hey guys welcome back to another video Iwant to in this video tell you a bit of a story or item and I’m sitting herehaving a beautiful coffee right here Lavazza coffee at the jet pave inbeautiful Queen Victoria it’s lovely here I love this cafe now years ago notmany

people know this but I used to I was actually going to start a cafe manymany years ago alright I was going to buy and bring in cafe machinery like acoffee machinery right I was going to sell this set up businesses andbasically have my own coffee shop in the

heart of the CBD and nothing to I shouldknow that about me arrived but I’ve sort of started so many different businessesI’ve been involved in massage products massage equipment renovation productsbuilding products right and also coffee products right because coffee is apretty good niche right Coffee is a really everyone

needs coffee in themorning especially in Sydney’s we were living in Sydney alright so the onereason why though I didn’t start that business was the capital needed I neededI needed something like 15 grand just to get one coffee shop a portable coffeeshop up and running and it was just

too much at the time I didn’t have a lot ofmoney so it was way too much and then I worked out my margins I was making ifI’m making a cup of coffee or I’m these things gets margin of cost your 10 centsfor the coffee grounds right and basically

grind it up but then you makeit the profit margins on coffee are not that good you gotta sell sandwiches andcakes and I was you know falling down a rabbit hole so I didn’t get involved init because the the capital up front 15 grand also I had to pay

wages and staffand of course you know the profit margins I just saw all this other stuffnow this is the big difference between traditional businessesbusinesses like online businesses like Amazon right no staff no overhead youcan just sell one product if you want to sell one product if you want

to sell 20products he can sell 20 products right but if you just want a so one likecoffee all right you don’t want to sell any all the it sandwiches and stuff youcan do that on Amazon right that’s so coffee though but you are not limited orcaps right in

terms of startup capital you don’t actually need a lot of moneyto get something started on Amazon people think they need like fortune oneach inga ran a need 20 grand and in 50 grand you’ll need that I mean I’ve hadthree students just recently get started on less than a

thousand dollars fortheir first product order so that’s their buying stuff from China andputting it on Amazon costing less than a thousand dollars so if you have lessthan a thousand dollars really you have no excuse I mean come on seriously likeyou have no excuse at all if you have

less than a thousand if you have athousand bucks or less you can actually get something started on on Amazon rightand the only thing stopping you is basically you okaythere’s a product that I just bought now recently I spent a thousand and seventysix dollars for a hundred units off

this particular product I want tell you theproduct name at a thousand and seventy six dollars and this product is actuallyselling like crazy right now so I’m test this product out it’s selling and I’lljust rewind and buy more products right so again a thousand roughly a thousand athousand bucks

to get involved a repurchaseunits whoo guys you don’t need a lot of money get started Amazon is one of thosebusinesses where you don’t need stock overhead you don’t need a big budgetright you can do it anyone can do it essentially right so have no excuse maketoday the day

that you actually get something started all right startreaching out a supply start finding a product if you have any issues or youhave questions come to one of our free workshops I’m running one actually inSydney just down the road there next week on Saturday so have a great dayenjoy

the rest of it bye bye for now you

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