What’s your favorite color? – Purple and pink and blue – That’s a lot of colors – And red and green andspace station gaming! – And then I like you! – What!? You like me? – What’s your favorite food? – Nothing! – Nothing? – Yeah! My favorite food is Gogurt.

– Gogurt? – Yeah – I like Gogurts.

My favorite food is cereal! – My favorite fruit is – Watermelon – Watermelon and apples! – I knew it! – My favorite thing to eat is diapers! – EEEWWW! Don’t eat diapers! [Both Laughing] You’re so weird! – Eww, was that a pig noise? [Both Snorting] [Both Laughing] Another one? Stop! She’s turning into a pig! Another one!? Oh boy Let’s start the video.

What!? [Adley Laughing] Boingy! Boingy! Boingy! [Both]: Boingy! – Welcome! – Welcome to Adley’s App Review! [Both]: App review! – Where’s the iPad? – I don’t know! – You didn’t bring it? – No! Do you have it? – I don’t have it! – I don’t have it! – Maybe it’s upstairs? – Yeah, you look up – Okay We’ll be right back! Make sure to look in the play room.

– Okay! – Okay I’ll look down here! Hmm Purple iPad What the heck? – I found it! That was pretty tricky! Should we play? – Yeah! – What are we going to play? – Right on the couch! Woo hoo! – Right on the couch? – Ow! There’s a new game my mom made! The back flip game! – The back flip game? – Yeah I’ll show you what it looks like.

– I want to see the back flip game! – Yeah! Me too! It’s your game! It’s on your phone But I get it on my iPad with my mom – Oh yeah! You got my back flip game? Okay, where is it? – Over here – Hey, that’s not it! – No no! – Get us out of here! Where is it? All right, the back flip game! – I get to choose it – Okay – Because it’s on my iPad! – Oh, it goes this way – Oh! This is a tricky one! – What do you do? Tap and then he does a flip? – I did it! – Oh wow! Okay! Tap and then hold it! Then flip! – You did it! – Yes! – My turn! – Is this the first level? – It’s the fist level – We’ve got to beat all these levels? Uh, that’s going to be hard! – I want to do the pirate ship! – The pirate ship? Adley, we don’t have any of these levels unlocked on your iPad.

We could play it on my phone.

– Yeah! – Yeah? Weew! [Explosion Noise] – Bye, iPad! – Okay, should we play on my phone? All right, where is it? There we go Yes! – I get to take a turn.

– Yep – Should we do a car one? – The car level? – Yeah – That’s a fun one – That’s a tricky one! – Oooh! The gym And a mountain The car one – Car! Car! Car! – A crazy house – Car! Car! Car! – And the pirate ship? – Car! Cars! – Yeah, cars.

Play Okay, you remember what to do? – Mmhm! – Touch flip! Oh! You have a garbage can!? So she has to try and land on the blocks, like the squares.

Hey! Not in the garbage can! – No, I closed it! – You closed it? You’ve got to land on the blocks.

Remember the squares? – Mmhm – And you push it And you push again And then flip! Hiya! Yes! Like that! – That’s fun The times up Let’s do a different one.

– Okay Hold it Flip! Oh! Too late! Ah! Another garbage can! Flip! Flip! Yes! Yes! – Yeah! – Good job! You jumped another building! Next – Aw that’s your turn! – Watch out for the cars! Whoop! Flip! [Both]: Whoa! Ah! Cars! – Ah [Laughing] – Here, let’s get thispillow and then we can rest on it.

