hey guys and welcome to the EZpromotions YouTube channel my name is Paul and today’s video is about the newsAmazon is attempting to sue two gurus in the Amazon FBA coaching scene before westart if you like this video and want to update some Amazon seller news the FBAand FBM

give us a like and subscribe and make sure you’re always up to date sowho are these FBA gurus and why Amazon attempting to sue them you’d beforgiven if you have not heard of Amazon secrets as the overwhelming amount ofAmazon coaches out there is getting ridiculousMichael Gazzola and Matthew

Behdjou sorry if I butchered those names twoAmazon coaches from California whose courses in San Lars cost up to $10,000are on Amazon’s naughty list for a number of infringementthese include misleading people with marketing that suggests they are affiliatedwith Amazon and also teaching practices that are fundamentally against Amazons

Termsof Service this has been a problem with so-called Amazon gurus for a while nowas the market grows gets more and more tactics it’s hard to tell if they breachAmazon FBA in terms of service with their advice with real pressures from consumergroups about suspected fake reviews a few months

ago Amazon seriously startedto crack down on these review sites and groups these groups were where peoplewould offer heavily discounted or free products in return for good reviews orhonest reviews as asking for good reviews already against Amazon terms ofservice Amazon FBA secrets even had their own were in group

where they encouragedstudents to buy and review each other’s FBA products with people following Amazon coaches advice they could fall foul of Amazon’s rules before they even getstarted if you want to keep up to date with the ever-changing amazon sellingworld be sure to like and subscribe to our channel

as we have news updatesevery week Amazon’s previously sued FBA coaches and review companies in 2017Amazon sued FBA coaches who claimed an affiliation with Amazon and they finallysettled an eye-watering 11 million dollar payout to Amazonalthough it does seem Amazon is mainly annoyed with the supposed the filiationwas their

brand the crackdown on tactics being taught that go against that Termsof Service may have deeper implications if all new FBA sellers are coming onto theplatform using tactics such as a review groups they will only make the problemof suspected fake reviews even worse with Amazon wanting to solve the

fakereview issue could they be thinking of targeting the source of the problemcould we be about to see a flood of court cases involving other FBA coachesleave your thoughts in the comment section belowso, what is Amazont actually saying about this case defendants improperlyexploit Amazon’s name intellectual property and reputation

to sell theirget-rich-quick scheme to unwitting entrepreneurs around the countryHamilton wrote in a lawsuit filed with a federal court in Seattle they continuedthese victims pay up to tens of thousands of dollars to defendants basedon the defendants false portrayal of an affiliation with Amazon relying on thesemisrepresentations to start the

business selling on Amazon Amazon do not want tobe seen to be affiliated of any get-rich-quick scheme and take a seriousissue of effectively to men use their logo than trademarks in their marketingon the subject of reviews Amazon is claiming the false reviews masqueradingas legitimate reviews are creating a perpetual

cycle of rigged reviews the twomen and other gurus have already been coming under scrutiny as of late ofstudents claimed to have lost tens of thousands of dollars in these FBAcourses and seminars now it must be stated that the two men do not promisedproven results but do say the

following their marketing material together Mypartner and I have generated millions of dollars on in revenue online not toolong ago we discovered the exact process to start selling on Amazon that webelieve has blown away everything we ever knew about making money online nowthis is a very common marketing angle

for FBA coaches buy my course and getrich quick now it’s not to say there are not success stories about these coursesbut arguably Amazon FBA has got a point when it comes to the exploitativewording and promises of a get which quick scheme so many of thesecoaches claim so could

we be seen downfall to get rich with Amazoncoaching seen the spread to seller tools as well as in likes to changerules a lot and without notice whole businesses that have been set up on theback of the FBI market have been wiped out with a single policy change that’sthe

end of the video guys don’t forget if you want to keep up to date with all things Amazon make sure you like and subscribe and why not check outone of our of our videos whilst it

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