How To Get IPTV Service In Thailand?

IPTV Thailand, with Sling TV, is set to be the most sought-after IPTV solution by television viewers here in Thailand. The Thai government has approved the launch of Sling TV in Thailand on 13th April 2021, at a cost of about USD 50 million as a joint venture between Sling Media and Thailand Broadband Internet Company Ltd (THBC). As such the service is available now from all leading internet service providers.

Sling TV offers a number of bundled packages to its subscribers, which include Sling TV Multimedia Subscription, Sling TV High Definition Subscription, Sling TV Digital Service, and Sling TV Satellite Service. All these are available for a one-time payment of an installment, which is inclusive of the cost of equipment. The service providers bundle various multimedia features, such as high definition channels, digital music and video, picture in picture and screenshots, and a lot more, into their package deals. At present, however, prices have come down considerably as some service providers have introduced new, improved features in their packages to respond to the growing demands of the market. Most importantly, however, prices are still competitively low when compared to cable service providers, who also offer similar, if not better, quality of service at much cheaper rates.


There are a total of 22 channels in total that are available to watch on your PC or television set in Thailand. A number of HD channels, many of which are exclusive ones, are also offered by the IPTV service providers. Sling TV has the biggest number of channels, followed by Hughes Net and AT&T U-verse. Thai TV channels are also broadcasted in English, Chinese and Arabic.

The service providers also bundle other features such as DVRs (digital video recorder) and USB hardware for downloading TV shows, movies, and music to the PC. Other features include Web browsing capabilities, streaming support, online casting, TV listings, satellite navigation, TV show listings, premium movie channels, catch-free viewing, and pay per view capability. All these features together, along with the monthly subscription fee, bring the total cost of the IPTV package in Thailand to around $20 or more per month. Compare that to the typical monthly subscription fees in the United States and Canada that range from a few dollars to about ten to fifteen dollars per month.

As far as the best way to get IPTV in Thailand is concerned, there are two options. The first one is to get IPTV through satellite TV, which is among the most popular ways of getting IPTV service in Thailand right now. With satellite TV, users can enjoy a wide variety of programs including sports, news, dramas, kids’ programs, and more. Plus, it is the most convenient way to get IPTV, as it requires no setup and installation. Plus, users can immediately switch over to another program if they want to change their TV channels.

Another best way to get IPTV in Thailand is through cable TV. Cable TV service providers offer a high-quality IPTV service in Thailand that is comparable to what you’d get from US and Canadian providers. Moreover, cable TV providers offer a wide range of programming to their subscribers at a very competitive price. All these things make IPTV service in Thailand a very attractive option.

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