What is up, Amazon sellers? So this is goingto be a series where I’m gonna be sharingsome online retail news So just some news that’scoming out with Amazon sellers with some thingspopping up at the market And today, I’m gonnabe talking about And I’ll be sitting down on mycomputer showing it to you About a seller whojust got billed $200, 000 in the state of Washington, where I’m from This looks likeWashington right now It’s actually San Diego, it’s raining right now Got billed $200, 000 And he’s owing What it is, is he’sowing sales tax So there is a very controversialtopic in the Amazon space that people think you needmultiple reseller’s permits you need to becollecting sales tax And some peoplehave done this Some states have tried Like, they’re sending outletters to Amazon sellers And they’re saying like, hey, sign this It’s saying that you owemoney back to like, 2009 So anyway, I wanna popopen this article right now Explain this to you, about how youcould prevent this from happening on really, my opinion off of it And why thisis happening and really just howto kinda reduce this potential riskthat could happen Now this, again, this is not legal advice So don’t take thisas legal advice I’m just gonnashare with you what I’ve seen worksin the Amazon space So, let’s get right into it Alright, so in my beautiful stateof Washington, where I’m from I’ll just read thisto you right now So this guyfrom Logan, Utah which is not Washington It’s kind ofinteresting because the state ofWashington right now If you sign up to bean Amazon seller and you sell a product to anyonein the state of Washington Which, the stateof Washington they collect the mostamount of sales tax Like, if you’re inKing County, Washington it’s 10.

