrealistically but nobody really knows okay so in the meantime you can fulfillthese by merchants that just means that you’re shipping them out from your housethere’s so many easy ways to do that so many cheap ways to fulfill it yourmargins are gonna be higher and then once obviously Amazon opens up FBA againfor you know every item so not just the essentials like the hand sanitizer inthe paper towels and stuff like that then obviously you can ship all youritems into FBA and then leverage FBA to save you time even if you’re making alower margin okay so that’s exactly whattoday’s tutorial is gonna be on so with that being said I’m excited if you haveany questions at all throughout the process drop them in the commentssection down below I’d love to help you out with it so let’s jump in to thetutorial so here we are on scan unlimited and I’ve identified a decentpalette that looks promising obviously I haven’t done any research onthis yet so you’re gonna skip you know sort through it just like I would I’mgonna actually pull up word here too as well so we can kind of just startgauging the certain numbers and adding them togethernow the reason I’m pulling upward is typically I do this in Excel but I alsohave the lot here with the entire manifests that I’m gonna that I use toplug in the scan unlimited in Excel currently so we’ll just use word andwe’ll kind of track our profit margins for the pallet there okay now what I’mgonna use is a due date lots you can use a number of liquidation sites to buyliquidation pallets to resell back on sites like eBay posh Market Macari butto do it with you know you can also source liquidation to resell back onAmazon but to be sure like I always recommendthat you are you need to do it from a site that’s gonna give you a lotManifest you know product identifier is like a sins or UPC’s or something likethat so that you can do research on those products ahead of time with yoursoftware like scan unlimited and then be sure that you’re proud that your palletis actually profitable before you jump in and actually go ahead and buy it okayso that’s how this is gonna be played out now you can obviously do this withindividual items and I’ve done an entire tutorial on that in the past so if youjust you know interested in sourcing liquidation you can obviously go down tothe bottom of the description watch that video afterward it’s gonna be all theway at the bottom I’ll link that for you in the description and you can watchthat video afterwards if you’re interested in learning how to sourceindividual items and you don’t actually want to go ahead and spend a couplehundred bucks on a pallet initially okay now if you do that though you need tounderstand that you still need to hit the hundred dollar threshold with theindividual items because a to date won’t ship anything out that’s less than 100dollars because then obviously it’s not advantageous for them to actually goahead and ship it to you okay so you can do the individual items you can alsosort through all the different locks or palettes obviously and find a good oneso here we are on some of the electronics sometimes I’ll do clothingin fashion in fact I do that quite often and I’ll sort of shoes from here becauseI like to resell them on Poshmark ebay Macari you know because you canobviously resell them back on all those sites and then if there’s agood opportunity to resell one of those products on Amazon I’ll do that as wellbut you can literally look through any of these categories there’s a number asyou can see pallets here that you can check out so what I did is I came toelectronics now I’m not gonna buy this because like I already said I sourced aridiculous amount of inventory already and I need to get it listed so I’m notsourcing anything here but this I believe is the one that I clicked righthere so it’s 268 489 units and it’s 301 per unit okay so it’s not the 500 600ones and it’s not the thousand dollar ones it’s the cheapest option here inelectronics and supply and appliances okay so that’s exactly what I’m gonnasort through now when I actually open that up what happens here is you’ll seethe lot manifest where you can go down now typically what I would recommend inthe past is you click the a sin you do product or research