life is busy and many of us want toclimb our family tree on the go in today’s video we’re going to talk abouthow you can use to FamilySearch mobile app to research your family tree whenyou’re not at a computer to do it howdy, I’m Devon Noel Lee with FamilyHistory

Fanatics and FamilySearch has a mobile app that is free to use and thetree and records are also free to use and research so let me tell you justsome of the ways that I like to research when I’m on the go so what I like to dois to start

off by clicking on the left side button because typically when I’mon the go I’m just looking for ways to kill time while waiting for my kids orif I’m stuck in a situation well you get the idea so one of the things I like todo is look for “Ancestors

With Tasks” and what I do in order to get that is clickthe hamburger icons on the left now if you’re using a Mac device theicons will be a little bit different and the placement will be different then Ilike to do is hit “Ancestors With Tasks” now depending on

the Wi-Fi connectionyou have it can take a long long time to download so keep that in mind but if itdownloads quickly one of the things you can do is get in here and start lookingfor some of the names that you recognize or people you’re willing to go ahead

andexplore so I’m gonna look at Delbert Arthur Hankinson now Delbert is thebiological father of my grandmother he did not marry my grandmother’sbiological mother and the biological mother passed away and I don’t even know if Delbert knew about my grandmother Louise but there’s a hint for him sowhere do

I get to the hints cuz it’s not right there if I click on sources itwon’t be there either well before I click on what’s the hints let’s go aheadand make sure we get to know a little bit about Delbert before we try tofigure out if the hint applies

to him or not the first thing we need to know isthat he was born in 1887 and it shows us whereit tells us where he died and there’s only two additional pieces ofinformation that has been added to his extra facts about him yet so 1920 he wasin Newark

Ohio and then in the 1917 he was also in Newark Ohio because that waswhere he was in the military draft so we still need to make sure that I look forthe 1940 census the 1930 census the 1890 census in this part of the United Statesit’s not in existence

there are some fragments so look for a link in thedescription below to learn more about these surviving almost 7,000 namesthat you might be overlooking and if you think the 1890 census looks completelydestroyed but back to the case so now I know a little bit about him I want

to goand check out his spouse’s so Agnes Anderson was not a spouse she was the mother of his illegitimate child so I’m not gonna find any recordsfor her but there’s a Lillian Gordon and an Estella D okay y’all tell me in the[comments] below what you think how you

think to spell that pronounce H-O-U-K-Eso these are his spouses if I click on since there’s multiple spouses here if Iclick on the little drop-down arrows I can see when they were married and thechildren they have so there’s a Gordon and then it with Esetlait doesn’t look like they

had any children because when I click on her itgoes back to the spouse page so no children there so we just had onechild with the exception of Louise but Louise was adopted away and so therewon’t really be any records to help us find Delbert using her so we’re

gonna golook at the parents Joseph Joshua Woodruff Hankinson Adeline Kramer andthen his siblings okay so now that you have a rough overview how do you go lookat the hints you click you got to be careful because if you click on thiscircle yeah I gotta be careful where you

but if you click on this circle it’sgonna ask you to change the picture I don’t want to change the picture I wantto click on that little blue icon right up there and when I do oh my goodnessthat’s a lot of hints but remember you’re on the go so

I typically like toget the ones that are easy to look at first so I’m gonna go to Find A Graveand hit continue now this is the part that’s a whole heck of a lot easier on amobile device than it is on the FamilySearch browser and there’s one otherthing

that I want you to make sure you do so stick around because if you don’tdo this part people on FamilySearch are gonna be really mad at you we don’t wantthat okay so we’re looking at Find A Grave index so we’re at the top on theleft under Find A

Grave index or whatever source you find there will bean option to actually try to look at the original record good genealogist try toalways go to the original source so we’ll click on that and then it will askme to open the webpage and this will take me to

my browser and there is thestone for Delbert Arthur Hankinson in Licking County Ohio ok so that looks goodso I’m gonna go back to FamilySearch and then begin transferring informationover now this is what’s exciting on the mobile app so on the left the birth datewas listed as 1889 on

the right I had a date and a place if I want to changeinformation I can click the edit icon and it takes me straight to where I canedit the date and then explain why am i changing it any time you make a changeon FamilySearch being the mobile device

or the browser you need to tell peoplewhy you’re making a change so I’m not making a change so I’ll just go back outof that and there’s a death date the burialinformation I do want to move over so I’m gonna click add and it pops rightover and there’s nothing

else to do haha that’s false the thing that youneed to do is reason to attach the document hold on a second while I type agood reason statement page for Delbert Arthur Hankinson period the stoneprovides his birth date and death date commas though there are some potentialerror this information

supports information found on his death record sothis is the start of a good reason statement I’d like to tell whatinformation was on the record that I found the other thing I like to say ishow do I know that this is accurate well in this case it supports research

that Ialready found even though there’s a little bit of discrepancy now I can gofurther and explain it but remember I’m likely on the go so I can go and improvemy reason statement when I get home while I’m on my device I can hit “Done”yesattached to do tree and

now I’ve made a record attachment so the next one I’mgoing to look at is hopefully to find a record where it lists Delbert and someadditional relatives because it’s kind of cool what you can do here on themobile app so in the 1910 census I found Delbert with some

other householdmembers so I’m gonna go ahead and click compare because Joshua remember I lookedat that information at the beginning Joshua was his dad and and the other thewomen Amanda in here as well so again always go and look at the originalrecord look for any variances and look for

any crazy spellings and look forbiographical details that helps you know about the family youyou’re on my device I just spread it apart and I’m able to zoom in and findthe family so there we have Joshua and Addieoops, maybe I got a mistake we’ll have to find out Delbert

and Katie so we’regonna go oh and look this is one of the reasons why you would go look atoriginal records next door is a Samuel Hankinson and Samuel is 69 years old andJoshua is 54 if I didn’t know about Samuel I’m gonna have to go check outSamuel and

see how they might be related so always go to original records so nowI’m gonna start moving information from the record on the left to the tree onthe right and I can go ahead and put that arrowyep 1910 bringing over that source absolutely “Reason to Attach” let me goahead

and do that right now so I have just added a reason statement I’m goingto go ahead say yes attached but notice there’s some more work that I can do Ican attach that one record to the other relatives so if the record has not havebeen attached before you’re gonna

see where you’re not able to move this doorover so it looks like Delbert got left off from somebody doing research don’tdo that add everybody when you’re researching soJoshua is done and Addie’s information is done Adaline ah I forgot her namesAdeline not Amanda and then we have the sister

and she’s done as well but what’sreally great here on the app is that if you come across a record that hasmultiple names and you do not have those individuals in the tree already or factsabout them in a tree then in this source link you can go ahead and

process thatin formation now there are many otherthings that I can tell you about researching on the go but with themobile app I like to just exhaust the hints when I’m around towns and awayfrom the house go ahead and try this and if you have more questions be sure

todrop them in the comment section as part of this video if you want to learn moreabout FamilySearch go ahead and click the top playlists and if you want to seeour latest video click the one right below

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