1% So, practically, think of whatever you sell If you actually had to owethe state of Washington you would owe 10% ofyour sales, which is crazy It’s crazy Especially becausesome people don’t make a 10% marginon their products Actually, most sellers probablydon’t make a 10% margin Because there’s a differencebetween 10% margin and ROI I don’t really care aboutmargin that much because let’s say I’mselling a product for $20 but then thefees are $10 But I make $3, and my costis like, I don’t know, $2, right? That’s actually a couplehundred percent ROI I don’t know if thosenumbers even made sense Actually, it didn’t at all But anyway, so I don’t care toomuch at margin But anyway, he readsthis article saying he got hit with a $200, 000 tax billfrom the state of Washington Alleged that he owed, collect and remit sales tax from customersdating back to 2011 He said, it was a rudeawakening for Jenson who, like many other Amazon sellers, says he wasn’t even aware that he was supposed to collectsales tax in the first place So Amazon right now, if you sell to Washington sellers or Washington customers, it automatically collects and remits So anyway, he said, he is now paying the bill at a rateof $2, 500 a month which threatenshis business That’s a bit interesting, right here Now, I don’t knowif this is a fake article I’m not trying I’m trying to be adevil’s advocate right here So I’m like, I wonder if thisis the state of Washington paying for this articleto happen because I know many Amazon sellerswho got this similar letter from the stateof California Saying, hey, you owe a bunchof sales tax from this And I had a couple of peoplelike, in the ins of it all who like, kinda knewwhat they’re doing and they’re like, don’t sign it Like, if you sign it it’s in very small fontthat you actually owe sales tax back to then And they’re like, just don’t do it Because it’s a veryinteresting topic Again, I’m not givingmy advice on to it But if you think aboutAmazon as a whole, is they’re nota retail store but they’re technicallya partner, in a sense because they’retaking a fee So it’s like, okay, if you wantus to pay the sales tax well, you gotta understandthat Amazon took 8%-15% plus the shipping fees So it’s like, well, if Amazon’scharging us 15% shouldn’t they bepaying part of the fees? Like, who’s theone to collect it? So that’s where that kinda, it really stems from You’ll talk to one attorney One attorneywill say, oh no You know, you need to pay it, this, this, and that I don’t know My opinion would say, that would be a dumb attorney That would bea dumb lawyer I know many attorneys andlawyers say, you don’t need to And you just needto collect and remit from the statethat you’re in Attorneys say different Again, this is notlegal advice I would suggest toreach out to one In my Online RetailMastery Program we actually sharea legal attorney who is specializing inonline retail business Who sets people up entitiesand actually, you know can get reseller’spermits for people So, if you worry about it, I woulddefinitely go down that route We can share it with you, it’s cheaper than LegalZoom Like, if you get an entity set up withLegalZoom, you’re probably not Again, this is notlegal advice I know a lot about law, but you’re not protected and a bunch of things But anyway, so it says, Jenson isn’t alone and likely won’t be thelast third-party seller chased downfrom states that you know, tied down towarehouses as early as 2010 At least 5 states havebegun efforts to collect potentially billionsof unpaid sales tax That just doesn’tseem right You know, I’m a capitalist You know, Americais a capitalist country That’s pretty, like That’s kinda like, I don’t feel like that’s right California and Washingtonwere the first to start sendingdemand letters Yup, I was telling you, California, it was Back in 2016, later followed byMassachusetts and Minnesota And they say, the issuepractically, it stems around It’s like, who’s expectedto pay it, right? So it’s, big talk about it But anyway, that’s really From there, they showsome pictures of the letters like right here Like, why did Ireceive this notice Sellers say the fear letters will becoming in from additional states Everyone wants their money So let’s see if there’s anythingelse important in this California’s role I mean, I don’t know They put somelegal stuff down here So, bill threatened Alright, so let me kindajust give my spiel on this If you are an Amazon sellerand you’re super afraid of this there’s simple waysto get this fixed You get a reseller’s permitin every single state It’s actually, it’s free and practically most states, get a reseller’s permit You can go to the IRS you can Google, California reseller’s permit In my Online RetailMastery program I have a link to everysingle reseller’s permit You can pay people like, TaxJar a bunch of money for them todo it for you I personally don’t likeTaxJar at all I don’t think they’re I don’t know, I don’t like TaxJar You can go pay them toget it done, whatever it may be I would definitely suggestto reach out to a legal adviser and tell them whatthey think is right But if you reallyworry about it you can just go geta reseller’s permit in a bunch ofdifferent states The thing is, Amazon I started making videosabout this a few years ago And at the time, Amazon was onlycollecting and remitting sales tax in the state of Washington And that was it, it was onlythe state of Washington And I knew that becauseI was a Washington seller and I was already collectingin Washington, so it was fine Then they moved on to Pennsylvaniaand a couple of other states And now, Amazon iscollecting and remitting automatically in 37 states If you don’t knowwhat that means that means that Amazon, you sign up as a seller 37 out of the 51 ’cause Washington, D.


is considered a state is automaticallycollected and remitted So you don’t haveto worry about that Some people will say that youonly need a reseller’s permit in the specific statethat you’re in So, what I seehappening in the future Because I said this a coupleof years ago saying, hey this is happening You’re gonna seethat Amazon’s gonna automatically collect and remitfor more and more states And now it’s 37 So, best advice, go contact a legal adviser I see that, eventually, Amazon’s gonna start collecting and remitting in50 out of the 50 states, so I heard Californiajust recently did it A couple of statesare doing it Some states don’t have it So, there’s 37 states, but you gotta think like a couple of statesdon’t even have sales tax I know Montanaand Oregon doesn’t So, you look at that, there’s only like So 10 other states, what are you doing? There’s random states out there, what are you doing? Please, right? Don’t put thescare into sellers I think fear in tacticsis just awful for this And if this doesn’tget fixed, people will move on toother platforms But anyway, that’s about it to recap this You know, if you wanna get morecontent about selling on Amazon feel free to check outmy 4-day training where I teach on how tosell on Amazon in 4 days Go over the business model, ungating, finding suppliers, et cetera You can check itdown below But that’s all about itin this video I will see you in the nextonline retail news Make sure to subscribeto this channel If you have any questions at all, let me know down below And yeah, see youin the next video or also in the nextonline retail news story.

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