on it you actuallygo to the individual home page or not home page the the product catalog pageright and then do your research on here right can you sell it etc etc is itprofitable but you don’t need to do that anymore because you can just throw itinto ask an unlimited software like this right now one of the benefits of ask anunlimited software like this is like I said it’s gonna sort all that data foryou so it’s gonna save you a ridiculous amount of time on top of that you canalso combine this so this sources liquidation sites that have theseproduct identifiers in the manifest as well and also i also use scannedunlimited to source wholesale as well so you’re getting you’re knocking tworeally really valuable stones out or birds with one stone i should say okayso if you guys want scan unlimited I actually have an affiliate link for itI’ll drop it in the description below so assuming you have scan unlimited now I’mgonna show you how to actually utilize it to your advantage to source throughthese pallets so that you can obviously be sure that you’re profitable right andthere’s obviously many pricing plans on skin unlimited but if you have theunlimited plan like I recommend down in the description to get and you can get ahalf off with a promo code gara for 20 bucks a month which is a steal thenobviously you can source through and do many different liquidation pallets manydifferent product catalogues from wholesale suppliers etc etc so an easyway to do this is just hit export to excel on 8 at 8 and then download theexcel document right here and then boom it pops up with something like thiswhere obviously you have it in in count columns where you got the ace into theproduct identifier the actual product the condition the quantity that you havethose products obviously the price etc etc so if you need to know howto set up scan unlimited I’ve done videos on that in the past I’ll try tolink a few of them down in the description below if you need tounderstand how to actually set up your product catalog and scan unlimited it’svery very easy to actually do that or if you have any questions just drop them inthe comment section below and I would love to point you in the right directionokay so before we actually jump into sourcing through scan unlimited on thisproduct catalog let me show you some of the homepage Lots that are goodopportunities or at least they were last night okay so right here you have twentyeight dollars so boys polo shirts I haven’t looked into this but twentyeight bucks for nineteen units right here a dollar forty seven per unit Imean you can make money on that you’re literally risking twenty eight dollarsnow keep in mind as well what I always recommend to my students in my onlinearbitrage Pro course you know and this is obviously disabled for this specificone because it’s a fixed price lot but that’s not always the case is make anoffer right so right here you’ll see price negotiation is disabled but if Iactually went back to that other one you would see that you can negotiate theprice here so that’s what I’d recommend that you do so if for example you knowan aqua lit right up just kind of show you so let’s go back to electronics if Iwere to go to that specific electronics palette and I finally identified thatthis two hundred this two sixty eight twenty palette was profitable right Icould make more than this sourcing this and reselling it back on Amazon withmaybe a few extra items at least to keep and resell in other places right what Iwould do is I would not hit Add to Cart okay instead I would literally hitnegotiate and I might type something in here now I want to recommend that youdon’t start your relationship off with them badly right you’re not gonnalowball them at like ninety bucks or something ridiculous but you know if youwant to go like 150 to like 190 or something like that it’s worth a shotsometimes and it will tell you right so let’s put a lowball offer in here righthere just to show you right if I put 90 in here I guarantee you it’s gonna tellme that that’s too low and something that they’re not willing to accept rightboom sorry but your offer is lower than the amount we can possibly considerplease try again with a higher amount right now if I were to put like $1.