Hands up! Now we’ve got a rest for our game All right, should we do the next one? – Mmhm! – Oh! Jump out the window! Whoop! Whoa! [Laughing] – Your turn! – Your feet got stuck! Try again! Whoop! Wee! Yes! Don’t hit the cars! Flip! Yes! You landed on it! Hey you fell off! – Oh this is a crazy one Where do you have to go? – Whoa whoa whoa! – [Both] : Whoa! – You did it! You landed on it! – I did it! I did it! – Good job! Where do you want to go? The crazy house? Number one Okay, off the truck Flip! Yes! – That’s an easy one! – That one’s easy! You’ve got to land in the truck! Whoop! Whoa! Yes! You did it! You landed in the truck! – Yeah! – Good job! Oh boy that’s a big one! Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! – Flip! Flip Flip! – Yes! – Yes! – You landed right in the middle! – I did! – Good job! Where is that? I don’t see Oh it’s down there on the green Flip! – Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! – [Both] : Yes! – Good job! – Flip master! – That one’s way far away! You’ve got to go really far! – [Both] : Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Wait you jumped the fence? – How did you do that? You landed and then jumped over the fence? Good job! Where’s this one? – It’s right there – That’s so far away! – [Both] : Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – You landed on that! – I landed it! – How do you— She’s like not even tryingto land on the squares and she keeps doing it! Pirate ship? That’s and easy one! – We! We! We! – Bonk! [Both Laughing] – La! La! La! La! – You gotta— Oh! You got stuck on the stairs! – You’ve got to try it again You’ve got to jump really far! [Both]: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You’re going to get stuck! Whoa! You made it! – I made it! – You’ve got to jump over the hole Hold it down There! I think you’re going to do it! – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Yes! – I guess I landed it – You didn’t fall! The very top! – I think we’re gonna fall in – Good luck! – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Don’t land in the water! Oh! One leg almost! Do it again! – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – I think you’re going to do it! Yes! Bullseye! – Bullseye! – Good bullseye! The very top? And then you have togo in the secret door! – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Oh! Perfect! – Perfect! – Good job! – Bullseye! – Ow! – Beach! – Okay Back flips on the beach! Over the— You’ve got to land on the trail! – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – No! Yeah! Oooh! Perfect! What!? Over the top? Near the boat? – What are you doing in the boat? Get out of the boat! We already did the boat level! Flip! Landed! Bullseye! – Bullseye! – Bullseye! Adley, you’re pretty good at this! What’s this one? Oh, on the trail? – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Whoa! Oh! Right on your stomach! [Both Laughing] – Crushed your guts! Ready? Whew! Yes! – Another bullseye! – Yeah, I got it! Hey! Hey that’s my nose! Think you can land in the boat? Don’t land in the water though I bet there’s sharks – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Careful! Careful of the water! Oh no! Don’t fall in! Whoa! Perfect! I think it’s good! Yes! Have a seat! [Both Laughing] – Where is it? – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – [Both}: Whoa! Whoa! – He’s falling! There it is! Yes! – Yeah! – Bullseye! – Bullseye! – I think maybe you won some coins Do you want to hit spin? – Spin! – What’d you get? [Gasp] No! No! Not one! Fifty that’s pretty good! – Fifty! – The spooky house? – Yeah! – That one? – Yeah! – Pumpkins! Hold it down You’re going to land on the pumpkins! Far away! Bullseye! – You almost did a handstand! – I know! That one’s far! Whoop! Whoa! What are you doing? That was some serious form there! Good job! – I got it! – That was like Olympics form with the straight legs! Where is it? I don’t even know where it is – I don’t either – Maybe it’s by the pumpkins – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – There it is down there! Blap! Belly flop! Oh! I don’t think you did it long enough! Wait! Whoa! He’s falling! Wait! Bullseye! – Bullseye! – You don’t have to land on your feet You just have to land in the bullseye That’s how we play Should we do space or farm? – Ice queen! – Ice cream? That one? – Ice queen! – Ice queen? Is this the ice queen level? – Yes! – You’ve got to go really far like this Watch out penguins I’m coming! Yes! Look at all the baby penguins! Boingy! Whoop! Yes! Did you see that? Pretty tricky huh? Let go! Whoa! Oh no! Not the water! No! [Screaming] – Guys! This was the most funA for Adley vlog ever! What do you review the app? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, or ten? – Ten! – Ten? – Yeah! – Why? – Because I loved it Bye bye blue eyes! – Should we end the vlog now? – Yes! – Thanks for watching! Bye! [Both Laughing}

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