Hello, Internet! This is Irina – the Siberian who’s gone Internationaland today I decided to tell you phone addicts about the smart Finnish apps, which I love, which I miss abroad and which should be adopted all over the world.

Let’s begin! The first app I’m gonna tell about is theResQ Club.

It’s an awesome app, which I’ve discoveredabout a year ago and, seriously, every single country must have it.

The idea is that every restaurant and cafereally often, if not every day have some excess food, right? So, most of the times they cannot resell itthe day after, so a lot of food ends up being thrown away.

And ResQ club wants to put an end to thisunwise use of resources.

It givs the restaurants a chance to stillsell the food that they would have otherwise thrown away and it gives you, as a consumer, a chance to get a take-away food much for a cheaper price than you would normally pay.

The way it works is: you log in and see themap of your area.

So, for example, here’s the Helsinki citycenter.

Now it shows you all the restaurants, whichhave active offers and if you like something, you can pick it and then you pay for it throughthe app.

It also tells you by what time do you needto pick up the food, so once you’ve placed the order, you just go to the place and take it.

And here is my order history.

As you can see I bought sushi, pizza, Chinesefood, Nepalese food through this app.

I don’t use it that often because there’snot that many restaurants in my area doing that so after a while it gets a bit repetitive, but if I lived in the city center or had a car, I’m sure that I would use it way morefrequently.

The cool thing is – they also have this “Myimpact” page, which shows you how much money you’ve saved, how much time you’ve saved not cooking, and also how much CO2 was not wasted thanks to you using this app.

And you can check it for the last month, thelast year or all time and, as you can see, I’ve saved 41 EUR and 4, 5 hrs of cooking.

I genuinely love this app, I wish them to conquer the world.

So far they’re active only in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Poland, I think.

But I’m sure that they have a really brightfuture.

I’m actually surprised that they still don’thave an office in the Silicon Valley or in San Francisco yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.

Here, for example, is the picture of my pizza, which I bought a couple of weeks ago and I paid only 8 EUR for it.

And it’s a big pizza, as you can see.

The next app on my list is.




Well, we have2 of them.

We have 2 parking apps in Finland.

The 1st one is called “ParkMan” and anotherone is “EasyPark”.

I usually use “ParkMan”.

People like me appreciate them a lot, because if you get as easily confused by the parking signs as I do, then you know what I’m talking about.

You know, the makers of those parking signsare really not trying to make them easy to read.

And while in Finland the parking signs arerelatively comprehensible.



I mean you need to ask only like, 3 of your friends to makesure you’ve got them right, in some countries.






It feels like you need a PhD in Parkologyto be able to understand where and when exactly are you allowed to park.

Montreal, I’m looking at you.

For those who haven’t been: Montreal parkingsigns will drive you nuts.

It’s literally this much text on every sign, which tells you that you’re allowed to park only between April and November, only on everysecond work day, only between 10 AM and 7 PM only during the full Moon period and allof that in French.

Of course! And you’re like: “.





Why do you hate meso much? What have I done to you, Montreal?” And with these apps the life is so easy! You just open it, it checks where you are, it tells you how much is it an hour and until what time are you allowed to be parked there.

You park your car with an app.

You just press, like, “Park” and then , onceyou’re back, you just click “Stop parking”.

And that’s it! And this is so awesome! Well, first of all you don’t need to run aroundlooking for those parking ticket machines, which, btw, most of the time are super notuser-friendly.

Second of all, you do not need to try to predictthe future and guess for how many hours will you need this parking spot.

Because, you know, it’s so annoying when youthought that you’re gonna need parking for 3 hours and then you ended up needing moretime, so you have to interrupt whatever you were doing, walk all the way back to yourcar, print out another parking ticket, put it under your wind shield, walk all the wayback.

TIME WELL SPENT! Or it could be even worse! When you think that you’re gonna need thisparking for 3 hours, something gets cancelled, you return back after 30 minutes and thenthat money is gone! There’s no way to get it back! Because you’ve already paid ahead.

And with these apps you can control the durationof your parking remotely, and you only pay for the time that you were using that parkingspot.

You cannot overpay, which is so great andso relaxing and these apps should be used everywhere by everyone.

The next app is the “HSL” app, which is thepublic transport app in Helsinki region.

And it makes the lives of Helsinki residentsand the tourists as well so much easier.

I especially started appreciating it aftermy February trip to Montreal when I nearly missed my plane, because when I was tryingto take a bus to go to the airport even though I had cash with me to pay for the ticket, turned out that they only accept coins! And the driver did not allow me to board thebus, because I couldn’t pay for the ticket, because they only accept coins.

So I had to run in panic to the nearest “TimHorton’s”, stand in line, which was like 20 people long, just to buy some useless pastry, just so that they would exchange my bills for coins.

I ended up making it on time, but it was somuch unnecessary stress.

Just so you know – in general I do like Canada! Check out my.



I don’t know which side, butcheck out my video “5 things I like about Canada”.

But, you know, every country has a room forimprovement.

Btw, it was the same story in the US.

I remember if you wanted to take a bus, youneeded 2 dollars exactly, it had to be 2 dollar bills and yeah, unless you have 2 dollar bills- you’re not taking a bus.

So, in Helsinki region we an app, it’s called”HSL” and this app allows you to buy the tickets through the app.

You can buy single tickets, day tickets, 7-daystickets, seasonal tickets.




you name it – they have it! It also can tell you how to get from pointA to point B and that’s a really nice function but I mostly appreciate this app because you do not have to run around the station, trying to find that machine, which will sell youa ticket.

Also, it’s really cool that you don’t haveto carry that paper-ticket around or a card, which are so much easier to lose or forgetat home.



It’s way more difficult to forget your phone, because once you’ve stepped outof your apartment and you feel that the phone is missing, you’re immediately like: “OMG, something is horribly wrong, something is horribly wrong!” Or is it just me? Oh, come on! It’s not just me, we’re all addicted to our phones now, so I know you’re exactly like me, we’re the same! And even.



even if you manage to forget yourphone or it gets stolen, it’s actually enough to just tell to the tickets controller whatis your phone number and then based on your phone number he will be able to check in theirdatabase whether you still have a valid ticket.

The next app on my list is “MobilePay”.

This app is cool when you just need to transfersome money to your friend really fast and in a really easy way.

Let’s say that it’s you and 4 other friendssitting at home.

And then you decide to order 3 pizzas forall of you.

And one of your friends places an order though an app or just calls and his credit card gets charged, right? But unless you have super generous friends, probably that friend will want all of you to chip in.

And what would be the easiest way to transferthe money? Well, “MobilePay” solves that problem reallywell.

So, the way it works is: when you download”MobilePay”, you link your phone number and your bank account number to this app and thenwhen your friend wants to transfer you some money, you do not need to exchange those 15digits long bank account numbers, you do not need to log in into your online bank, youjust open “MobilePay”, type in the amountyou want to transfer and then you just look for your friend’s name.

And if you have that friend’s phone numbersaved in your phone, you will see it in the “MobilePay” app.

And then you just click “Transfer” and that’sit! This app is also a lifesaver when you travelabroad as a group and the waiter makes a big deal out of splitting the bill.

So, it’s reallyeasy when one person just pays the whole bill and then you quickly transfer them how muchyou owe them through the “MobilePay”.

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