99 inhere it might say that again or it might accept the potential offerokay so you always make offers on pallets if you’re able to you don’tactually have to buy it from the list price that’s a good point to keep inmind and something I always recommend to mystudents okay now if you guys are interested in testing out onlinearbitrage pro 4.

0 I have a free trial down in the description where you cantest out the course a hundred percent free for 30 days okay so you can get inif you like it stick with it if you don’t then obviously you can simplycancel no risk at all but that offer is going to end soon I’m running testtrials right now to kind of get information on 4.

0 so I can look at theanalytics look how the students are experiencing the course so I can improveit going forward to make additions to 5.

0 okay so get in now if you’reinterested that offer will close fairly soon it might close a couple of daysfrom now it might close a couple weeks from now I’m honestly not sure on thatbut right now I’m just collecting data and students can get in free to test itout okay so I’m gonna keep this open just kind ofshow you the price of the actual pallet and then maybe we’ll negotiate if wefind out that this is a profitable pallet here but like I said this palletright here on the homepage I mean 28 bucks for 19 units how can younot make money on that now a couple you know things on that youwouldn’t want to sell this probably back on Amazon you might be able to you cando product research just the same but I’d probably source this because it’sclothing to resale back on Poshmark ebay Macari now you can spend 28 bucks youmight not make that 28 bucks back on the initial you know in the first week buteventually as you’ve sold one or two of these units you’d probably be profitableat 20 you know maybe you sell four of these units you’re profitable over 28bucks and you still have like 15 units left – that is a hundred percent profitmargin right so that’s how you run a liquidation business when you’rereselling on Poshmark ebay Macari it’s about collecting quality inventorylisting it the more inventory that you list the more potential sales and themore potential profit and then being patient okay I have an entire video onthat as well if you’re interested you can check it out after this video it’sat the bottom of the description with the other videos that I linked ok nowyou can sort through these and see some other great opportunities of palletsright here so there was one that was like literally 18 bucks I think and itwas like 20-some units last night but someone must have scooped it up butregardless I mean you’re paying 218 for these units you’re paying 218 for theseunits so obviously do your research you want to open it up and look at them lookat the sizes make sure that the sizes aren’t anything crazy right this one’s22 of the same one so if it’s a good sizewhich it looks like a 6x probably not something I go after that’s a bad oneright so if you find a bunch of variations of that then it might besomething good right if we click onto this one it might be a multipledifferent so okay this 19 of the same one right here so that might also be agood one or a bad one I’m not sure but you’d have to do your research couplethings on that when you’re looking at those homepage fixed-price lots toresell on Poshmark ebay Macari make sure that if they’re shoes or if they’reclothing that they’re that the size is something that you know generallyspeaking there would be more people buying than not so you’re not goingafter something that’s like super plus size right or something that’s likesuper super small because there’s not gonna be a high market for people toactually buy that so with all that out of the way let’s finally start sourcingthrough the scan Unlimited software to see if this is actually a profitable buynow the first thing that you want to do is you want to go over here to thefilter I’ve already ran this entire you knowspreadsheet through the scan unlimited software so now it’s time to filter itso we can get the best data at the top so we can do our product research on acouple of items and really fast find out if it’s profitable right you don’t wantto actually go down and literally click everything because this might be aprofitable item this might be a profitable item and this might be aridiculously profitable item but maybe you have to sort through all these tofind them and that’s gonna waste a lot of your time okay now with scanningwoman he don’t actually have to go ahead and do that so what I’m gonna actuallydo right is I’m gonna go profit right here and I’m gonna say profit that’swell let’s actually go ROI we’ll go positive ROI so positive ROI isgreater than or equal to we’ll go 20% and we’ll add that right and there’smany other ways to obviously sort through this you can do price obviouslyit’s gonna depend to on you know if you’re short sourcing wholesale whichobviously you want more sales on a product right so it’s moving faster andhigher sales velocity versus if you’re doing something with liquidation and youcan afford to wait slightly longer okay now sales rank will go because this isin the electronics category things should be selling fairly quickly sowe’ll go under 400, 000 although that’s obviously a little bit high and notideal so sales rank less than 400, 000 and then we’ll click off of it okay nowwhat that’s gonna do is it’s going to take everything in this actual lot outof it right anything that’s above 400, 000 sales rankis gonna be you know excluded anything that’s lower than 20% profit margin isgonna be excluded okay so now we finally have everything sorted right and I wenta hundred per page which is just a kind of a habit there actually isn’t I don’tthink a hundred here on the sexual palate but it’s just a habit okaynow one thing I will say about before actually sorting through typically it’ssorted through at sales rank but I like to go over and look at the the RO eyesas well and the profit margin now here is something that’s in that’s built intothe software that I love okay now when you’re reselling on Amazon thisobviously doesn’t matter when your intentions are reselling on PoshmarkeBay or Akari but when you’re reselling on Amazon and you see this right here ona product that means that that brand is known for filing IP complaints okay soavoid Belkin products obviously and reselling them back on Amazon they’reknown for IP complaints okay now anything with this green question markmeans that you’re good to go okay means that it nobody knows if it’sI you know if they’ve filed IP complaints in the past so if for exampleand same thing with this one right here Fon Central okay so those are items thatyou don’t want to resell back on Amazon okay now if for example that themajority of this palette was profitable and you know this was a major player andthis in this palette being profitable on Amazon well it’s not something I’d liketo go after potentially because it is liquidation now this does vary slightlyin your approach when you’re doing wholesale but for liquidation pallets asa rule of thumb don’t go after products that file or brands excuse me that fileIP complaints okay so you can sort through sales rank and go through thatway remember the only thing that we’re doing here it’s not individual itemswe’re not sorting this through like it’s wholesaling we’re sorting through youknow find a profitable item we want to know if this entire profit or thisentire pallet is profitable so I have it sorted through ROI right here you cansee that this is a four hundred eighty nine percent ROI 769 profit 1440 profitand so on and so forth right as we scroll down okay so that’s pretty solidbut what we need to do is we need to check into each one of these productsand what we need to really see is does it equal more than the price that we canpay to purchase this okay so I’m gonna assume that I can probably makerelatively low of an offer at like maybe like $1.

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